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Etrian Odyssey V details cover races and classes

Posted on April 17, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

In the latest issue of Famitsu, there’s a sizable update on Etrian Odyssey V. The magazine has more information on the game’s races and some of the classes. We’ve rounded up all of the information below.


Earthrun (human)

– Balanced stats and rather high durability
– The most prosperous race which lives in many parts of Arcadia
– Has more jobs available compared to other races

Race skills

– Fishing: able to fish at fishing spots in forests
– Martial Arts: increase resistance against “seals” on each parts of body

Lunaria (elf)

– Has better intelligence than other races, and very experienced in magic
– They mostly live in Sidonia region to the north and have been researching magic there

Race skills

– Magic Perception: Slightly increase INT, can discover nearby objects traced with magic
– Magic Attachment: Slightly increase LUC, raises power of attack items

Bronie (dwarf)

– Excels in knowledge of nature and medicines
– They live on vast grasslands

Race skills

– Herbalism: Raises effects of healing items used by self in battles
– Orderliness: Slightly increase VIT, adds 5 more items to item carry limit for each person who have this skill

Therian (beast ears)

– Said to be descendants of actual beasts, they live deep inside forests or mountain ridges
– They excel in power and agility

Race skills

– Hunting Technique: Slightly increase STR, able to obtain beasts that can be made to food in forests
– Vigilance: Slightly increase WIS, raises chance of preemptive attack for each person who has this skill


Fencer (Earthrun)

Attacker with fast movements that can avoid enemy attacks and link attacks with allies at the same time. They have Chain element skills, where if an ally does an attack with the specified element, they will also do attack. This means it’s possible to do massive damage on an enemy’s elemental weakness.

Notable character skills

– Vision Thrust: Perform a close range attack on an enemy to have a chance of inflicting blind status
– Chain Fire: On the turn it’s activated, if an ally hits an enemy with Stab or Fire elements, the user will attack further
– Sylpheed: When evading an enemy’s attack, there’s a chance the user may counter with normal attack

Dragoon (Earthrun)

Has heavy armor and high defense. Unlike the usual “tank” jobs in the series, Dragoons can equip gun as a weapon, and can shoot after blocking.

Notable character skills

– Line Guard: Reduces physical damage to an ally line on the turn it’s activated
– Gun Mount: Keeps the guard skill from last turn while shooting an enemy from long range
– Barrage Wall: Shoots a barrage of special bullets to all enemies, and reduce their physical attack powers for 3 turns

Herbalist (Bronie)

Excels in healing using many kinds of herbs. They can not only heal wounds but also attack with poison. Better placed on rear lines to focus in support and healing allies.

Notable character skills

– Cure Herb: Heals an ally’s HP with herbal medicine
– Poison Smoke: Throws a poison smoke ball, and inflict poison by chance to an enemy line. Enemy resistance against poison also decreased for 3 turns
– Dark Smoke: Throws a tear gas ball, and inflict blind by chance to an enemy line. Enemy resistance against blind also decreased for 3 turns

Warlock (Lunaria)

Magicians who attack enemies with elements. Has high versatility on fighting various enemy troop sizes with their skills.

Notable character skills

– Fire Ball: Shoots a long-range fireball to an enemy that will also spread to its left and right on explosion
– High Speed Chant: Skills that need chanting can be used without waiting for turns, but this will consume more TP
– Chant: Compressed Technique: Magic attack used next turn will only hit 1 enemy but with added (concentrated) damage

Masurao (Therian)

Warriors who use sharp swords to cleave through enemies. By putting them on front line, they will specialize in attack. If they become masters, they can wield up to four swords at once.

Notable character skills

– Demon Unrivaled: When using a multi-hit damage skill in one turn, damage on consecutive hits increase – Flying Swallow: Attack an enemy with maximum speed, and attack again once the enemy has finished its move
– New Rival: An exploration skill that calls enemy to trigger battle. Increase chance of meeting rare enemy and also triggering continuous battles

Finally, Famitsu talks more about the very powerful Union Skill system, which can be used to fight against special strong enemies marked as F.O.E. In order to use them, players need to completely fill up the Union Gauge in different ways like winning prior battles.

An example of Union Skill is Tri Shield. This can nullify up to three enemy attacks on the turn it’s activated.

Thanks for making it to the end of this post! If you use any of this translation, please be sure to properly source Nintendo Everything. Do not copy its full contents.

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