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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate 3DS vs. HD comparison

Posted on November 2, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Videos

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  • LordDisco

    Considering this is a jump from 3DS to Xbox 360, this doesn’t look like a big HD upgrade. Is HD just becoming the term used to stretch games out now to fit 780p or 1080p? Wind Waker HD is one of few HD remakes that actually showed an impressive graphical and game upgrade (As well as games like Shadows of the Colossus HD and Ico HD).

    This Mirrors of Fate HD looks like a slight polish of the 3DS game, and that’s it. The thing that sucks though is that Mirrors of Fate HD starts off at $14.99, while the 3DS one continues to be expensive (Double the price at $30), especially on the eShop.

    I just don’t get the marketing. Release it on the 3DS for retail price and it sells poorly (Which was also probably due to it sucking), but then re-release on console for half the price and hope for better sales. How about changing the price on the eShop to $15? If it’s the same exact game, why do console gamers get to play it for half the price, while the original investors paid top dollar for it?

    • SIan

      Sounds like someone is bitter.

      If the game sucked then they wouldn’t have re-released it on HD on the 360 and PS3. It actually sold well on all platforms.

      It’s not Castlevania’s fault that Nintendo is literally still stuck in the past (to the point where a lot of new AAA games are skipping the Wii U). That’s why Lords of Shadow 2 isn’t coming to Wii U.

      Nintendo let a good game series slip. It’s there fault. Feel bitter towards them.

      • LordDisco

        Dude. What are you even talking about?? It’s not Nintendo’s fault that Mirrors of Fate sold terribly. The fact that it was a bad-to-mediocre game is why it sold terribly, and not only that, Konami wanted to sell it at retail for $40 instead of selling it on the eShop for significantly less.

        My initial argument, which you are blatantly ignoring, is that Konami is deciding to re-release this 3DS-exlusive title for 50% off on XBLA and PSN, which they are insisting on keeping the 3DS version (Both retail and eShop) priced the same, which is currently $30.

        Nintendo does NOT have control over 3rd-party price points. If Konami realized that sales were bad (Again, because the quality of the game did not equate to its initial price), they should have taken responsibility and lowered the price of the game to try and increase both interest and sales. The fact that they are running away from the 3DS version, which has a massive install base now, shows a lack of commitment on their part. Cowardly re-releasing the game as “HD” (When it really doesn’t look HD at all) and charging $15 for it is stupid. Of course the HD version will sell more when it is insanely cheaper and on two different systems instead of one.

        The exclusivity of the 3DS version is dead. With the HD versions, there is zero need for anyone to desire purchasing the 3DS version, unless Konami decides to just drop the price to $10 on the eShop, which we all know will never happen.

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