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Video: Wave Race 64 Switch vs Wii U vs N64 graphics comparison

Posted on August 19, 2022 by in Switch, Videos, Wii U eShop

Wave Race 64 has just released for Nintendo Switch Online, and we can now take a look at how this version of the game compares visually to past iterations. In this Gamexplain video, the Switch version is first compared to the N64 original, before then being compared to the more modern Wii U version.

As is expected, the Switch version is certainly an improvement over the more jagged N64 original, and since Wii U ports of N64 games tended to make things a little darker, the Switch brightens it up in comparison to be truer to its initial release.

Here is some more information about Wave Race 64:

Wave Race 64 is a fast and fluid racing game originally released shortly after the launch of the Nintendo 64 system in 1996. Choose from one of four watercraft racers, each with their own abilities and style, and try to capture glory in Championship Mode, whip around the tracks in Time Trials, pull off tricks in Stunt Mode or challenge a friend in 2P VS. Mode.

Wave Race 64 features nine challenging courses set across scenic locales. Go airborne with dolphins on the golden shores of Sunset Bay, cruise under the bright lights and tall buildings of Twilight City, feel the crashing waves on Sunny Beach or chill out on the frigid waters of Glacier Coast, just to name a few. Plus, racing conditions will change with the weather, making the water choppy or covering the course with fog. The waves will even respond to the way that you and your rivals move!

You can watch the full graphics comparison video for Wave Race 64 on Switch, Wii U and N64 below.

Wave Race 64 is available now for all Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers.

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