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Cube Creator 3D version 1.1 – more details, screenshots

Posted on August 6, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

Big John Games has passed along more details plus screenshots pertaining to Cube Creator 3D version 1.1. Here’s the latest from the studio:

– 2 new environments: Fantasia and Inferno
– Fantasia: massive multi-colored trees sprouting from a rolling landscape
– Inferno: lava-filled atmosphere surrounded by a rocky, mountainous terrain with floating basalt islands above
– New enemies in these environments
– 3 new block types: marble, basalt (volcanic rock), and purple leaves
– Can collect light and dark tree wood in Survival Mode
– You can also gather coal and diamond ore
– 3 different texture packs
– New music
– Each world has a different selection of tracks
– Ladders added in the update
– Players can now ascend walls with the use of ladders rather than having to build steps/stairs
– Grass will now spread to other nearby grass in the update
– Liquid cube editing is also enhanced: water and lava can be targeted/stacked/removed directly
– Performance has been improved
– Fly faster
– Add/subtract cubes faster in Creative Mode
– Customize Survival Mode campaign
– Select which four worlds you’d like to explore at the start, including saved Creative environments
– Transfer worlds between Creative and Survival Mode
– Enhanced loading/modifying worlds
– Bug fixes

Below are the new screenshots:

Cube Creator 3D’s new update is out today in North America. In Europe, the actual game is slated for August 20.

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