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3 character slots, 2 or 3 stage slots found in latest Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS patch

Posted on October 2, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Wii U

Each time a new Smash Bros. patch is prepared, fans do a ton of data mining in hopes of finding some hidden secrets. There wasn’t anything too shocking in the game’s new 1.1.1 update, though a couple of interesting tidbits were recently discovered.

First, three empty character slots have been added with the patch. Six stage slots have been found as well (split between omega and standard versions). Regarding stages, two may have been for the Pirate Ship given their placement, so this is a bit unclear right now. Therefore it could be a total of two or three stages.



In the images above, all of the Marios are for character placeholders. Meanwhile, Tikibuzzes are stage placeholders. Note that there were only two character placeholders before the new update was issued.

What do these findings mean for the future of Smash Bros. DLC? Only time will tell!

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  • AquaBat

    You should note that before this patch there were already two character placeholders. Technically this update only added one. Says that in the first post on the page of the thread you linked to.

    • Brian

      I was just adding that in since it looks like the thread was edited. Thanks!

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  • Leonel

    This will get interesting to see what all thia means. The smash ballot ends in 2 days amd sooln we will know who will be newcomers to smash bros

    • Douglas Siano

      I voted Segata Sanshiro

      • Annie

        His moveset would be epic

      • Leonel

        That’s cool, i voted sora and who knows anything is possible. There is a ton of possibilities for smash bros but it’s up to sakurai who will allow. The characters that don’t make it as an official fighter will probably get mii costumes

        • Daniel Joseph Dove

          I hoping the Inklings are in they would make a great moveset, i have played plenty enough of Splatoon to know what moveset would fit plus there is a male and female Inklings which is great for options like Robin for an example. I know people are going to tell me they have a mii costume so there “deconfirmed” but i don’t believe they are, there really no proof of it being deconfirmed unless Nintendo or Daddy Sakurai himself says no which i very doubt.

          • Uber Police

            i voted for shovel knight but I do support the inklings being in

          • Jake Wright

            Inklings and Shovel Knight sort of make sense too, seeing as both have Amiibo. Who knows though. I voted for Majora’s Mask Link. 😛

          • Logan Wayman

            You know, at first it was easy for me to think of a moveset for Inkling with just the Shooter, Charger, and Roller. But then the Slosher and Splatling came along and made it slightly more difficult. But eventually, I thought of a moveset and a couple unique mechanics:

            Mechanic #1: Ink: Almost every command you can perform with this mechanic uses Ink, which is a DOT AoE mechanic that slows down your opponents, making them more prone to damage. Like Little Mac’s GUI, the Inkling’s GUI is different, except it is an Ink pack that indicates the amount of Ink that you have, and is located beside the damage counter.

            Mechanic #2: Squid Forme: If you crouch in friendly Ink you can turn into a Squid, which increases your speed, however you cannot attack in this form. However it replenishes your Ink tank.

            A: Splattershot: Inkling shoots a bunch of Ink pellets, and is constant as long as you 1) Have any Ink and 2) You are holding down A. When this is in action, you can tilt the stick up or down to change the trajectory of the Splattershot. The Ink pellets each do 2% damage. Like Mega Man’s Standard, this can be performed in the air, but you cannot change the trajectory while airborne.

            Side tilt: Slosher: Inkling uses a Slosher to toss a blob of Ink at your opponent, and can be used in the air. The Ink blob does 9% damage.

            U-tilt: Inkbrush: Inkling does an overhead arc with the Inkbrush that deals 11% damage. This attack can also be performed in the air.

            D-tilt: Ink Mine: Inkling places an Ink Mine on the ground (Like a downgraded version of Snake’s D-Smash.). The blast does 25% less damage than Snake’s mine.

            Dash attack: Splat Roller: Inkling uses the Splat Roller to attack opponents, however you slow down to a stop upon performing this move. Splat Roller does 23% damage.

            D-Air: Roller Strike: Inkling takes out the Roller and does a downward strike. This causes a meteor effect and does 16% damage.

            -Animation: A simple grab.
            -Jab: Hits opponent with the butt of the Splattershot. 2% damage for each strike.
            -Forward Throw: “Bitch slaps” the opponent with an Inkbrush. 10% damage.
            -Back Throw: Takes the opponent behind Inkling and shoots them with a Blaster. 12% damage.
            -Up throw: Throws them up and shoots them with the Blaster. 12% damage.
            -Down throw; Places them stomach down, and shoots them in the back with the Blaster. 14% damage.

            S-smash: Charger: This attack functions like any other Side smash, but range is increased depending on duration of charge. 18-30% damage.

            U-smash: Tri-Slosher: Shoots the Tri-Slosher upward, and covers a lot of area. 14-25% damage.

            D-smash: Does a circular motion with the Inkbrush (A la Shulk’s D-smash.). 16-27% damage.

            B: Splatling: Inkling charges a Heavy Splatling. Movement while charging is decreased by 50%, and can be interrupted, but makes up for it with a 1.5 second charge. Upon releasing the B button, you unleash a storm of Ink pellets. Same fire rate as in the game, and each pellet does 5% damage.

            Side B: Inkzooka: Inkling fires an Inkzooka. 18% damage.

            Up B: Squid Jump: Inkling super jumps into the air. This attack does not use Ink. And doesn’t do damage.

            Down B: Splat Bomb: Inkling tosses a Splat Bomb. Same fuse time as in the game. Does 16% damage.

            Final Smash: Inkstrike: Upon activation, the Inkling shoots an Inkstrike into the air, after a while, a tornado of Ink will appear. This attack is multi-hit, and does 3% damage. 54% damage in total.

            Each weapon the Inkling uses depletes as much Ink as they do in Splatoon.

            So what do you think? Does this seem like a good moveset?

  • Jack Red

    This could mean that the characters that’ll be added from the Ballot could be First, Second, and Third Place.

    • Ninten

      Who knows the ballot isnt based on popularity so we just gotta wait and see.

      • It would be terrible if it was based on popularity alone. Goku, Spongebob and Shrek would be the newcomers for sure.

        • KidGameR

          I swear,i would track down the idiots who voted for them

        • I’d rather vote for a clone than vote for all of the above. If the likes of Pepe were voted into smash, I would question everyone’s choice…

    • jacko

      first you would have to cut out the troll characters, shrek goku, etc. then you would need to drop any that they are unable to land the rights to, or would not work well in smash.and then they will chose the top three.

    • Rhys Morgan

      Almost certainly not. There’s no chance Smash characters will actually be elected into place. It’s much more likely they wanted to get an idea of who fans actually wanted, and will have used the ballot to see which are the most popular, and then which are most in line with who they think fits in Smash Bros + who they can get the rights to.

  • Kenshin0011

    I voted for Goku in Smash Ballot, hey, a guy can dream.

    • Justin McQuillen

      Why not? I voted for Bomberman.

      • Bomberman is actually a really good choice. Wonder if Konami would allow it.

        • Deathstroke

          Considering Konami basically begged Nintendo to put Solid Snake in Smash Bros for years, and eventually got their wish with Brawl, surely they’d allow Bomberman as DLC. Even if it was just as a Mii Fighter costume.

          • Shadowknight1

            Konami didn’t beg. Kojima asked because he and Sakurai are friends. Konami fired Kojima. No more Snake.

          • Brian Wise

            Actually that was kojima begging not konami plus with the way konami is now I wouldn’t hold my breath for a character

    • Yevo

      Yeah, and you are one of the reasons something like a Smash Ballot will never happen again.

      • Kenshin0011

        Wow, way to be a hater.

        Bandai Namco helped develop the game so the notion isn’t unreasonable. Ryu makes it even more likely possible.

        • Fabrice Laurent

          Bandai doesn’t own Goku, they just developped games for Dragon Ball. Ryu being in Smash has no correlation what-so-ever with a possibility of adding Goku in.

          • Kenshin0011

            “They just develop games” – exactly.

            Ryu being in Smash is significant because he is a somewhat similar 2D fighter as Goku. They have similar body build and some sir attacks.

          • Tucu Aulthurnien

            They develop games for another company is the difference. Bandai does not own Goku in the first place. He also doesn’t originate from a game, and thus he is not a game character. He has games, yes, but he is not from a game. The issue of obtaining rights to add him is particularly hard as well.

          • KidGameR

            Kinda like karin in SFV

          • KidGameR

            But the people don’t understand

          • Fabrice Laurent

            Nintendo would need the approval of Goku’s creator to even put him in Smash. Bandai would simply help building him in Smash if that were to ever happen.

        • Why do people keep voting for non-digimon or tamagatchi characters when it comes to Bandai properties? Seriously. Be a little more realistic. Digimon aren’t even technically anime characters. It went V-Pet -> at least two Mangas -> Digimon World -> Anime (though for some odd reason Bandai and Toei consider the anime’s debut to be the basis for anniversaries… what a load of bull, the anime wasn’t even supposed to last for more than 13 episodes at first).

    • Nicky Ian Kunesh

      na man vote for superman! super man 64 FTW! /s

    • HyruleSmasher

      he might be OP you flying all the time.. shiek will never catch him. Lol!

    • MuffinK

      I voted Shrek

    • Logan Wayman

      Not that I voted for him, but have you considered John Cena at one point?

      • Annie

    • Wendigo

      It bothers me that people are actually serious when they say they want Goku

    • Bryan Lopez

      i voted for alot of people,i think i added Goku in because someone of my somewhat inspiration lost to Shulk

  • Locky Mavo

    3 potential ballot fighters?! (Well, more likely just one ballot fighter with 2 Nintendo extras like Ryu and Roy). So exciting, can’t wait to find out who they are! There’s got to be a Nintendo Direct happening soon!

    • Jettythesunfish

      Maybe an Inkling? 😉

      • Yagami

        wait i though inkling got a mii costumes?

        • Daniel Joseph Dove

          They do but it doesn’t prove there deconfirmed though. So hope is still there 🙂

          • Yagami

            yeah me 2 🙂

        • Jettythesunfish

          Mii costumes doesn’t mean that character isn’t likely to be playable. I don’t think Sakurai himself has hinted this.

          • Yagami

            yeah Link already got his mii costume! so i don’t see any problem.

        • GSUser

          Hi Yagami! You’re A User At TrueGaming Right? Glad To See You Here Too.

          • Yagami

            Hi Sir Me 2! 🙂

          • GSUser

            Just If You Wanted To Know… I GOT BANNED FROM THERE!!! I Really Don’t Know Why, Just Suddenly Got Banned For No Reason.
            Also, I SAW Some People Get Banned But They Do Something So They Could Comment Again. Do You Know How Do They Do That Trick?

          • Yagami

            Hmm I Don’t Know Tbh
            But You can create a new account right?

      • Locky Mavo

        Personally I’m hoping for Shantae, Krystal from Star Fox and a Metroid character, someone like Sylux or Weavel. But Shovel Knight seems likely after the Amiibo announcement, I’m so-so about him.

        • Jettythesunfish

          I know people are vying for characters like Shantae and Shovel Knight, but we will just have to see. I’m not too confident on the likes of an indie character making the roster; I just have the feeling a first party character is more likely, especially after seeing the character choices in the US as well as Japan.

          Also, I do like how an Amiibo of a character apparently makes them likely, yet a Mii costume somehow “deconfirms” them.

          • Shadowknight1

            Somehow I doubt we’re getting just one ballot character. In fact, it makes more sense that all three would be ballot characters since Sakurai said after Lucas, Ryu, and Roy that all other characters would be fan service. As for indies, they are incredibly likely. Nintendo has been supporting the indie scene hard recently and Shantae and Shovel Knight are the biggest faces of the Nindies, though Shantae has more Nintendo history.

        • WingedSupernova

          I voted for Shantae and Krystal too.

  • Pokenar

    either this means 2 more non-ballot fighters and at least 1 ballot fighter, or they decided to do 3 instead of 2 ballot fighters.

    • Tucu Aulthurnien

      They never said how many, only that there would be. They have also proven that they can add more slots, so the slot idea as a restriction is void at this point.

  • Luis KrÃ¥ke

    I glad there will be more characters but most likely none of them will be any of the characters i voted lol

  • DJ Sona, the Techno Maven

    for the 3 mystery DLC fighters as mentioned above, i’m going to guess they are Shantae, Shovel Knight and Snake/Wolf

    • Jack Red

      Would seem kinda pointless to have a ballot that would add in a veteran fighter rather than a new fighter.

      • melvin2898

        But people think Wolf or Snake will return.

        • AngryAsshole

          snake WILL return

          • Wendigo

            Not until MGSV comes to Wii U 😛

      • Pokenar

        not exactly. the ballot lets sakurai know exactly how much demand there is for a character, as well as the ability to argue the case for one that may otherwise be overlooked. the former point is what we apply to veteran votes.

        • Jack Red

          I think that Sakurai knows how much people wants Wolf and Snake back, But Wolf is probably the only most likely one out of the two to return.

          • Pokenar

            I don’t disagree. I don’t feel snake has a shot considering the current….. standing of Konami.

          • Jack Red

            That’s what I was referring to.

      • DJ Sona, the Techno Maven


    • Nicky Ian Kunesh

      yep the winners are : snake, then wolf, then Pichu.

      Sakurai’s response: *drops mic, walks off screen…*

      • Jack Red

        That would beyond ridiculous if all that gets added from the ballot are veterans. The Smash community wouldn’t do something that dumb. (Not trying to insult the community, But it would be pointless to have a ballot if the only characters that end up coming back are veterans.)

      • DJ Sona, the Techno Maven


  • melvin2898

    A lot of people want Shantae.

    • Jettythesunfish

      Seems so. But remember that the decision will ultimately be up to Sakurai and the team. The polls just put various characters out there as possibilities.

    • A lot of people want Goku, Shrek and Spongbob too. Sakurai must find all those stupid suggestions hilarious.

      • Shawn Hancock

        Lol in what world is Shantae a stupid suggestion? She has 4 full games on Nintendo consoles, the 3DS, and Wii U, and she has been around since the Gameboy era. She represents indie games, and is developed by WayForward. She has plenty of potential such as transformations into different creatures via dancing, hair whipping, the in game weapons she buys from the stores such as fire balls, etc. She has a lot under her belt. Lol do NOT put her in the same category as Shrek, Spongebob, and Goku who are all movie/tv characters. They are not even relevant. Troll

        • Sakurai said in a Mega Man introduction video that he wouldn’t allow just anyone to be included in Smash. Clearly, judging by the 3rd party characters that have appeared in Smash, he means the character must be a big name in the video game industry in order to be included in Smash. Snake, Sonic, Mega Man, Ryu and Pac-Man. All legendary figures of the video game industry. Shantae? Not so much. Not even close. Actually very far from being on the level of any of the other 3rd party characters that have appeared in Smash.

          So unless Sakurai lowers his quality standards on 3rd party characters from “legendary” to “sort of popular”, Shantae is as unlikely as Goku, Spongebob and Shrek.

          • Shaun

            Implying he can’t change his mind, and that Sakurai hasn’t made millions of contradictions before. He could be just lying to troll us, you never really know.

          • Jettythesunfish

            I really hate when people claim that Sakurai is “trolling” us. It kinda undermines his decisions.

          • Sakurai has been inconsistent with many things, but difference is that with guest characters, he has always been consistent. The only third party characters that were considered to be in Melee were Snake and Sonic. Both iconic. Then they were included in SSBB. In SSB4, we have Sonic, Mega Man, Pac-Man and Ryu. All iconic and huge names in the video game industry. He has never once been inconsistent on this topic, so until he breaks his own rule, no one can assume he will do it.

          • Shawn Hancock

            She is WAAYYY more likely than Spongebob or Shrek. Nice try but they aren’t even real video game characters. It’s as silly as the people voting for Britney Spears lol.

          • Nice try ignoring the important part of the post. Which is the reason why Shantae is unlikely.

          • Shawn Hancock

            Important part? All the original poster said was that a lot of people want Shantae in. The ballot is FAN SERVICE and she is a top seller in Indie games, and has an entire series that has been on multiple nintendo consoles and the eshop. As for you saying she is not iconic obviously she is. Look at all the people voting for her and her games are actually extemely popular. Be original next time. Sorry but nice try. Obvious troll is obvious cause she obliterates other first party characters like Krystal or characters who aren’t in video games any day like Shrek

          • You’re either completely lost or just evasive. I will copy/paste the reason why Shantae is not a possibility:

            “Sakurai said in a Mega Man introduction video that he wouldn’t allow just anyone to be included in Smash. Clearly, judging by the 3rd party characters that have appeared in Smash, he means the character must be a big name in the video game industry in order to be included in Smash. Snake, Sonic, Mega Man, Ryu and Pac-Man. All legendary figures of the video game industry. Shantae? Not so much. Not even close. Actually very far from being on the level of any of the other 3rd party characters that have appeared in Smash.”

            Also, don’t be ridiculous. Shantae is somewhat popular, but saying she is iconic is laughable. And in case you haven’t notice, SSB is about Nintendo’s all-stars first and foremost. So she does not “obliterates” any first party cause Nintendo characters are priority in SSB.

          • Tucu Aulthurnien

            Shantae has a huge fanbase however, and her developers want her in. Snake only got in because Konami practically begged for it, not because he was well known.

            Also, as others have stated, none of the characters you list besides her are even from a game, thus excluding them entirely.

            Overall, you’re assuming quite a lot, and your only support is a statement by a developer known for going back on his word constantly. Example: Sakurai said no DLC. We got DLC. Mewtwo was supposed to be a solo DLC. We got more. No more third party. Well have Ryu. Notice a trend?

          • Jacob Stuart

            Yes Konami begged for him to be in, but Kojima and Sakurai were really good friends. Snake was supposed to be in Melee, but was cut due to time constraints.

          • Shantae’s fanbase is huge, that doesn’t make the character iconic. Popular and iconic are not the same thing. You can’t seriously tell me Shantae falls on the same category as the third parties that have appeared in SSB.

            Snake was only included in SSB because Kojima is friends with Sakurai and he practically begged for the character to be included. True. But you can bet that if Snake wasn’t well-known he wouldn’t have made it into SSB.

            Sakurai has been inconsistent with many things, but difference is that with guest characters, he has always been consistent. The only third party characters that were considered to be in Melee were Snake and Sonic. Both iconic. Then they were included in SSBB. In SSB4, we have Sonic, Mega Man, Pac-Man and Ryu. All iconic and huge names in the video game industry. He has never once been inconsistent on this topic, so until he breaks his own rule, no one can assume he will do it.

          • KH

            Really Shantae even if not iconic can still get in, Sakurai said that from now on the character DLC for Smash wpuld be fan service A.K.A the top 3 of the Ballot, if Shantae is there, then no matter her status or Sakurai’s standards she will get in becauze that is what the fans want and there is no big licensing to go through since the devs of her want her in, so even with Sakurai’s standards she is one of the characters with the biggest fanbases that isn’t in Smash, so she will mst surely get in. Just remembee that before calling up “Sakurai’s standards” that he himself said that upcoming DLC would be fan service, so anything and anyone can get in

          • Please, link me to where has Sakurai stated that the top 3 characters on the ballot would be included in SSB4. This is a notion that is quite popular, but has no basis on facts. He has never said that.

            Also, “she is one of the characters with the biggest fanbases that isn’t in Smash.” You’re not serious, right? One of the characters with the “biggest fanbases”? Surely you must be joking.

            Anyway, no matter if we are talking about Nintendo characters or third parties, it would be horrible if he doesn’t have a level of standards for characters from the ballot to be included in SSB4.

          • KH

            He has never said that, but with the 3 empty space for characters it is obvious that is what will occur, aside that is how it usually is in a competition, the Top 3 get prizes, the others can go to hell :v

            And may you please read the last part of the sentence, where it states, that it means of those characters that are not in Smash, which she is, alongside all of K. Rool or a veteran Wolf and Snake.

            The only stipulated standard is that it must be a videogame character

          • He has never said that. Which means it is a notion created by the fans. Another notion created by the fans was that the winners would be announced once the ballot was over. Again, Sakurai never said that.

            And about the sentence, I did read it. I just don’t believe it at all.

            Finally, we know Sakurai has that standard, but nowhere in the ballot did it stated that your suggestion had to be a video game character. Actually, the lack of rules or guidelines is what made that ballot a mess. I would love to see the results of that terrible ballot full of stupid character suggestions that don’t make sense to be in Smash.

          • AquaBat

            By that logic Goku is definitely in.

            This isn’t an election. It never was. It has always been a suggestion box. You’ve just talked yourselves into thinking otherwise. It’s up to Sakurai to decide which characters to spend the time and money working on. You can either accept that, or delude yourself that popularity=instant pass then cry when one of your favorite characters doesn’t get in and insult Sakurai while foaming at the mouth in rage like a kid having a tantrum.

          • KH

            Well going by the rules, even if he gets lots of votes, he wouldn’t get in :v since he isn’t a videogame character :v

            Yes, a suggestion box which then gets counted, and the top suggested character/characters are the most likely to get in :v

          • AquaBat

            You have no idea how suggestion boxes work, do you?

            Let me reiterate: It is up to Sakurai to decide which characters to spend the time and money working on. Popularity doesn’t automatically guarantee a spot. This has been explicitly stated several times.

          • Annie

            But he said that from now on Smash DLC will be pure fan-service, Shantae could be included in Smash if enough people voted for her but I don’t think she’ll make it in because of Shovel Knight

          • Shadowknight1

            If Shovel Knight gets in over Shantae, then I think I will refuse to buy any Shovel Knight games ever. He has one game under his belt. He is essentially an infant in the world of gaming. Shantae has three games released on multiple platforms and a fourth installment on the way this year.

          • Annie

            I do think Shantae is more deserving but everything seems to point out to Shovel Knight being the one that’ll make it in

          • Shadowknight1

            Nothing points to Shovel Knight. Nothing points to anything. All we have are rumors. And Shovel Knight getting an Amiibo means NOTHING. Why? Because Smash Bros. gets their own Amiibos. If SK was on a Smash disk, then it might mean something, but it’s not. The Amiibo was clearly designed just for Shovel Knight at this juncture.

          • The question would be: When he says “pure fan-service”, is he talking about Nintendo characters or are guest characters included in that “pure fan-service” expression? I mean, “pure fan-service” can’t mean he is willing to add just any character to the game. No matter if we are talking about Nintendo characters or third parties, it would be horrible if he doesn’t have a level of standards for characters from the ballot to be included in SSB4.

          • Shadowknight1

            If you go by that, then the ballot doesn’t matter. Obviously characters like Goku and Shrek, who did not originate in video games, are going to be completely ignored. Characters like Master Chief or Banjo & Kazooie are ALSO likely to be ignored since putting them in Smash would not benefit at all. Solid Snake is also likely to be ignored, though probably more because Konami is a company of tools and they fired Kojima who is a close friend of Sakurai’s. However, indie characters like Shantae and Shovel Knight have far fewer legal hoops to jump through. Shovel Knight should be less likely out of the two though. Why? Shovel Knight has one game. Shantae has three, soon to be four. Shovel Knight may take inspiration from Nintendo games, but he started on PC. Shantae’s games may go multi-platform, but they’ve all started on, you guessed it, Nintendo. Shovel Knight, IMO, is only popular because of the YouTube Let’s Play scene. If fewer of these “celebrity” Let’s Players endorsed Shovel Knight, he wouldn’t stand a chance at all.

            As for the amiibo, the Inklings, Toad, Chibi Robo, and Yarn Yoshi are all amiibos, but we’re not sayin they’re confirmed for Smash, so why does Shovel Knight getting a non-Smash branded amiibo mean he’s likely to get in? Answer: IT DOES NOT.

          • The ballot is just like the polls that were done for Melee and Brawl, I believe only in Japan. Is only for fans to suggest characters. It doesn’t mean the top characters will get a spot. Of course, Sakurai and his team will choose characters fans suggested, but that doesn’t mean that the most voted characters will automatically get a spot in SSB4.

            About the amiibos, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have never once brought amiibos to the conversation.

          • Shadowknight1

            Shantae has more of a chance than you think. Shantae has an iconic status. If she were added to the roster, she would be the only female character that was always intended to be female and the protagonist of her story. She’s also gaining a lot of popularity, especially now that Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is being released in Japan. Shantae also got her start on Nintendo’s systems and, as an indie character, has a lot fewer hoops to jump through compared to Snake, Sonic, Mega Man, Ryu, and Pac-Man.

          • NinjasOnAcid

            I don’t think Shantae is Iconic at all. The basic definition on Miriam Webster Dictionary for iconic is “widely recognized and well-established” Shantae is not widely recognized. Mario is ICONIC, Sonic is ICONIC, Mega Man is ICONIC, Ryu is ICONIC, Pac-Man is ICONIC.Those characters have gained their status. If you walk up to a random person most of the time, they will know who those characters are. But with Shantae a few people in a group would know her. I was only exposed to Shantae for people wanting her for Smash. My friends didn’t even know about her until I brought up the name who have been playing games for a loong time. Their reaction was and I quote “Who?” Doesn’t that sort of tell you something about her status? As for the ballot, It’s all up to Sakurai or Nintendo we don’t know who he is going to put in. Heck if Shantae will be in the game, I’d still get her.

          • I absolutely disagree. There is nothing iconic about Shantae. Just for the record, I am not saying she is a bad character or that her games aren’t good. I am just saying she is not big enough to be in SSB. Again, using as reference the third parties that have already been included, she has no chance unless Sakurai is willing to put a guest character which is not iconic.

          • Shadowknight1

            Maybe not iconic, but damn sure more unique than some other suggestions I see floating around. Also, check your eShops sometimes. She is OFTEN shown as the picture for either indies or bestsellers or eShop exclusives. I think she has a lot more pull than people are giving her credit for. At least she has a chance, unlike people who waste their votes on Goku, Shrek, Banjo Kazooie, Master Chief, and Bayonetta.

          • She is unique, no doubt about that. Both in looks and moveset. And she is part of the few good choices in a sea of horrible ones. But I don’t think she is big enough as a character to be in SSB4. Again, unless Sakurai is willing to add a third party that is not iconic, I don’t think she will make it to SSB4.

  • jesus96


    • AngryAsshole

      jesus christ

      • ronin4life

        Angry **shole
        #Incoming Co-co-co-COMBO BREAKER!!!!!

  • Jettythesunfish

    Hoping for the Inklings. Woomy!

    • Daniel Joseph Dove

      Yeah right on! I’m hoping for the Inklings too!

    • MuffinK

      I swear she’s saying soofwee….

  • Annie

    One is probably for Shovel Knight and his stage so that leaves 2 mystery characters and 1 or 2 stages

  • alex

    Layton for Smash!

    • Jacob Saunders

      That was my vote.

      • Arianna Quarles

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        • MuffinK

          Kill yourself

  • X_bro

    Honestly, we should stop data mining these patches. I’d like to be surprised with new character announcements.

    • nightslushie

      Nothing was found other than place holders. No names. So it is no news we’re getting more DLC characters. But it’s a surprise we’re 5 more.

      • X_bro

        I’m glad nothing was found.

      • Andrew Gonzalez

        But you do know if certain character names were found these data miners wouldn’t have any problems spoiling it for us.

    • MuffinK

      Or you could just not read gaming news. Ain’t that hard.

      • Exy

        These should be treated the same as spoilers and kept only to sites that specialize in this kind of thing. Dataminers have no respect for the developers’ desire to surprise the player and the media especially has no business reporting these.

        • MuffinK

          Do you think that Edward Snowden should’ve been censored when leaking the info about US spying on people?

      • X_bro

        Except, you know, every website under the sun covers the news, and my friends will tell me regardless.

    • Jacob Stuart

      Exactly. I was super hype but disappointed when Roy and Ryu leaked. I’m going to try to stay off the internet until the Smash Ballot ends so I don’t spoil myself.

      • NinjasOnAcid

        I understand, the whole hype had gone downhill. But I expect them to reveal a smash ballot character at E3. And maybe we’ll get a vet before then.

  • TechTinker11

    Lets vote for Chibi-Robi in Smash! Another way to tell them we want the franchise to stay! Could also be a good fighter.

    • He has great potential to be a very unique fighter.

  • Daniel Gallardo Ramirez

    We need Sceptile, Shovel Knight and Shantae! Maybe Sceptile is not possible but i want it to happend! or Bayonetta

  • Yagami

    Voted For Shantae i hope she can make it!

  • David Junco

    Voted for Captain N!

  • link2metroid

    I’d like when all the updates are done, that there is an all-in-one DLC bundle for a set price. And I hope it’s reasonable. The way it is now is haphazard.

  • Even though this pretty much tells us nothing, I can’t help but feel really excited. 😀

  • MRM678 dude

    I voted for Shadow. Could not decide between him or ray-man. But in the end i chose Shadow the Hedgehog. We need more Sonic characters!

    • Jacob Stuart

      Knuckles would be a great fit. He would definitely bring some new stuff to the table.
      (Climbing walls, digging, gliding.)

  • Supermegaroxas

    Vote 4 sora!
    seriously why vote for wolf? He ain’t a character to be hype about, just another clone =P
    and snake come one guys you know very well the situation.
    they’re wasting the ballot on veterans!

    • Based Majuub

      Exactly what I’m saying. Sora would be a nice character but has like a 25 or lower chance of being in smash. It would be stupid to have so much hype just for a lame veteran to come back

    • Wolf is not a clone. He only shares a variation of Fox’s special moves and Final Smash. The rest of his whole moveset is original.

  • link2metroid

    Snake is a snake. He had no business being in Brawl and he has no right to be in this one either. Konami can go f*** themselves.

    • Based Majuub

      Why the hostility! Lol but he was a cool character and really shouldn’t be brought back

      • link2metroid

        It’s because Konami has treated us Nintendo console owners like dirt for generations. We haven’t had a Metal Gear game really since the SNES. Sure we had Twin Snakes on the Gamecube but that was a port which Nintendo had to pay Silicon Knights to do. As well as pay Konami for the rights. There’s a reason Snake’s not in this one and we all know why. Even Nintendo realised he had to go. And well what goes around, comes around. Konami are in the gutter now, serves them right.

        • Locky Mavo

          Ahhh, just saying there was MGS3D for 3DS and it was Kojima who wanted him in Brawl, so it’s unlikely he’ll be back anyway, unless he wins the ballot, which I also think is unlikely.

        • I agree absolutely. Snake never deserved to be in Smash. The only reason he was in Brawl was because Kojima is Sakurai’s buddy. Nothing else. All Nintendo consoles have gotten from the MGS series are remakes and ports. Never new games. Snake was a terrible choice for a guest character. Even though Snake end up being a great fighter, he still never deserved that spot. And this is coming from a MGS fan.

  • Amazaley1


  • Andrew Burke

    I think that bomberman is possible along with a star fox character also banjo is also a possibility.

    • Jacob Stuart

      I’m seriously hoping for Rayman, Banjo, and Bomberman. But 3 third party characters seems like a stretch. At the very least, Rayman and Banjo-Kazooie.

  • Andrew Burke

    Here will be a terrible think if all of them are mario.

  • WolForan

    Wolf + Shantae + Newcomer Nintendo 🙂

    No Snake, no more ***** Pokemons, no more **** FE characters and no more Mario’s characters

    • Lame_pun456

      Mother characters?

    • Wendigo

      u mad?

      • WolForan

        I think you are mad for waiting those characters xD

        • Wendigo

          I’m not 😛

  • europeanguy

    wolf! please be wolf! i really want him back!!

  • Logan Wayman

    Inklings need your vote! Support them 4 Smash!

  • darky

    It is time for a dlc character who hears what you have to say. He may be cold-blooded, but he’s warm-hearted too. On election day, vote for the green dude, VOTE, K. ROOL!

  • Jacob Stuart

    Hopefully they’ll be announcing the characters on October 3.
    Rayman and Banjo are a must (for me at least). 3rd slot should go to Bomberman, Isaac, or Snake.

  • Ragnell

    Maybe there will be 5 dlc chars +1. 3 Nintendo, 1 third, 1 indy. Third bring banjo or rayman, indy between shovel knight and shantae and Nintendo we have potentially isaac, k rool, chibi, inkling, impa, paper mario, uuhhh idk lol. And I strongly believe Wolf will return regardless as the +1 I mentioned

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    They’re closing Smash Bros Fighter Ballot tomorrow so it’s most likely placeholders for characters with the most votes and then stages based on their games.

  • jacko

    shovel knight, king k rool, and bomber man are the ones I want to see in smash.

  • Stuart

    Oh GOD,how I wish one of then was Bomberman…

  • Solumm

    My hopes is for Starman(epic) from PRO Wrestling nes and Yuga from zelda : LBW.

  • Yoshi★

    WHAT, Sakurai you killing me right now!

  • LizardFanboy

    Man Dataminers have no respect to developers

  • One of those characters’ slots belong to Wolf. It just has to.

  • ronin4life

    All these suggestions and campaigning are lame. LAME. O[]O//

    We need a Nintendo Icon, in the vein of Mega Man. We need a deep decades old history, like Pacman. We need a Unique representative that cannot be compared to Like Duck Hunt.



  • Christian Marrero


  • DarkDragonMasta

    well does that count the duck hunt stage being added to the 3ds and azure striker gun volt for smash

  • Roan, The Wolf Knight

    I would say that the safest bet will be a returning character( Wolf, hopefully and most likely) and two new characters from the Ballot, or it could be like the previous character DLC, two returning and one new characters, the winner of the Ballot. Honestly i don’t care who wins the Ballot, as long as Wolf returns, they can put whoever the want in Smash, they can even put Santa Claus for all that i care.

  • NotshaneTM

    So, judging from the fact that Lucas, Roy and Ryu were all released on the same day, and this new information hints at three new slots, I imagine the new packs of characters will come in threesomes for the next few packs. I can see a possibility of them coming out this Sunday, given the other ones did and it is a day after the ballot ends.

    I will find it quite peculiar if they actually waited until the ballots ended before starting creation of the characters, though, as I imagine the votes would seem pretty obvious about halfway through. If we have to wait next year, I will be pretty upset, not gonna lie. I can wait, but I hope we are not just getting characters of recent popularity. That will be dumb.

    • Jacob Stuart

      Exactly how I feel. I don’t see why they would wait until the ballot ends to do anything. It’s not a poll, it’s a suggestion ballot.

      Hoping for Rayman, Banjo-Kazooie, and Bomberman.

      • Operative

        I mean, I see where you’re coming from, but then why even bother having the ballot last this long? If they wanted, they could have kept it open half as long if they really wanted to start work immediately. I’m guessing either they just started or they really are waiting to see who gets the most votes so they can see if it’s even possible. For example, if Banjo got the most votes somehow, they would probably have to figure out the legalities of such a character.

        • Jacob Stuart

          It might have been to just build hype (AKA stall). Or most likely what you said, getting the rights to such characters.

  • KidGameR

    Tonight,the smash ballot page will crash like nobody’s buissness

  • Donald Duck

    I voted for Jesus Christ.

  • SecretX

    All i want is Tails from the Sonic games.

    • Jacob Stuart

      I feel like Knuckles would work better as a fighter. :T

      Also Mario & Luigi Vs. Sonic & Knuckles.

      • Wendigo

        I’d say Tails is more Sonics #2 than Knuckles is

        • Jacob Stuart

          Yea he probably is. I just feel Knuckles is built for a fighter like Smash Bros. I can’t think of a really great move set for Tails aside from him using just gadgets.

  • LuigiOshawott

    I hope that Bandana Waddle Dee is one of those characters!!

    • Wendigo


  • Brian Wise

    I really hope K Tool is one of them plus I do want wolf and the ice climbers back

  • Lawrence Bingham

    Viewtiful Joe pls

  • Dillon Watkins

    Was I the only vote for Banjo-Kazooie who are for more deserving than most? Okay… Dang kids.

    • Annie

      Most people probably think it’s going to be a wasted vote since they’re Microsoft’s first-party characters, Phil Spencer can say there’s no problem adding them to Smash just to get people to talk about Banjo-Kazooie and make them a trending topic but there’s a reason why there are no Banjo-Kazooie games on the Virtual Console

      • Dillon Watkins

        Let’s face it, anytime anything gets into smash it’s a huge popularity boost for said character or series. (Shulk with Xenoblade Chronicles) So it makes total sense he’d be willing to cooperate on that deal… Great advertising and nostalgia feels. Won’t ever get the games on VC, no money in that for Microsoft.

  • New Mario Clones confirmed

  • Midori Inaba

    I only care about Shantae. I don’t even like the game that much. She’d be the only reason for me to even play that again.

  • Fallin31

    i just really hope its not another pokemon…

  • Rundas4Smash


  • Elincia

    Elincia for Smahs Bros

  • Bryan Lopez

    There are people that voted for shovel knight(which i did),,some voted for Goku(which i did) hell even phoenix wright(which i did)

  • Ryan Steele

    Oh Man! I should’ve made a suggestion for a character. I would DIE to see Medusa as a DLC.