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Aonuma: Zelda Wii U looks even better than before, update at E3 2015

Posted on November 12, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

This week’s issue of Famitsu has an interview with Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma. While much of the discussion focused on Majora’s Mask, the magazine also managed to ask a couple of questions about Zelda Wii U.

Aonuma mentioned that many styles were considered to suit a Zelda game set in a wide world before deciding on the current visuals. On the topic of graphics, Aonuma teases: “Now it looks more amazing than what was shown at E3.”

Aonuma additionally notes that the enemy shown in the debut trailer is something not previously seen in the series as you have to come up with a strategy while escaping on horse. He stresses that “If an enemy like this appears, how would you beat it?” is a situation which the team has tried to include in the game.

So when will we see Zelda for Wii U again? Aonuma thinks that Nintendo may have new things to show at E3 next year.

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  • TalesOfBS

    Only at next E3? Why? No one cares about E3 anymore.

    • Nintendojitsu

      REPEAT AFTER ME: “You are not everyone and nor do you speak for everyone!”

      • TalesOfBS

        I speak for a lot of people when i say E3 is dead and was become only a competition of who has the generic FPS with the best graphics.

        Nintendo did a great show on delivering game information on this year’s E3 and yet 90% of their public ignored the fact. You can check the news if you think not.

        • Also, Nintendo was the company with the most exclusives coming to their consoles and was actually showing gameplay trailers for nearly every game they announced instead of cinematic trailers. Did they got recognition for that? Did the gameplay footage showcased triumphed over the cinematic trailers? You be the judge.

          • D2K

            Yeah. I think the set up Nintendo had last year was definitely the best. E3 doesn’t need to go away, but I think the format and approach needs to be revised a bit.

            However I feel that it is fair to mention that Nintendo has made it clear that the Western audience and their appetites are not on their “to-do” list so I don’t see why people would expect a lot of fanfare from the Western media. That’s why Nintendo needs to have a stronger presence at international shows.

            That being said, I personally have no problem waiting till E3 to see more Zelda. I just hope we get to see confirmed gameplay footage.

            Again, no matter who amazing it looks you aren’t going to see Western media give Nintendo any props. Of course, those people are gonna wind up buying Zelda anyway. 🙂

        • smashbrolink

          You’re right about Nintendo having had the best showing at E3, but you’re wrong about no one caring about it and you shouldn’t be so presumptuous as to speak for them.
          I’m personally looking forward to E3 of next year because I know Nintendo is going to be doing something for it.
          If they weren’t going to do anything, I wouldn’t care, but they are.
          They have done something as an E3 celebration every year since it started, and so long as that’s the case, fans will still care about E3.
          Because that’s when Nintendo pulls out the big guns.

        • Falcoxcalibur

          Let’s count the upvotes.

      • thunk

        Nintendojitsu, you realise if he says that, that means he’s directing the comment at you? So he’s saying YOU don’t speak for everyone.

        101+ illiterate kids thumbs up’ed your comment, and that’s a reason to not care about how many thumbs up something gets right there.

    • all the cool kids are going to E4

      • ronin4life

        Pff, E4? E5 is where it’s at.

        • disqus_pMsQpsXlMr

          nah, E for everyone is the trend.

    • ThunderGod_Cid

      I certainly don’t, a “surprise” Nintendo Direct is the way to go.

    • KevCar

      Every die hard Nintendo fan is more likely to watch Nintendo’s E3 conference rather than one of their monthly directs. Also, it will show people that currently don’t own a Nintendo console the really good games they can are working on. Financially they have a lot more to gain by giving it more attention at E3, instead of it sliding under the rug, having just diehard nintendo fans knowing about it.

      • ThunderGod_Cid

        Speak for yourself, if they’re truly “die hard Nintendo fans” they would be watching the ND’s throughout the year so they can stay constantly informed about new games & features, instead of being in the dark for 11 months out of the year, hoping that some underpaid intern leaks the info in between E3s and TGS (i.e. Sony & M$).

        And you do realize that Nintendo hasn’t done an E3 press conference in 2* years right? They’ve just had a Nintendo Direct streaming the week of E3.

        The only presence they’ve had at E3 are their game kiosks and their Treehouse crew holding product demos for the press.

        • D2K

          don’t forget to smash bros tournament which went over very very well.

    • 萨夫 侯赛因

      I still miss Spaceworld :'(

      • D2K

        I miss the Powerfest Championships. Now with games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 it would be a perfect time to bring that back.

    • I do. All of my friends do.I’m super excited about next year already.

  • Vorlik Blade

    I sure expect they may have something to show with the as of now highly unlikely 2015 release.

    • Nintendojitsu

      These doubts of yours is preventing your happiness. Please remove them from your life!

      • Austin

        I am really loving what you’re doing. Don’t stop.

        • Nintendojitsu

          And I won’t quit.

      • Austin

        I am really loving what you’re doing. Don’t stop.

      • TalesOfBS

        I used to be a die hard blind Nintendo fanboy like you.
        Then i got back to reality. No happiness here.

      • Do you seriously think Zelda U will be released in 2015? Please.

        • smashbrolink

          Who knows how far they’ve come on it?
          We just might get it. It’s a possibility even if it’s not a probability.

          • You might be right, but still I’ll believe it when I see it.

        • Matt

          They’ve been working on the game for 4 years, so..yeah.

        • Its been in the works for 5 years by then. You have no footing on your thought of it NOT coming out.

          • Well first, Zelda games always take the most time to develop. Second, this will be the biggest Zelda ever made complete with open-world exploration. Plus, Gamepad experimentation will surely take them more time (just like motion controls did) depending on how deep they are planning to use it. I think it was also said it will have some kind of multiplayer. So yeah, I don’t think it is coming in 2014. Like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it.

          • EVERY ZELDA GAME IS AN OPEN WORLD. How have people not realized that? This one is just the biggest one lol. I think you meant to say at the end you don’t think it will come out in 2015….cause 2014 is almost over. Multiplayer???? IN ZELDA????? Get off the drugs NOW. Never going to happen. And Gamepad integration wont be an issue. Just for solving puzzles in dungeons and sorting your items and such like WWHD, not to mention was it Miyamoto? who said a while back Nintendo finally has a grip on using the Gamepad to the best of it’s abilities….I forget….someone did. Speaking of motion controlls that better be back, but adding that in is as simple as flicking a switch, can be done in less then a month.

          • Of course I meant 2015. Thanks for the correction. Just edited it.

            Now, back to the topic at hand. Wrong. All Zelda games are not open-world. They might have open-world elements but most of them are not. Most of them are too linear to be called open-world.

            About multiplayer, don’t tell me to get off the drugs. I didn’t came up with this and nor am I suggesting it. Tell Eiji Aonuma. We don’t know how he plans on implementing it, but he has express interest in the idea of players not playing alone in Zelda games.

            About the Gamepad, all you said is logical. That is what we all basically think of when we think of the Gamepad’s integration. But you should know by now that Nintendo likes to experiment new ways of playing. That experimentation takes time even if they don’t end up using the material.

            About motion controls, you realize they spent years trying to make them work well enough to use them in Skyward Sword, right? Definitely not as easy as flicking a switch. And it wouldn’t work this time around. It worked in Skyward Sword because the game was build from the ground up with motion controls in mind. We are talking swordplay, items, puzzles, swimming mechanics, flying mechanics, etc. In the new game they are making it with the Gamepad in mind. A very different kind of controller. So it is unlikely motion controls will be back.

          • Open World is just walking around in an enviroment doing whatever you want. Ocarina Of Time was an Open World, a small one, but open world none the less.

            Multiplayer will likley be stupid “Miiverse” he will say “Your never

            alone in Zelda thanks to Miiverse where you can ask for help!”

            Motion Controls, in the past when it was NEW yes it took time, its down pact now so adding it into Zelda Wii U is a simple flick of the switch. Also Gamepad has motion controls with it anyway…so prepare to use it as a camera, or aiming the bow or whatever anyway.

            And Nintendo is all about options, a million ways to play, if you don’t get the same experience oh well, let us use Wii Motion +, Smash Bros for example on Wii U, has like 8 different controller options.

          • I know Ocarina of Time could be considered open-world, but at the same time it is not. It doesn’t have many side-missions to do and the linear story doesn’t allow you to explore at your own leisure.

            Multiplayer might end up being just that, but we don’t know what they have in mind.

            If the game is not build from the ground up with motion controls in mind, it is not as easy as flicking a switch. About the Gamepad motion capabilities, it will likely be kept at a minimum or be optional.

            Nintendo is all about options… with other games. Smash Bros. and Mario Kart are very different types of games from Zelda. Zelda is a different story. How many Zeldas have been made with multiple controllers in mind? Controls that aren’t standard controllers anyways.

          • Your last point, about past Zelda’s with different controllers, I believe just over 7,000 Zelda games had multiple controllers. (Granted I’m using future titles in my numbers but thats not the point) As for now a days, as the saying goes their is a first time for everything.

          • It is a possibility, of course. But if they want to take full advantage of the Gamepad they are going to focus all their efforts on the Gamepad, not motion controls. For example, Skyward Sword would have not work with a regular controller because it was build for motion controls. If they build Zelda U with the Gamepad in mind, like they are doing, it would not work well with motion controls.

          • Nah, Metroid is what will take full advantage of the Gamepad, not Zelda, Hell Starfox will also use it more, since it’s Miyamoto himself with that one.

          • At this point, there is no info to suggest Metroid will take full advantage of the Gamepad. We have no doubt it should, but that’s nothing more than opinions and speculation. Also, judging by last gen in both handheld and console, it was Zelda the one which took full advantage of the consoles’ hardware, not Metroid.

          • Operative

            Actually if I remember right, both DS zelda games had multiplayer. I even think phantom hourglass had online matchmaking

          • I can’t recall if Phantom Hourglass was only download play multiplayer…And For Swords had multiplayer sure, but that was not made by Nintendo. And we are talking about the main 3D Zelda games, which none have ever had.

          • Operative

   PH had online but I believe spirit tracks was local only.

            That is to say multiplayer isn’t totally out of the question. Could be fun, if given proper attention

        • Matt

          I am willing to bet it is a Christmas release for 2015.

        • Pas Pas

          It’s not like they have a new HQ in Kyoto & have been hiring like cazy over the past 2 years…

          • That doesn’t mean all the people being hired are for the Zelda Team, does it?

        • Nintendojitsu

          Yes, yes I do.

        • D2K

          The fact that they said that they “hope” to show some new footage E3 2015 makes me think that it probably won’t. Add to that with Nintendo does not rush major titles out there. It usually takes at least 3 years for a full blown Zelda game to be made. It’s only been a year and a half since they actually started working on it. I say holiday 2016. This game could wind up being a swan-song for the Wii U similar to how Twilight Princess was for the GameCube. Which is fine because you still got Star Fox, Metroid, and the new 3D Mario game in the que.

          • Absolutely agreed. I expect Zelda U to arrived later than sooner. And judging by the kind of grand scale Aonuma has said the game has, it is very unlikely it will arrive as soon as 2014.

            Anyways, adding to that of games you mentioned are coming, we can’t forget the 3D Kirby game. I know it has not been confirmed to be in developed, but the developers of Kirby expressed their interest in making a 3D Kirby game. Talking about projects that are not planned on being developed or are already under development is very unusual for Nintendo, which leads me to think 3D Kirby is already on the works for Wii U.

            Also, it was confirmed by Intelligent Systems that Fire Emblem is coming, Animal Crossing is almost certain and I believe Punch-Out!! for Wii U is a big possibility. And lets not forget, who knows how many more 3rd party collaborations we might see on Wii U? So Zelda U can definitely hold until later in the consoles life-cycle. Definitely.

        • Nintendojitsu
          • Oh it says so right there! So it must be true. Because delays have never happened to Nintendo games. Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword says hello, by the way.

      • Dunno, a delay to 2016 sounds feasible considering that it will be the 30th anniversary of Zelda….

        • D2K

          That’s an interesting point. I agree that this is probably a 2016 game. The scale of this game is something that hasn’t been attempted yet. This is not just another open-world game. based on what both Aonuma and Miyamoto have said they are looking to push conventions far and beyond what we would expect from a open-world game. I have always said that Nintendo is at their best when they take what works, and use their talents and creativity to make it better. this is going to take time and I’m willing to wait for quality.

    • Penguin_101

      Highly Unlikely? Have you noticed Nintendo’s pattern yet? Two major releases a year late Spring/Early Summer and Holiday season. Zelda will be next year’s Smash Bros

      • Thomas_NE

        I’d say we’re more likely to see a new 3D Mario or Retro’s un-announced project next year than Zelda.

        • specialman

          A new 3D Mario? lolno. It haven’t even been a year since Mario’s last underwhelming 3D game. Give them more time to create something actually worthwhile like a Galaxy style game.

          • Zombie_Andrew

            I actually much prefer 3D World to Galaxy, Galaxy was innovative but I much prefer 3D world especially the local multiplayer aspect and the cross between 2D and 3D view

          • Thomas_NE

            It’ll be 2 years by next holidays, and between SMG and SMG2 there was only 1.5 years. Yes, I know, same graphic engine and all that.

            Mind you, I don’t think any of the three predictions are likely, I was just using them as examples of unlikely predictions that I feel are still more likely than Zelda being released next year.

  • me

    they always have that huge direct in january(its six months off from e3 so its like a mid term) i bet we’ll get a title then and anither trailer. no gameplay.

  • Seraphimbahamut

    I notice so many of these articles of this game in development looks so amazing. Show don’t tell, don’t make tiny updates just save it up and blow you information all at once and really impress us.

    • TalesOfBS

      That is one of the things that usually affect Nintendo games sales: Lack of information.

      They should keep releasing information about it. Keeping it on the news.

      • Saturday Morning Bowser

        Quite the opposite, but yes Zelda news is welcome as long as they don’t spoil the whole game.

        • Guest

          May bad there.
          Still, they are already at KBs, not bytes. I still think Nintendo gone too cheap here to force people buy more of them.

  • Wolfy Link

    they really should stop with e3 and focus more on directs like having one each month would work really well imo.

    • You can’t expect Nintendo to have new info to share every single month. Directs would inevitably become dull after a few months.

      • D2K

        I think they should have a Nintendo Direct at the end of every fiscal quarter. The best directs usually come after they’ve met with investors. This last direct was pretty good, and the January 23rd 2013 direct was awesome and that came after meeting with investors.

  • ZeldaWiiUTakeMyLife


  • Ragnell

    Next year has some great content comin’. We got Zelda U, XBCX, MK8 DLC Pack 2, Bravely Second, Splatoon, and stuffs

    • You left out the biggest and most underrated game of the 8th gen…..the return of the amazing, STARFOX!!!!!!!!!

      • It is unconfirmed that it will release in 2015, they have yet to find a partner.

        • False. Miymoto said at E3 it was coming next year, then Nintendo released that graphic showing it was still coming 2015, Miyamoto later confirmed it awhile ago that yes it is still coming 2015. Also in Nintendo’s last briefing or whatever that Iwata was part of, on the page showing games coming out till the end of 2015, Starfox was again listed at 2015. As for the “partner” they don’t need one it would speed things up but Miyamoto and Team Garage aka the guys making it can handle it.

        • D2K

          Miyamoto said that he’s been working on Starfox off and on for about six to eight years so there is no way of knowing how far along they are. The few people who got to go to the backstage event at E3 and play StarFox said it looked very raw and very pre-alpha. Nintendo is not above pushing anything back to ensure the best quality. I will not be surprised to hear a “please understand” or two at E3. People forget that Donkey Kong Country: tropical freeze was supposed to come out 2013 and it got pushed back. It doesn’t bother me if they delay it as long as the finished product is awesome.

      • Ragnell

        That and metroid news and I somehow forgot Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate :O

        • Oh yeah, MH4U….seems that has kind of faded away in North America….do we even have a release date yet? Don’t think so…?

          • Ragnell

            Probably bundles with new 3ds? Idk. It’ll come back once the day draws closer along with Bravely Second. Idk if I’ll get Xenoblade 3ds. Depends on if there’s extra content or something. I’m glad their bringing back into the world in some form though. I luckily only paid 50 for my copy of wii version because I didn’t wait lol

  • It looks BETTER?! This is an outrage, how does Nintendo DARE to change the things work on E3, what will Ubisoft do now when they show their beautiful new game trailers that look NOTHING like the final product?!

    On the serious side, AWESOME! Can’t wait to see more of the new Zelda game.

    • Ragnell

      ZombiU? lol

  • Woah, it looks better? That’s not possible! :O

  • PS4 master race

    • Rukiafan Rukiachan
    • Actually the PS4 is a video game console made by Sony which is a company thats not doing very well at all. I’m sorry about you getting false information and whoever told you PS4 Master Race was simply playing a cruel prank on you. But the PS4 is not a race, you are not born as a PS4.

      • I don’t even have a PS4 actually lol

        • I didn’t even say you did now did I?

          • Yes you did

          • Just read what I had typed again, and nope, I most certainly did not say anything about you having one.

          • Also ironically I do have a PS4, and it’s nothing special.

          • Why you bought that if you don’t like it ?

          • Got it for Destiny and to play it with a friend. We both went from 360 last gen to PS4 this gen, (Though we both already had Wii U’s) and Destiny was crap and a colossal waste of like what….$470 I spent….just to play Destiny.

          • Lol at least buy InFamous Second Son, that game looks good.

          • Nah, I’ve seen a playthrough of it on YouTube. It looks nice and all but not my type of game.

    • Martin Asteasuain

      PotatoStation 4 master race?

  • Strange Kaiju

    If it’s being shown at E3 2015 that means 100% we aren’t getting Zelda U until Nov 2015.

    • The sad thing is… you might be right. lol

    • specialman

      Don’t get your hopes high. You will most likely get this game during 2016.

    • It was obvious it will be November. Zelda is always November these days…Windwaker HD was October I think? but close enough, ALBW was November, but Zelda is always a Holiday title. Uncharted 4 Vs Halo 5 Vs Starfox and Zelda.

    • D2K

      It was going to be shown at E3 2015 regardless of when it hits store shelves though.

  • We will see it and Starfox before E3 I bet. Remember that big Nintendo January Direct? Last year I believe? Where Super Mario 3D World was revealed, they could do something like that before E3. Though IF we see Zelda/Starfox before E3, it will only be ONE time.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I hope we get more solid info and screens in the beginning of the new year.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I hope we get more solid info and screens in the beginning of the new year.

  • Melatelo

    Next E3 is quite a while to wait for any further news but at least it’s something to look forward too! Nothing beats the excitement of E3, so it’s the ideal time to show it off again.

  • GeDDeN

    This will be a HUGE success! HUGE.. I love they way Nintendo is marketing their games with the Nintendo Directs… You rarely have any time to even prepare for the media lashing! You see what they did with Smash bros… I think this will be even bigger! I can not wait for this one!

  • lucaslink2

    And so the Lord has spoken… blesses are falling to your followers.

  • Thomas_NE

    I’m not expecting them to, I think E3 2016 is the most likely for Retro to reveal their next project. I just think it’s more likely that Retro surprises us (perhaps with a smaller scaled project) than Zelda being released next year.

  • nekoknight

    Uh-oh, I hope they didn’t change Link’s design to look more macho just to appease certain western audiences. Because I liked femi-Link.

  • D2K

    I said after the initial trailer aired at E3 last year that this game could be a generation-defining game. All the cryptic language from Aonuma kind of turned me off for a little, but I honestly think this game is going to shatter a lot of conventions we have held dear.

  • 萨夫 侯赛因

    I just hope it turns out to be a classic in years to come.. People often talk about how important OoT was and how Nintendo created a timeless masterpiece.. I truly want Nintendo to push their boundaries and show “new” gamers why Nintendo is regarded as the best game publisher / developer on the planet.

    • D2K

      Nintendo has kind of backed themselves into a corner where they have to do just that.

  • Pas Pas

    You are sick? My advice: go & seek a doctor! As for me I feel great & not sick @ all, gimme some more great Mario (though a new Metroid from Retro would have me grinding the floor with my teeth)!

  • D2K

    They’ve already stated that they are working on another 3D Mario game. While I don’t think there SHOULD be another 3D Mario game this generation, there is going to be one.

    • Nope, they may have said they have IDEA’S for more Mario, which really isn’t that hard to come up with anyway, there is no more Mario games. IF by some fluke one shows up it wont be for 3 years anyway in which case Mario is still on vacation and we don’t have to see him for a few years thank god.

      • You seriously think the critically acclaimed Galaxy games are not getting sequels/spiritual sequels?

        • 3D World was the successor, though it only matched the Galaxy games, not passed them. Mario 64 on N64, Sunshine on Gamecube, Galaxy 1&2 on Wii, 3D World is the Wii U’s main Mario game.

          • No. 3D World was the successor to 3D Land. The second game in a new style of Mario games. Gameplay-wise, 3D World nothing like the Galaxies or any of the previously mentioned mission-based adventure games.

          • Nope. 3D World simply used the 3D land style but on a home console, that was Nintendo’s next “innovation” with Mario.

          • I don’t believe that is true at all.

          • That’s fine, you have a brain, believe whatever you wish.

          • Likewise.

    • Come on, I know we have had plenty Mario games in this gen, but we MUST have one in the style of SM64/Sunshine/Galaxy. A Mario adventure game is a must have on every generation.

      • D2K

        I think 3D world was that game.

        • I don’t think so. That is not a game with the mission-based gameplay. Is more linear in the oldschool style and is great and all, but we need the big adventure Mario game.

          • D2K

            We are dealing with relative presuppositions here.
            You may feel that Super Mario 3d World was not adventurous ENOUGH, but I personally do not see any difference between that and any other previous 3d Mario title. For me personally there was nothing innovative about it at all other than the upgrade of graphics. They basically took the 3d Land engine and slapped a coat of HD paint on it. If I were them I would put Mario on the shelf and not bring another Mario game up until the Fusion.

          • I think is pretty clear how 3D World is not like SM64/Sunshine/Galaxies. The mission-based gameplay changes the whole feel of the entire game. One game asks you to, let’s say, fight King Boo on top of the mansion or collect the Silver Stars while the other simply asks you for the most part to go from point A to point B and grab the pole. It is a very different type of gameplay. If it had different characters we wouldn’t even compare the two formulas. And while 3D World does have segments when it asks you to do a certain mission within the levels, it is fairly simplistic and straightforward. That is why we need a 3D Mario adventure this gen. To provide what 3D World nor NSMBU can’t.

            But on the other hand, have to defend 3D World too. It had a lot of fun new ideas and level design. Not every game has to be a breakthrough in innovation. As long as they are fun and new. 3D World took the idea of 3D Land and expanded upon it. How is that bad? Four characters to choose from with unique abilities, multiplayer, more interesting level design, bigger levels, more interesting missions, better boss battles, etc. It is definitely not 3D Land HD.

  • Michael Cortorreal

    E# 2k15!
    My God Eiji! Its to far away…can’t you show something next month? like “expect this next holiday season” or something!?

  • Nathan Spiteri

    I think that in the Zelda games it would be great if their wasn’t just one way to beat bosses maybe if their were many different ways or even if they could make it a little bit like hyrule warriors style of fighting and u could build a combo to do a fatal attack doing major damage to a boss that would be awesome

  • Ragnell

    I’m really interested in seeing a new trailer with some gameplay. I’ve enjoyed every single Zelda game my favorites being WW, SS, ALBW, OoT, and OoS&A and even my least favorite PH and AOL. In all honesty though it’s almost impossible to put them in a list.

    I’m going to try my hardest to limit myself of watching new footage when it starts piling in and ruining surprises for the game.

  • Cédric Theys

    Half-Life 3 confirmed.

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