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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 amiibo guide and compatibility list

Posted on January 28, 2024 by in Guides, Switch eShop

xenoblade chronicles 3 amiibo rewards

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 recently received what is assumed to be its final content update, and it adds support / rewards for the newly-released Noah and Mio amiibo figures. This means the game is now compatible with the Shulk, Pyra, Mythra, Noah, and Mio amiibo for a total of five different figurines with special compatibility. Unlike other games with amiibo-exclusive content, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 lets players obtain amiibo-exclusive gear without having to actually own the amiibo. Today, we’ll be going over each piece of exclusive gear (pictures included) plus how to get each one without using its corresponding amiibo figure.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 amiibo rewards

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you can use amiibo by bringing up the menu, navigating to System, and then choosing the amiibo option. If you scan an amiibo figure that isn’t a Xenoblade Chronicles character, you’ll receive a random selection of overworld collectibles that can go towards certain quests (or just be sold). If you do scan a Xenoblade Chronicles character, however, you’ll receive a weapon or piece of clothing based on that character. If you scan Shulk, you’ll receive a Monado that Swordfighter-class characters can equip. It’s nothing more than a visual change, so that party member’s stats will remain exactly the same.

If you scan a Pyra amiibo or Mythra amiibo, you’ll receive two separate cosmetic Aegis Swords that you can choose to equip just like the Monado. The new Noah and Mio amiibo, however, have a different function. When you scan the Noah amiibo, you’ll receive an outfit based on Consul N plus leisure time outfits for Noah, Lanz, and Eunie. Mio’s amiibo gets you an outfit based on Consul M, plus leisure outfits for Mio, Taion, and Sena. It’s by far the easier method to just scan the amiibo if you have them, but it is possible to get these pieces of gear without them – just be prepared for a grind.

How to obtain amiibo-exclusive gear

Monado (Shulk amiibo)

Within the Fornis region (which is one of the earlier areas of the game) is a rest spot called Llyn Nyddwr Camp. There, you’ll meet a Nopon named Miibomi who lets you unlock amiibo-exclusive gear as long as you haven’t scanned in the figurines just yet. To get Pyra’s Aegis Sword, you’ll need to complete the Soul Trees of all six Ouroboros members by spending SP to unlock every option. To get Mythra’s Aegis Sword, you’ll need to perform visual upgrades to all six party members’ blades via the Nopon in the City. You’ll automatically unlock the Shulk amiibo’s Monado equipment after you defeat the final boss at least once.

For the Noah amiibo rewards, you’ll need to obtain seven Nopon Seven-Star Medals. These are sold at the Nopon X-Change in the Fornis region for 77 Gold Nopon Coins each. Given that you can only hold 99 of these at a time, we would recommend spending the Gold Coins before you’re forced to automatically sell them. You’ll need to grind lots of Gold Nopon Coins for this, so we would recommend using a guide like this one over on YouTube. This is definitely a case where just scanning the Noah amiibo is infinitely easier, but if you want to unlock the Consul N and leisure time outfits yourself, this is an option too.

The Mio amiibo’s rewards are a little bit easier. You’ll need to defeat Seraphic Ceratinia, the game’s final superboss. It initially spawns at Level 120, but by interacting with its Named Grave after defeating it once, you can slowly increase its level for more and more of a challenge. You’ll need to defeat it at Level 150 to fulfill the requirements for the Mio amiibo items. Fortunately, it’s rather easy to create busted party builds in this game, so the battle shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve properly prepared for it – especially if you’ve set the game’s difficulty to Easy.

Will you be getting the Noah and Mio amiibo, or will you opt to unlock their items manually instead? Feel free to let us know down below. Given that Noah and Mio have new Xenoblade-series bases, it’s entirely possible that we’ll receive even more Xenoblade Chronicles 3 amiibo in the future. If not for this game, then maybe for the next one.

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