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Nintendo asked Switch owners last year to decide on whether hot dogs are sandwiches. Ultimately, the consensus was that they are in fact sandwiches having taken home 54% of the vote. One year later, the tides have turned.

Nintendo again asked Switch owners to vote on whether hot dogs are sandwiches a few weeks ago. This was done through the system’s news channel feature. This time around, the results were shared.

Where’s the last place you’d expect Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to show up? How about in a Seattle Police Department lip sync challenge? Yes, that has actually happened.

Reggie makes a quick cameo appearance in the video below. If you’re having trouble seeing him, look around the 2:30 mark.

Nintendo shared the gorgeous boxart for Smash Bros. Ultimate this week. It’s mostly the same around the world, though there is one exception from Germany.

For the most part, the packaging design is the same. However, there is one omission: Yoshi. The character is gone here due to a sizable USK rating logo taking up a good deal of the real estate. The logo is where Pikachu would be, but the character has been preserved and moved up slightly while Yoshi was taken off entirely.

Just when we thought that we’ve seen it all when it comes to Zelda: Breath of the Wild mods, the community continues to surprise. The latest effort allows for a battle between Mario and Bowser.

Mario, of course, has been swapped out with Link’s model. Fans have gone a step further by having Bowser’s design take the place for Hinox.

Ramin Djawadi has composed many noteworthy pieces of music throughout his career, including the theme for Game of Thrones. Despite seeing a Switch for the first time, he was able to successfully recreate the show’s famous music with Nintendo Labo. Check out the full results below.

We don’t often cover hacks here, but this one is too amusing to pass up. YouTuber Sam Breadman has shown a video of the SNES Classic software running on a Switch. While there’s still work to be done, it shows that it’s possible.

Here’s a look:

Breadman says that there is a reason for the somewhat poor performance. Later on, future versions will be written with a different base.


The boxart for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is mostly the same in North America and Europe. There are a couple of differences though, and both are pretty random.

The first difference concerns the positioning one Donkey Kong’s foot. Nintendo also went with a slightly different approach to the text pointing out the new Funky Kong mode. We have a look at both boxart versions above.

Fun fact: the foot positioning was actually the same for the original Wii U release. Fans seem to be noticing it more on Switch, however.


In Japan today, a rather odd title released on the Switch eShop. Shin Den Ai (Nani ga Hoshii no?) ~Eri Kitami~ can be purchased for 500 yen.

This “interactive” title previously released on Android for free. It’s from Dorasu’s line of Shin Den Ai apps, and also acts as a promotional tool for adult model Eri Kitami.

Gravity Rush concept artist Takeshi Oga recently attended an event where illustrators and concept artists discussed their work. As part of this, Oga revealed that he actually took some inspiration from late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s “directly to you” pose, which was often demonstrated during Nintendo Directs. This ended up having an influence on a design element in the PlayStation 4 game Gravity Rush 2.

Here’s what Oga shared:

Bandai intends to sell a massive plush toy based on Lapras from Pokemon. Despite the high price tag of 79,400 yen ($750), pre-orders have already sold out.

The plush toy is going by the name “A Lapras You’ll Definitely Want To Ride.” It comes in at over six and a half feet and a height of nearly four feet.

We have a few photos below:

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