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Aonuma: Nintendo will be “a bit more careful” choosing Zelda art styles in the future

Posted on October 30, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Nintendo tends to make use of various art styles with the Zelda games. We’ve seen approaches that have been realistic, cel-shaded, and even impressionistic.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker most definitely introduced the biggest change in the series. No one saw the cartoon-like visuals coming, and the style initially caused quite the uproar. It’s in part due to Wind Waker’s original reception that it seems as though Nintendo will be more cautious with art styles in future Zeldas.

Eiji Aonuma, speaking with GamesTM this month, said the development team “will be a bit more careful in the future” with regard to the visual direction of Zelda entries. That being said, Aonuma would be willing “to break new ground again” if an approach was created that would appeal to the developers and players.

Aonuma told the magazine:

“We encountered an awful lot of problems from the drastic leap we took with Wind Waker. I think we will be a bit more careful in the future, but if we find a new approach that not just the developers, but also the users would enjoy then I think we will want to break new ground again. But we haven’t found such an approach yet.”

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  • Thomas_NE

    Great, the people who want realism got their way =/ there won’t be any crazy off-the-walls artstyles for now.

    • Rottenheartx

      I hope that… I don’t undestand why Aonuma says that he dowsn’t want to make one realistic Zelda Game because they want to make something different when that is something we all are asking for. And more than ever due to the Wii U’s power…

    • Garrett Austin Boyle

      I do not think he is talking about subduing the art styles to only realism. I think what he said has more to do with the fact that the turn The Wind Waker came so unexpectedly. After all these years, people have become a little more open-minded when it comes to Zelda art styles, so I do not think that Nintendo will have to tread too lightly.

  • Dampf

    Like the tech demo please!

  • I wouldn’t like Zelda more realistic. TP was great, but it lacked the Zelda magic and it was way too dark in terms of graphics, not themes. I think Ocarina of Time’s artstyle is the best suited for Zelda as a standard.