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Best Buy: Buy 1, get 1 free on first-party 3DS games next week, $20 off Wii U Pro Controller, more

Posted on July 13, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Wii, Wii U

Best Buy will be running a fantastic deal on 3DS games next week. Starting on July 20, if you buy one first-party title, you’ll receive a second for free. Best Buy showcases games such as Pokemon X/Y, Kirby Triple Deluxe, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and more.

Best Buy will be offering a few other Nintendo deals as well. These include $20 off the Wii U Pro Controller, $30 off the Mario & Luigi 3DS XL bundle, and a $10 gift card with select Wiimotes.

All of these deals will be valid through July 26.


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  • Operative

    Wow, these are fantastic deals

  • JCman7

    In store only?

    • vtas

      No, you can also purchase these games online, with the deal being still valid.

  • Maxo

    Does this apply for stores outside Burgerland?

    • Jumwa

      That’s what I’m wondering. I don’t think American Best Buy deals ever cross over to Canada.

      If it does come north though, I’m there for some Yoshi’s Island/Mario Golf.

      • sonicfan1373

        I hope it does come to Canada; if it does then I cannot wait to try some new titles.

    • TheWeasel

      I kept wondering what Burgerland was where it was. Fortunately, Jumwa’s comment clarified it. I still got a good laugh out of it upon realizing what you meant. I’d never heard that one before.

      • James Humphrey

        He should have clarified that he lives in Kraft Mac and Cheese land.

        • TheWeasel

          Perhaps. I wonder if the people in, err, Tacoland are getting these deals as well.

  • Andrew Gonzalez


  • Sweet mother of mercy, I just came from a Shopping spree of clothes and now they show me this?!! Off to poverty !!

  • SquareSide

    Might be time to get Bravely Default! Free game could be Kirby I guess.

  • gimmegimmekevin

    Prolly getting Kirby/Yoshi. I have a friend whose buying a Wii U soon so he’ll likely get a Pro controller, Nice sale!

    • Carlos

      I was thinking about getting those 2 also. Still not sure if I’m getting them yet though.

  • TheWeasel

    I believe I will be buying Pokemon Y and getting Pokemon X for free to give to my brother. I also plan to buy the Wii U Pro controller, seeing as I am planning to purchase a Wii U in about two weeks.

  • Tito

    30 USD Wii Pro controller!? Great! I always, almost, kill my gamepad everytime!

  • dieger

    are these instore or online??

  • LazerTurkey

    I’m hoping the deal on the Pro Controller is included for all colors (I don’t see why it wouldn’t).

  • Kalis Konig

    I’m getting Tomodachi Life w/Kirby. And Disney Magical World w/ Mario Golf. I have every else minus Yoshi which I heard is not that good and Mario Party which is useless to me if it is not on a console.

  • Morsus98

    I’ll probably get two copies of Tomodachi Life.

  • Turbojacket

    Is this seriously all 1st party titles? Definitely getting Pokémon and Kirby. Would like to pick up Yoshi, but not sure on 4th game. If it’s all titles though I’ll be walking out of there with like 10 games! Can someone please site where the ad or other ads say “all” 1st party titles? The ad clearly states “these titles” so me and others have been wondering.

    • Operative

      I’m not 100%, but 90% sure it’s just these games shown here. Which aren’t bad! I wish I had the money !

    • TheWeasel

      It’s only the 10 titles listed on that ad. The Best Buy website confirms it as well.