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[Around the Water Cooler] 2D vs. 3D Mario

Posted on July 7, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in Around the Water Cooler, General Nintendo, Videos

Around the Water Cooler is the latest feature we’re introducing on Nintendo Everything. It’s mainly being led by Scott – someone who you may have seen before if you’ve checked out his Unlikely Review video (more of those are hopefully coming soon by the way!).

So here’s the deal. Around the Water Cooler is you’re opportunity to sound off on Nintendo-related subjects. Every two weeks, Scott will come up with a new topic (we are definitely welcoming topic ideas from you guys), and discussions will be held in each post. The subsequent video will highlight select comments about the previous topic made on both the main site and/or on YouTube.

Scott wanted me to let you know that this first video is a bit of a pilot. We already have a few improvements in mind, and your comments/interest will shape Around the Water Cooler’s future. Also: you’ll see more than just a silly green screen next time!

And now for this week’s topic: 2D vs. 3D Mario…

Sound off in the comments below!

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  • shaw98

    Imo, I have always liked 3d Mario better. I feel there is more creativity you can expand upon in a 3d world. They are both awesome and want them both to continue to expand in there own direction.

    What would be awesome though is if they did the same twist with 2d mario as they did with 3d. 3d land took the 2d elements and converted them to 3d. But what if they took 3d and converted it to 2d? Perhaps you could do a long jump in 2d with all the other moves from 64 like back flips, standard triple jumps, punching, etc. As well as have the coin health system. It would be another awesome twist like they did with 3d land.

  • Windstar

    This makes me want to replay 64. But yeah, I prefer 3D for sure. The worlds just feel much more expansive and you get to actually talk to other creatures and the levels all take place in the same big world you can explore. It breathes life into an otherwise “themed level” I guess. It’s kind of a shame they’re starting to steer away from that. I hope one day they return to it.

    It would be great if 2D Mario really tried to do something truly unique. I just feel like those games could be made by anyone with a tile set. (Mario Maker!)

  • Mr Ninty

    thats a though one. i like the multiplayer in super mario bros but the levels in mario 64 are so awesome. i still hate that awful golden bunny and because of that mario 64 is one of the best mario games around so 3D it is

  • gigamario

    For me it is pretty simple: Mario is about platforming. SInce 3D games tend to be more like adventure games, I prefer the good old 2D ones.

  • Josh

    I’d say 2D before I played the Galaxy series. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are my favorite games of all time! If I could live in a video game when I died, I’d choose the Comet Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy 1. It’s so colorful! The music is phenomenal, I’ve got both soundtracks! The game play is just perfect. It’s fun, challenging, and creative. No two levels are the same! Yoshi genuinely put a smile on my face every time I used him in Galaxy 2. I never really got the big deal about 64 aside from the nostalgia (it’s still fun, but not the best Mario game by no means), and we can all agree that while Sunshine is fun… it isn’t exactly the best game ever made. 3 and World are wonderful, I’d put them over every other 3D game, but not the Galaxy series. That’s why 3D is my favorite!

  • Adrian Brown

    I love both, my favorites are Super Mario Bros and Mario Galaxy 2

  • I love both styles, but since Super Mario 64 was the first Mario game I’ve ever played, I’ll have to go with that one. I enjoyed the explorative nature Mario 64 as a kid; there were no time limits, so you could just run around the levels or the castle itself however you wished. Being able to do all that made up for the fact that I had no idea how to complete many of the objectives that the game tossed at me. I was just free to ignore them and jump all over the place to my heart’s content.

  • Alek Fleischer

    I always liked the collectathons! 3D land and NSMB are fun and I really enjoyed them, but it’d be nice to see a 64/Sunshine style game.