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Capcom: Monster Hunter XX and Generations doing well, Monster Hunter Stories “underperformed”

Posted on April 27, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

As was the case with Nintendo, Capcom reported its latest financial results today for the fiscal year ending in March. The company’s digital contents business experienced net sales of 58,704 million yen, up 11.7 percent year-over-year. On the other hand, operating income dropped 8.8 percent from last fiscal year, at 11,096 million yen. Net sales for Capcom’s entire business were 87,170 million yen for an increase of 13.2 percent year-over-year.

Capcom noted that Monster Hunter XX, which just shipped in Japan last month, “is off to a promising start”. Monster Hunter Generations (known as Monster Hunter X in Japan) also “achieved solid sales overseas”. The one disappointment in the series was the RPG Monster Hunter Stories – Capcom says it “underperformed.”

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  • Douglas Siano

    So, then why is the West getting Stories and not Generations G?

    • Neku

      Probably since they already spent so much money on the product and it has a chance to appeal to a younger and new audience. Also RPG fans that don’t play monster hunter.

      • Douglas Siano

        And? I’m sure they would make more money from Generations G.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      I have no doubt we will get XX sometime later, but not this year. Probably next year cause release windows.

    • Tide

      Monster Hunter titles generally get NA/EU releases 8-12 months after the JPN release. It’ll either be holiday season this year or March next year.

    • Apfel

      They can sell amiibos with Stories

    • Tide

      Generations G is coming but NA/EU versions are generally released much later.

    • Waldo

      most probably be revealed on E3, its a big game, must be shown on a big event

  • Exposer

    MH launches yearly in Japan like COD, its obvious than they evetually will stop buying the game.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      Except Stories isn’t the same as the main-line games. It’s a different kind of game altogether.

  • Rafael Bueno

    Stories is like Wind Waker

  • Samma

    It’s the inevitable fate of yearlies, Cappy.

  • AJK

    I’ve tried getting into the Monster Hunter games a few times but find them dull. Weirdly, stories actually interests me

  • ForeVision

    I think it’ll see a nice boost in sales when(if) it hits the Switch. I’ve got a feeling that there are a fair amount of people that can’t wait to have it on a home-console again, and those will be buying along-side the handheld crowd that owns a Switch. Not to mention it’ll be a good moment for Capcom to stop skimping on the graphics and crank them up a notch.

    • Ragnell

      Ive always felt like when they do amp up the graphics they will put less monsters etc in the game. Idk y but i feel like that would be their excuse

      • ForeVision

        That would be really silly if you ask me, but if it’s that much of an issue for them, then I’d say fine, keep those graphics. It’s the gameplay that it’s all about, but that doesn’t change that MH’s graphics really need a touch-up.

        • Ragnell

          Yes it would be bs. I just remember reading somewhere sony wanted them to make mh have better visuals and capcom didn’t like that. But who knows? Capcom just needs to ger over it and amp up the visuals while retaining as much content as the 3ds titles.

          I’m just tired of the low resolution where i can barely tell what im hitting sometimes

          • ForeVision

            Agreed, not to mention imagine how well the weapons and especially the armour will look. But that low resolution is kind of also to blame on it simply being on 3DS I’d say. It would be solved if it comes to Switch, right?

          • Ragnell

            Most definitely. Compare mh3u on the 3ds and wiiu. The main thing you’ll notice is ur health bar isn’t across the entire screen like the 3ds and ur view is much broader. And omg imagine the armor and weapons in hd that’s not ported with updated textures

          • ForeVision

            I think it’s safe to say that Capcom would thoroughly miss out if they don’t put a MH on the Switch, and I will cautiously add asap to that, since it would boost sales of both the game and machine by a palpable amount.

            In Japan, where mobility is king, it’s always been doing well. But then there’s the West, and Capcom spoke of wanting to make it do better in the West. To that, I’ve but one thing to say: bring it to the perfect medium that fits MH like a glove: Switch. I know friends of mine and myself that have been holding out on Monster Hunter due to it being 3DS only, and I think giving people the chance to once again play it on a big screen, with a controller of choice will shove it in the right direction overseas.

          • Ragnell

            The switch is the perfect system for monster hunter. Mh doesn’t do bad in the west but the hybrid experience will entice more of us Americans (assuming ur one lol).

            The dual screens made things more convenient but they can do something with the dpad.

            Plus when the system can record hunts eventually? Ho boy!

          • ForeVision

            Nay I come from the Nether(lands) and as far as I know, portability has very little traction around where I live (granted that I can’t X-ray people’s houses to see what they’re up to, but just what I see in public)

            That coupled with official numbers I’ve seen, indicates that Europe in general, and I think that includes my country as well, is more of a PC/console centric country that doesn’t do portable all that often. And I personally even very rarely take my 3DS let alone Switch (I only undock it on occasion to inspect it’s condition, as the dock is as much as part of the console for me, as the main unit is) with me when I go somewhere, since I tend to make use of the social situation for talk instead, and when other things occur (like walking the dog) then that situation itself demands my attention, so there’s no time to stare at a screen.

          • Ragnell

            I’m 99% sure it’ll be on switch. Mh5 with the return of underwater!! Actually I wouldn’t mind that if its vastly improved.

            I sometimes watch tv while playing switch in handheld mode. Its nice having the option to play however i feel like

  • Bart

    Stories might be the first MH game I end up buying actually… They’ve been on my to buy list for ages but if I buy one I have to buy them all (I’ve got the same problem with the 3DS Pokemons), but with Stories I don’t feel that way for some reason.

  • ben

    Stories was a nice game… but it would have been a lot better on the switch.

  • Reggie

    Maybe Stories will do better when it comes westside? I sure know that I’m getting it.

  • ibo

    yup.. should have been made for Switch .. it would be selling a ton right now. but they wanted to make another dumb low res 3DS game….

    • Ragnell

      Ive grown tired to the zooming in a monsters leg or butt cuz the resolution is low. Theres these huge monsters that I can’t see well up close. Im talkin about main series of course on 3ds

      • ibo

        you understand me

    • Tide

      They were probably too far into 3DS development to switch it over. They would have to scrap all the 2nd screen features, rework the online to use Nintendo’s new system and they’d probably want to beef up the graphics. Hopefully the next title will be built specifically for the Switch.

  • Waldo

    people keep b*tching about why MHXX has no announcement about a western release, can we all just wait for E3 before even I can go rant about it, Im rather confident with it, maybe there will be a special section for MH like last time