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Woah Dave! to get “Deluxe” update on 3DS

Posted on February 25, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

You may remember that Choice Provisions teased Woah Dave! Deluxe earlier this month. It’s out now as a free update on Steam, and will be coming to 3DS at some point soon.

Here’s an overview as to what’s included in the Deluxe patch:

* Two new levels, each of which will challenge even the best Woah Dave! players to rethink their strategy
* New characters in the form of:
– Adoma (of Destructamundo fame)!
– Jr. Melchkin (of BIT.TRIP fame)!
– CommandgirlVideo (of BIT.TRIP fame)!
– Mr. Robotube (of Robotube Games fame)!
– BlokTom (of Bloktonik fame)!
– Plus a new, hidden character. Find them if you can!
* Boss battles!
* New enemy types!
* Rideable UFOs!
* A “Classic Mode” for all those Woah Dave! purists who would prefer their game remain unchanged!
* Maybe a few additional Easter eggs…!

You can find a trailer for Woah Dave! Deluxe below.

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