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Fan-made amiibo compatibility chart – version 13.0

Posted on November 3, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Images, New Nintendo 3DS, Switch, Wii U

moldyclay is back with a new version of the amiibo compatibility chart. For the latest update, a whole bunch of games have been added in. You can have a look at the full chart below.



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  • JasonBall

    You guys haven’t posted one since version 10 before the switch came out

  • Zeebor

    I thought Capcom said the rep misspoke when he said Revelations Collection had amiibo stuff.

  • Paddy Alfan

    Dies the question mark amiibo mean the game can be used with all amiibo.
    Because iirc I tried all my amiibo with botw and it always gave me something not the nice suit but cooking ingredient and such.

    • Jaxad0127


    • Teri

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    • MoldyClay 64

      That is correct. It represents using “any” amiibo. I should make that more clear in the future.

  • At this point, a comprehensive, user-friendly website is needed. The amiibo/Nintendo wikis themselves are never as informative as @moldyclay:disqus’s work.

    • MoldyClay 64

      I have actually been slowly trying to put together a WordPress site for the time being. Obviously doing the chart itself is getting to be too big and impossible to read since some devices compress it due to size. Hopefully I can get that going soon.

      • It’s a lot of work at the beginning, but if it can seamlessly guide viewers to all the relevant info for each amiibo, it would save you hours of future toiling.
        Thanks so much by the way! You fill a much-needed niche in the Nintendo ecosystem.

        • MoldyClay 64

          I agree. I was supposed to have had it up & running a long time ago, but life got in the way. On top of that, I ended up hating the format and getting indecisive. A lot of pages are set up, though. It’s just a matter of fixing everything/adding the new stuff.

          You’re also welcome! Sometimes I feel like people don’t care as much anymore, but there are always those that really do that make it feel nice to finish this stuff for them and myself.

          • Best to start with the games since there are god knows how many hundreds of individual amiibo these days. I’d suggest finding a partner or community to help fill in the rest.

          • MoldyClay 64

            I actually used to have someone who more or less was helping, often going over sections of the chart with me and giving feedback but we had a falling out (not related to the site or amiibo, lol). So it’s been solo aside from asking for help from Twitter followers on screenshots for games/amiibo I don’t own.

  • MagcargoMan

    I think it’s pretty lame they never added support for Wave 2 Mario amiibos in games like Mini Mario & Friends and Ultra Smash.

    • MoldyClay 64

      Evidently, the data for the Metroid outfit was just in the game from the start and it wasn’t really publicized, maybe thinking it was scrapped. So they had plans for the Metroid amiibo way back then.

      I agree that the Wave 2 Mario amiibo should have been patched into some games.