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Fire Emblem Warriors does not have an option for dual-audio

Posted on October 10, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in New Nintendo 3DS, News, Switch

There has always been a bit of confusion about whether or not Fire Emblem Warriors would include both English and Japanese voice-overs for its Western release. When showing off the game during the last couple of months at various events and expos, the game had both English and Japanese voice-overs concurrently, though this was only for development reasons as they hadn’t been fully implemented yet. On Nintendo’s official websites and on press material, the game was always only stated to have English voices in its Western release. However, at Japan Expo in July, a Nintendo representative said that it would have both English and Japanese voices available at release.

Statements by these reps at events should be taken with a grain of salt though, as they aren’t always well-informed – just like in this case. Copies of the Western version of Fire Emblem Warriors have now gone out to the press, and these do not have an option to activate Japanese voices, only English ones. This was confirmed by Derrick Bitner from GameXplain.


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  • Ardisan

    Weeb Warriors UNITE!

    “No japanese voices, automatically no buy.”

    • Chad Newcomer

      I’m buying it and I love both versions

  • Princess_Eevee9

    Oh well, Day 1 buy.

  • SpectralDynamite

    Can’t play in a language I don’t understand? PREORDER CANCELLED.

    • Taedirk

      Voicework so offputting that I’d rather listen to a language I don’t understand? PREORDERED TWICE!


    • Greenekitten

      It’s more “the only available voice acting is beyond horrid? PREORDER CANCELLED.”

    • Hime☆Sama★

      People like what they like,it’s not hurting anyone but them if they don’t buy the game because of this. So I don’t know why people feel the need to make fun of people for having preferences.

      • SpectralDynamite

        Because the people who claim Japanese VAs are so objectively superior in very conceivable way are full of themselves and make it too easy?

        • Bart

          Just gonna leave this here, don’t remember where I found it, I think it’s interesting and relevant.

          SullenSamurai ? 15 hours ago

          Dubs are virtually never better?heck, they’re usually not even on par with the original, and they have no right to be. Dubbing is an infinitely more difficult and less rewarding process. Because of that, I’d say the quality of dubs more or less plateaued in the early to mid 2000s, with little room for upper mobility.

          The problems with dubs are manifold, some more subjective, but many very technical. Dub actors are not particularly well-known, and receive pretty meager pay. Meanwhile, seiyuu can be and frequently are celebrities, and have the paychecks to back up that status. Now greater recognition and compensation doesn’t directly lead to greater performances (though there’s definitely some correlation there), but the different working conditions experienced by either party does. Dub actors, as their name suggests, deal almost exclusively in post-lay work?they have to “dub” over the finalized animation. As such, they have to worry about fitting the “mouth flaps” and there’s little room for improvisation, both of which cut into their ability to act. For the Japanese, most of their work is pre-lay, so they don’t have to worry about these same issues.

          Also, dub actors have to enter a booth one at a time to record?they don’t do group readings, so no one’s able to feed off of the other actors’ energy or performances (at least not directly). This booth is rented as well, so time is money and money is light (dubs don’t frequently get large budgets), so the voice directors are more concerned in getting things done fast, not done well; as such, a decent number of mediocre if not poor takes find their way into the finished product because they were considered “good enough”.

          Then there’s various other more subjective issues, such as female dub actors not being able to match their Japanese counterparts’ higher ranges, and their performances frequently coming off as “older”.

          There’s the disconnect between American and Japanese style voice-acting; American tends to be more serious (take, for instance, Batman: The Animated Series), Japanese is more like stage-acting, dramatic and exaggerated (Gurren Lagann, anyone?). So when dub actors try to match the Japanese performance, it frequently sounds hokey in a way the Japanese doesn’t (issues with audience expectation and internal consistency of the work).

          There’s issues with the setting clashing with the dub voice work, a big problem in works like Persona, where everyone is Japanese, have Japanese names, are living in a Japanese city, using Japanese honorific suffixes, but are speaking English and sound like they’re from the greater Los Angeles area (as the actors frequently are).

          And of course, there’s no getting around the simple fact that the dub actors are replacements?they’re not the original cast, and, to the purist, that means they’re not the real cast, and they never will be.

          TLDR, dubs are hard, there’s a quality ceiling that’s difficult to breach, and they’re a replacement voice track that almost inevitably has trouble matching the original in terms of performance, sound, and general feeling due to technical and subjective issues. If you like or prefer them, great?I myself grew up on them (then grew out of them). But they’re virtually never better. Most claims of the contrary come from projection.

          • NeptuniasBeard

            And here’s my copy/pasted response, only not literally copy/pasted, I’m typing it all out from scratch again.

            That just says that Japanese VAs have more technical advantages, not that they are objectively better.

            When you compare two things that are so similar, it really is just a matter of preference. All that stuff about getting payed more and getting to record together means nothing to the person who’s sitting on their couch who can’t get into their performance or connect to the character because of the language barrier. I like to use the example of comedic anime in this case. Visual gags may still work, but vocal comedic timing is virtually non-existent if you don’t understand the language. Because you will almost always get the punchline through the text before the character says it out loud. And on top of that, if the joke is some cultural based pun, it’ll just go over your average non-Japanese person’s head. They’re not truly getting the laughs from the performance, just the script.

            I can confidently say when I found a performance to be good in English. I can tell they had the proper inflections, they displayed the right tone, their comedic timing was on point, and all that good stuff.

            And this isn’t a universal thing. Plenty of folks don’t have that issue, and that’s fine. But how can you say the Japanese acting is objectively better when you’re not connecting with what they are conveying, just the noises they produce, and the text at the bottom of the screen? And that’s not something that can be answered by someone going “Hey, I’m bilingual, and I can understand all the nuances of Japanese as well as I can English”. Because *I* the audience, therefore the most important person watching, still can’t.

            We could have this same conversation about ice cream. You can argue about all the time and energy that goes into vanilla ice cream, but that doesn’t change the fact that I get a better sensation eating chocolate

            tl;dr The only thing that really makes a performance good is if you the individual member of the audience enjoyed it.

          • Bart

            Hmm, you mean you actually know where I got that post from and you replied to it before? Because I don’t remember where I got it from, it just resonated with me so I saved it.

            Works both ways doesn’t it, I can confidently say when I found a performance to be bad in English and so on. I can connect with japanese performance just fine, I don’t understand every single word, but I understand plenty by now, and it’s not really about that anyway, it’s about the emotion behind them.

            Also english isn’t actually my first language either, and we’re very used to subtitles around here, from a very young age when we’re just learning how to read, I’d say that makes a huge difference in preference as well.

            Indeed, it’s all just arguing over taste isn’t it, a bit pointless really, but oh well. I do think we can agree it would be nice if everyone could get the option they wanted, wouldn’t it? The videogame industry is pretending like games still come on VHS so to speak, I mean come on, how about they take themselves a bit more seriously as an art form…

          • MagcargoMan


            “If you like or prefer them, great?I myself grew up on them (then grew out of them). But they’re virtually never better. Most claims of the contrary come from projection.”
            Lol, did this come from Reddit?

        • Chad Newcomer

          well some english dubs are awful in SOME cases!! video games…not so much! they’re all good except the localization of fates feels like a crappy 4Kids dub -_- other english dubs are WAY better and it was written so poorly the main character is a spineless coward that can turn into a freaking dragon :/

        • Hime☆Sama★

          Literally everything has annoying,biased over-the-top fans.

    • Sister Porkpie

      I watch Wild Strawberries in Swedish–not in English.

  • Hime☆Sama★

    Luckily FE usually has good English Dub so I’m not mad.

    • Aline Piroutek

      Well, Fates didnt. But Shadows of Valetina was neat, the best dub in ages.

      • hi v3.0

        Agreed, Fates is just like your average dub but Echoes that was in a whole new level.

    • bubblinz

      You must be joking…
      FE fates literally one of the worst eng dub ever.

      • DiscoGentleman

        That’s super exaggerated. No one will take you seriously outside of your echo chamber. The Fates voice acting ranged from good to baffling, imo.

        As a speaker of both languages, the voices are cheesy in JPN, too.

      • Rafael Bueno

        Resident Evil, Dynasty Warriors 3, Chaos Wars, Ride to Hell, The Town with no Name, all of these has some of THE WORST Dubbing ever

      • Hime☆Sama★

        There were some gems in with the trash. Only Felicia and Setsuna were unbearable.

  • キロ

    I know some who prefer it as a way to practice the language, but I assume it is a minority. Others simply prefer it that way for the voice work, or other reasons. I personally like dual audio, but I wasn’t getting the game anyway, so… xD

  • Aline Piroutek

    No chance for a free DLC to toggle the dubs?

    • Aline Piroutek

      Or toggle the subtitles on the japanese version to english.

    • DiscoGentleman

      Hopefully. Not likely, though.

      • My1

        Actually there is one.

        • DiscoGentleman

          Yes, it was announced several days after I made this comment…

          • My1

            okay, I just found the article via google. might have been useful to mark this artical as outdated with a link to the new one.

    • ItsTheWolf

      There could be patch for voice switching if enough people beg, just like BOTW situation.
      The voice is in the cartridge, you just have to change your Switch language.

  • Lance Devon

    And upon the third day, the weebs cry out simultaneously in a wail of self-served agony. Woe to them, as terrible dub of foreign language will be lost in the throes of terrible native dub. For they do not care, as Japanese will be superior in their eyes, as they exile proper hygiene to play their role of the unending battle as the internet warrior.

    • DiscoGentleman

      So, so good.

  • Bart

    Good, I was spending too much money this month anyway… Guess I’ll import later.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      I’m still getting it.

      • Bart

        Well yeah, me too probably, just not this month. I’ve got the SNES 3DS this week, FE and two amiibo next week, and Mario and Nights of Azure the week after that… I needed an excuse to cancel something frankly, and this is a good one…

        Also, lately I’ve been seeing people saying you somehow magically get english text if you play an imported game that has a localization if your system language is set to english? Not sure if I believe that but I guess I’ll find out…

    • NeptuniasBeard

      This man gets it. I need my authentic Japanese voices. Like what they do in that there Game of Thrones. I assume. I’ve never actually seen that show.

      • Bart

        Sarcasm eh? Well I never.
        …or is it? The upvote confuses me. xD

        I haven’t seen GOT either, I wanna read the books first but lord knows when I’ll ever get around to that, but anyway, I assume they don’t talk modern american in that either, just like they don’t in LOTR, I would hope so anyway.

        And japanese is a language so far removed from my own it might as well be a fantasy language, it fits right in.

        But ignore the whole fantasy thing for a moment, hearing any anime looking character talking english is immersion breaking for me actually…

        The only games I can think of right now where I actually prefer the english are RE and Bayonetta, for obvious reasons. And in those two cases I’m not so sure if english isn’t in fact the original, and the japanese the dub, it’s hard to tell.

        • NeptuniasBeard

          You mean you WEREN’T being sarcastic!? Then I’m taking back my upvote!

          I’m just saying, your reasons are your own, but saying American English in a Medieval setting somehow makes less sense than the characters speaking modern conversational Japanese is… bizarre. Yeah… we’ll go with bizarre.

          • Bart

            Well, I think I expained my reasoning well enough…

            I didn’t actually say that (I think?), I said it ruins my immersion.
            “Sense” is subjective I guess, but America wasn’t actually a thing in the midle ages, so yeah. (Or the USA, I should say.)

          • Bart

            Hmm, reading that again I think I see now… You’re putting the emphasis on the medieval, me on the fantasy.

            Er, not that people talking american in a medieval europe setting would make much sense either… But yeah, not japanese either obviously.

            Again, japanese makes for a good fantasy language to me precisely because I don’t fully comprehend it, just like any fictional fantasy language.

            I get the feeling I’m not explaining myself very well here, but it seems so obvious and logical to me… Guess it’s all subjective anyway.

            …Hope that helps. :p

    • You realize this is Fire Emblem, right? The series with 90% Western locales, weapons, and clothing? Most everyone in FEW except Lyn and the Hoshidans are basically medieval Europeans.

      • Bart

        Who then proceed to talk american?

        That was kinda my point, I don’t really wanna go over this again. xD

        Currently trying to remain optimistic the voices might actually be on the cartridge, and will need a day one patch… Here’s hoping. The source for this has since been deleted, so who knows.

        • Methinks American is a tad closer to fictional medieval European than dramatic modern Japanese is.

          • Bart

            Um just look at my other posts around there where I tried, and apparently failed, to explain myself… I mean, if you want, it’s not important. xD

            It’s a personal thing, when I hear an anime character talking japanese I just hear that character, when I hear them talking english I hear a voice actor… Not everyone is the same, I do realize that, I’m just trying to explain why I would really like the original voices, my personal enjoyment of the game would be that much greater for it.

  • Aiddon

    Ugh, complaints are already here. Whoop-dee-doo, pretty much the only time I’ve listened to the Japanese language track is when the story IS SET IN JAPAN.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Guys I think I know where the confusion lies here. There is dual audio. It’s just that the option needs to be set from the Switches internal region, not within the game itself!

    Glad i could clear this up.

  • Burning Gravity

    (insert dumb comment here)

  • Rafael Bueno

    Meh, it’s not that it’s a Selling point for a game anyway

  • Paddy Alfan

    I don’t understand people’s who wouldn’t listen their own language. I mean, Japanese player would rage if their games and movies not dubbed to Japanese.

    • Duchess

      It might surprise you but not everyone is American or British.

      • Bảo Anh Hoàng

        English is the language for the world to use to communicate, anyway

    • My1

      Wrll if both languages aren’t native (i am German) i prefer whatever is the original

  • Mauricio Valle

    I hope some dlc to allow dual audio

    • My1

      Guess what, there is.

  • nekoknight

    But why can’t we just have both, so that everyone can be happy?

    • Hidden Flare

      Completely agree!

  • Tlink7

    Whilst I think it is stupid there isn’t an option for dual audio, I really couldn’t care less. The voice acting is fµcking cringey in both English and Japanese. But at least with one I can actually understand what characters are saying 😛

  • spd12

    I’m going to leave this here – there may have been legal issues involved.

    Remember, contracts can vary between individual voice actors in a given work! It can sometimes be written in a way to make it financially prohibitive to bring them stateside at all.

    If one voice hits problems on this front, then the whole set can’t come. That’s kind of how it is, though I admit this is speculation. I remember discussing this back during the outrage over Fates’ lack of dual audio.

    • ItsTheWolf

      Yeah, no, definitely not legal issue. Because if it is, you don’t put the JP voice in the Western cartridge and let people change their Switch language to be able to hear it. This is just like BOTW’s old situation repeated.
      This is localization stupidity. No excuse.

  • There’s a reason to not put dual audio, if it was that easy, every game would be released this way, but if you stop to think, not that many are.

    And this reason is because every region has its license (or something like that), and to put the Japanese audio on them, they will have to pay AGAIN for that, it’s not like “it’s already done, so just use it again and it’s fine”. I recall reading about this when we got the same statement for Persona 5, and later they added the dual audio in a free DLC (day 1 tho).

    • My1

      Actually they added jp voice dlc here as well. Maybe it just didn’t fit on the cartridge over 13gb base+2,5gb voice pack is more than 16gb and i dunno the size of the cards

      • Yep, I was just playing right now with japanese voice of course

        • My1

          well I am playing too but still waiting until I can get into the damn settings, why didnt they just ask upon the start of the game or whatever?

  • Cringe-ito

    They said in an interview it would be in the day one patch soooo

    • Source?

      • My1

        Just go to the eshop it’s there by now

  • ben

    This is because it is not the same game technically. One is published by Nintendo (the western release) the other is published by Koi Tecmo (Japanese release). This was the same for Hyrule warriors.
    Japanese version is better.

  • if i’m going to listen to awful VA, i’d rather not be able to understand it


    Either way, the game looks solid; looking forward to it.
    While review copies sent to the press are typically 100% complete game-play wise; they still aren’t necessarily the final retail product with release day patches. So, although unlikely, there may still be a small chance. In the past, I received a review code for Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap and the trophies I earned did not properly display until release date. -Sean

  • Hidden Flare

    I say this as a full on dub fan and defender: they should have a subbed version avaible. Because options don’t hurt.i think it would be a plus to give people the option.

  • Andres Marquez

    Why they keep doing this, godammit!

  • Xanek

    The tweet has been deleted since he posted it, does this article not get updated?

  • My1

    Big update everyone. While the jp voices are neither on the card or the eshop versions themselves, there’s a free dlc for the Japanese voices