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Here’s how the original Bayonetta will be distributed with Bayonetta 2 in North America

Posted on July 6, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Bayonetta Wii U

This past week, Nintendo clarified to us how it intends to offer the first Bayonetta to Bayonetta 2 buyers in North America.

Ultimately, it’s quite simple. Nintendo has confirmed that Bayonetta will be included with the physical release as a separate disc. Meanwhile, those who purchase Bayonetta 2 on the eShop will still get Bayonetta 1 at no additional cost.

The situation is fairly similar in Europe. You can find information about Bayonetta 1/2 for PAL territories here.

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  • Operative

    Separate disc? I’m a happy camper

    • Seriously, I was expecting an eShop code or something. Separate disc is mighty, mighty awesome. For once, I don’t think this could’ve gone much better.

  • Nintendojitsu

    NoA came through finally!

  • Jon Turner

    Did you hear that, EA? THAT’S how you should have handled MASS EFFECT on WiiU, not pawn off the third entry and make it so expensive. Learn from this.

    • Henry Blackman

      They’re EA, they are already the face of evil.

  • They should do the same with Xenoblade Chronicles and include the previous one with X.

    • That rap dude from church

      Even though that would be amazing. The reason why Bayo 1 is included is because Nintendo didn’t have the first entry of the series on any of their consoles. Xenoblade has.

      • Yeah but didnt Xenoblade Chronicles in Wii suffered of lack of reprints? That would certainly help to have it back, because finding it for less 60$ new its an entire odyssey.

        • Anonymoose

          No, it didn’t. In fact, people got upset because it got reprinted several times.

        • TalesOfBS

          Yes. Find it for less than 60 used is an entire odyssey.
          It is hard to get new people to play the game when you have to get them to hack their wiis to run isos or have to lend them your copy (which i have only one).

          • KH

            Not for everyone… I found it on Gamestop for 49.99, and the majority, if not all the Gamestops were I live, have it available for that price, sure its used but it is still less than 60

          • TalesOfBS

            They are not used, GS is selling reprints (of course they say it is used).
            But nice price there, last time i checked they were selling them for $70.

        • That rap dude from church

          I know what you mean. I’ve been waiting for a price drop to pick it up after I started watching the ChuggaConroy LP of it, but no such thing has happened and it looks like it won’t ever happen for a few years. Another factor that could hurt it tho is the fact that the new game is a spiritual succesor, so its not really a necessity to play the first. If Monolith Soft decides to include it, it’ll be a day one buy for me.

    • DestinyMan

      This would be awesome. As a long time Xenoblade fan (I’ve beat the game 100% twice, and played through the game 3 times) I would love this. Just imagine if it was in HD….

  • uPadWatcher

    Thanks to Nintendo of America, we can now enjoy playing The Bayonetta 2 collection– Physical copy of Bayonetta 2 and a FREE physical copy of Bayonetta HD!!!!! Kamiya and Hashimoto… SHUT UP AND TAKE MY HALOS!!!!!!

  • That rap dude from church

    Thank you.

  • jhell

    great for me

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    me too especially since I didn’t get to play Xenoblade Chronicles in the first place!

  • TalesOfBS

    Finally NoA did something right!!
    Well done NoA, well done.

    • icedearthaholic

      Agreed, now all they need to do is release the new Fatal Frame in the US, and all will be right in the world.

  • Woohoo!

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