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GameStop’s internal system adds six new SKUs for unknown Switch games

Posted on January 10, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Random, Switch

Listings for a ton of unknown Switch titles popped up on Amazon about two weeks ago. Shortly after they were discovered, each one was removed. All of the listings had generic names and an image stating that they were announced at a Switch event.

Now we’re seeing something similar with GameStop. This week, six new SKUs were located within the retailer’s internal system. They’re all labeled “Available SKU”. It doesn’t seem that any of these games can be pre-ordered at the moment.

Here’s a look at what the system shows:

In other news, as of this moment, a new Nintendo Direct has not been confirmed. And as the hours go on, an announcement this week continues to be less likely. Speculation pointed to a possible presentation on January 11 (tomorrow), but as things stand now, it’s unlikely to happen.

As everyone continues to lose their minds over the lack of news surrounding a new Nintendo Direct, we spotted a curious tweet from GameStop:

Not sure what’s going on there. GameStop seems to believe that a Nintendo Direct is happening… a few minutes from now. Perhaps GameStop knows something we don’t, or perhaps it’s just an innocent mistake. We’re hoping Nintendo ends the madness soon.


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  • StrawhatEevee

    The general consensus on social media seems to be that they pre-wrote a tweet that was meant for tomorrow. Or another date nearby. Given the info we already know, tomorrow seems likely, though.

    • I’d like to see Nintendo just hold a Direct with no announcement or warning whatsoever, just throw a random show out and let everyone scramble to watch it and convince each other it’s actually real.

      • Indielink

        That’s what I am starting to believe is going to happen.

        • I must be some kind of wizard. That’s exactly what happened this morning, didn’t it.

          • Indielink

            I was impressed.

      • Minna Claresta

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      • BRUNO

        that makes absolutely no sense, they need people to prepare and make time to watch it, if no one is watching is pointless, you need to generate expectations first that is basics on propaganda, glad you dont run the publicity sector of nintendo kkkk

      • SpectralDynamite

        I take it “Exy” lost its luster?

        • I changed my callsign on December 31 to the one I’ve been using for online gaming since 2013. It’s made a lot more progress in the last few years than my last one did in 13.

      • Princess_Eevee9

        So like today. =P

    • Mark

      My theory is that when Doc and Marty accidently mentioned the January 11th Direct, their actions created an alternate timeline in which the January Direct never existed. These “leaks” we’re seeing are noting more than the original timeline trying to reassert itself, and until the time-distortion effects stabilize themselves we’re going to continue to see more and more glimpses into a world that may never be.

      Or, yeah, it could’ve been delayed. If you like the boring answer.

      • StrawhatEevee

        No way. My answer sucks. I think yours is way more viable.

      • Bruno_Ostara

        Dammit, Barry

      • Radish

        That is most…logical

  • Jesús T. “chusetto”

    DQ Heroes I&II Western release???

  • I’m guessing that was a scheduled tweet they forgot to delete when Nintendo didn’t announce a date. Maybe there was supposed to be one this week but they had to cancel it or something.

    • Jacob

      that’s what im guessing. maybe rescheduled due to a gameplay trailer not being finished in time or something.

  • GoldenTriforce

    What in the world is happening. This is getting a bit too insane for me…

  • Jade


    • Mark

      He’s over nine thousaaaaand!!

    • Douglas Siano

      Chibi-Robo for Smash Deluxe.

      • If this is about a new Chibi-Robo game, I hated the last one so the next better not have any RNG whatsoever.

        • César Tribst


          • Douglas Siano

            Level select stages were random,, but you could influence it.

    • awng782

      A self-immolating Chibi-Robo…

      That’s new.

    • Auragar

      Trolling 101

  • ジョシュ

    End the madness, Nintendo! End the madness!

  • Nowhere Man

    OMFG just do the Direct already.

  • GoldenTriforce
    • Diego Siqueira

      What this supose to means?

      • GoldenTriforce

        Who knows?

      • Auragar


  • cloud36426

    This is so maddening that it is funny!! The replies on Twitter are hilarious!!

  • Christina_Puck

    Just show the Direct already Nintendo! All I want is to see the new Fire Emblem.

  • cloud36426

    I also wonder if they would want to have a Direct the same week as CES. I would think Nintendo would want all press and focus on them.

  • Auragar

    A Direct isn’t happening this week but everything points to one happening this month so I guess next week I can’t see one happening after next week and I don’t see how with everything we have that one wouldn’t happen this month and beyond that it would be extremely idiotic for Nintendo to not do a Direct this month.

    • Blake Good

      If it got delayed until next week, I hope this means it’ll be bigger, and other stuff will be announced this time, like the long overdue Virtual Console.

      • Auragar

        Not delayed. Just moved or was never meant to be this week in the first place. And nah it won’t be any more or less than it would have been if it were shown this week if there is a Direct this month it was recorded a while in advance.

  • Tlink7


  • Leonel

    Seeing how some developers join in the fun in Nintendo latest tweet maybe we are going to see a good amount of games when the direct comes

    • Auragar

      Don’t get your hopes up.

      • Leonel

        I’m not but usually January directs are pretty big when it comes to reveals

        • Auragar

          Eh… they are decent but don’t get too crazy.

          • Leonel

            They are decent but we have gotten a good amount of reveals from the January directs plus with all that has to happen with the switch might see a few huge things

          • Auragar


          • Leonel

            For me xenoblade chronicles x was huge for me then again we got super Mario 3d world and FE X SMT. Some other things as well but seeing how e3 is becoming less and less of a thing well…

  • Mattlock

    I swear if the Direct just ‘happens’ tomorrow…

    • Auragar

      It won’t.

      • OverKing53

        But in the tweet from Nintendo with the mystery text and the picture of the parrot are two hints for the 11th January.
        The text conatins exactly 11 big letters. And there are many big letters that shouldn’t be big.
        And at the right of the parrot in the picture you can see two houses in the background. They have this pattern beneath the roof on the wall.
        In this pattern you can count the hills (hopefully good enough explained). It’s only one on the left house, because the parrot is in front of the rest. And 11 on the right house. So it’s exactly in the order you would write a date. The 11th January.
        Yeah, the picture could be random, but it’s probably not because of the text.
        If there isn’t anything tomorrow, not even an announcement, Nintendo trolled us hard.

        • Auragar

          The pics are just the Nintendo PR moron having fun and should be fired. It means nothing.

          • OverKing53

            Well, the proof is already on Nintendo’s website.
            So you are the moron

          • Auragar

            I wouldn’t say I’m a moron but yeah the mini did get me.

      • Mattlock

        I sure hope not

        • Auragar

          It won’t. Don’t worry.

          • Mattlock

            I think I should have been a liiiiittle worried…

          • Auragar

            Yeah technically not a real direct but yeah.

          • Mattlock

            True. Was kinda expecting something a bit bigger, but hey, it was a nice update.

          • Auragar

            Yeah it was a cute little update.

  • キロ


  • dimension gamer

    Is the direct late because Nintendo just bought Ea and are busy cleaning up the giant mess while making switch ports for Command and conquer / The sims / Theme hospital / Dead space / Titanfall / Battlefield 1 …… no .. ?? just in my dreams then ? ok 🙁 lol 🙂