Disgaea 5 Complete sells 200,000 copies on Switch, Nippon Ichi targeting the system for new IPs and sequels - Nintendo Everything

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Disgaea 5 Complete sells 200,000 copies on Switch, Nippon Ichi targeting the system for new IPs and sequels

Posted on January 5, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Disgaea 5 Complete has done quite well for Nippon Ichi. Since the game’s launch last year, it has sold 200,000 copies on Switch around the world.

That news comes directly from Sohei Niikawa, the president of Nippon Ichi. Niikawa also said that Switch is one of the platforms the company is targeting for new IPs and sequels this year.

NIS America will be hosting a press event next month. Brand new Switch announcements could be made there potentially, but localizations are more likely. NIS America could be bringing over Your Four Knight Princesses Training Story, which Nippon Ichi is releasing in Japan on March 8.


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  • OlimacFTW

    I pity those people that say third party games don’t sell on Switch.

    • Lance Devon

      I laugh at those who think 200k to a 10+ million unit base is “selling.”

      • Zugdar

        PS4 with a 70mil install base sold 350K from Oct of ’15 to now so yes I would think it did very well. (VGChartz so take with grain of salt but still an interesting number if even close)

      • ECM

        You have no idea how this series typically sells, do you? Never mind it’s a port and has only been available for 9-months or so.

        • Lance Devon

          Still, yet, doesn’t refute the statement.

          “B-b-but the series sells like that always!” Can be attributed to games like Ninjabread Man as well. So “selling” is still a thing as long as someone buys the game period?

          Is this why Steam green light was such a thing?

          • ECM

            Of course it does, everything has a sales ceiling: games, cars, books, tomatoes, everything, and history is usually a pretty good guide for what those ceilings are (ignoring things like marketing spends, but even those will only get you so far, especially for niche fair like Disgaea).

            (In fact, game pubs will *not* ship more than a certain number of copies of games to retailers *even if the retailer will take them* because they know those excess copies will be *returned* and they will end up losing money on the deal.)

            Furthermore, I didn’t say it was selling just as well as it always sells (that would be a strawman you created), I said you don’t understand that a niche game like Disgaea can’t be expected to sell millions of copies even, as someone else noted, on a 70-mil install base on PS4, and that 200k on a 10-mil base in 9-months is impressive, period.

            So I say again: you have no idea how this series typically sells.

          • Cobolt Punch

            Nice strawman.

      • PRIMUS

        10 million plus in 9 months. People are still studying what other great games to buy on the Switch. That game was released in 2015 on the PS4, 70 million consoles of the PS4 brand released in three years. This is 2018, and they have only sold 350 000 of this game on the PS4. Nintendo gamers have been real gamers since 1889 with Hanafuda cards.

      • masterjedi

        And how many units does this game need to sell for you to consider it a success?

        Disgaea 5 sold about 350k on PS4 to an install base of 60 million which means 0.6% of PS4 owners bought Disgaea 5.

        200k sold to an install base of 10 million is 2% which means the demand for that game is much higher on Switch and therefore one can predict that sales of that game will be higher on Switch than any other platform.

        • Lance Devon

          Essentially when they’ve made a certain percentage of profit off the games alone. If I remember right they “made money” off the port in comparison to what the port cost, not the game itself. Which even didn’t hit that mark unless you factor in licensed items and product outside the game.

          • masterjedi

            I would agree that profit determines a game’s success.

            But that is confusing to me then because your original post was you laugh at people who think 200k to a 10 million+ install base is “selling.” Maybe I steered the conversation the wrong way by using the word “success” instead of sticking with the word you used “selling.” I tend to equate selling with success because a game needs to sell enough to make the company a profit in order to be a success.

            It sounds to me like you feel the same way so I am confused why you would “laugh” at people who think 200k to a 10 million+ install base is “selling.”

          • Lance Devon

            Selling would imply it stays current with the sales of the system. Disgaea hit a ceiling quick with the system, so it’s done “selling” for what the word is worth in this context. It has inventory that is slowly diminishing, but just cause 12 people buy it this week doesn’t mean it’s selling.

          • masterjedi

            That is a fair point. I agree the game isn’t currently selling when you look at that context. But I still feel the game sold well and was a success and the fact that the number is only 200k when the install base is reported at 10 million doesn’t mean the game was not a selling success. I also still think the audience for the game is higher on the Switch than it is on the PS4 based on the attach rate and adoption rate of the game on the Switch compared to the PS4.

      • GoldenTriforce

        Successful sales has never meant selling the best. If it’s profitable, that means it’s selling well, and if it’s a super niche JRPG, 200k is very good, especially if it’s on a system that hasn’t been out for even a year yet. Also, if the publisher says it’s a success, then it’s a success. We don’t get to decide that, because we could have the most absurd expectations like only 10 million + is a success, which would be absurd, not even FF pulls that numbers.

        • GoldenTriforce

          And remember that very few major JRPG series sell over a million on 40 million + install bases.

        • masterjedi

          This is exactly right. Context is key.

        • Lance Devon

          Never associated selling with success. Everyone who wished to counter the argument did.

          Hell if one dev sold 100 and it pulled them a profit, that too can be considered a success. But with the momentum of the Switch selling as fast as it is I wouldn’t call the sales potential as steady enough to be “selling”.

          • GoldenTriforce

            Then I’d argue the word “selling” is too ambiguous. Selling in the context of what? Publisher expectations? Predecessors? Competitors? Your expectations? I’ve been defining selling as making a profit, as to the publisher, that’s all that matters.

      • Nhat Anh Hoang

        And Ps4 is 70+ million but Disgaea 5 on it sold only 350.000 which came out since 2015. Even a lot more pathetic than the Switch

        • Lance Devon

          Didn’t say that the sales were pathetic, just that it was not considered “selling” by the time it plateaus no the prior to this conversation.

          But in comparison that looks grimmer. However it will probably be similar with Switch soon as well, that is not an exclusive sales environment.

          Only way to see an uptick on the game now is if the NISA stream in a couple months talks about 5 complete and announces 6.

    • azoreseuropa

      Because they dont know what they are doing. I dont care that it’s ported. Glad that more third party are coming to Nintendo Switch this year.

  • Roto Prime
  • theFooFighter

    Not bad at all for a niche Japanese series that hasn’t been on a Nintendo console since the original ds. 6 is a no brainier but they should also release 1-4 and d2

    • Ryosuke Yamada

      Agreed, now only if Nihom Falcom will see this and bring their games to the Switch instead of claiming their fans are on other platforms…

      • theFooFighter

        They’re just missing out at this point the switch has a big audience for jrpgs and that’s only going to grow moving forward. Maybe they’ll port something when they realize that Xenoblade, octopath, shin megami tensei, dragon quest ect are all doing 2 or 3 times what cold steel is doing on the PS4 or Vita

  • Padre

    Good news everyone! 🙂

  • Kalmaro

    Give us all the disgaea games. And the spin offs.

    • R.Z.

      And some five or six thousand hours of extra lifetime so we can actually play through all that !

  • Zugdar

    I attempted to get the game on Black Friday with Best Buys $20 price. Sold out in seconds. There is demand but the price just needs to drop a bit more and I would guess it could do much better. 200k is pretty good for a port of a niche title though.

  • I want to get digitally but too expensive.
    Lower that price fam.

  • Amethyst Gaze

    Definitely a fanbase for it on the Switch. As far as SRPGs coming out of Japan, if not for the FE fanbase, I’d almost consider it near dead at this point with FFT and having been buried. Also portability is a big bonus.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Happy for Disgaea. Never finished it myself, but I enjoyed what I got out of it. Curious to see where NIS goes from here

  • Noo Badie

    Actually bought it recently and i’m 12 hours in and having a blast though someone told me they got bored of it at 35 hours, hope I still enjoy it

    • Emperor X

      I’ve played it for 130 hours and still playing. There’s just soo much to do.

      • Noo Badie

        Cool! On Episode 4 right now

  • Petri

    fun game, just too much to do in it so I did not get very far before other games took my attention.

  • R.Z.

    So it really did much better outside of Japan.
    I’m glad it’s working for them, NIS has a lot of games that are relevant to my interests.