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Hyrule Warriors dated for Japan, new scan

Posted on May 20, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Famitsu provides a Japanese release date for Hyrule Warriors in its latest issue. The new Wii U title, according to the magazine, will launch on August 14th.

Expect more news on the game shortly.


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  • Drybonekoopa85

    Awesome! Can’t wait to hear the release date for the west.

  • bigshynepo

    I bet this game releases no earlier than Dec 2014 in NA, here’s hoping it makes the holidays.

    • smashbrolink

      It would be awesome if this got an August release date in NA, with Zelda u releasing in December.

      • sonicfan1373

        I agree, but Zelda U will most likely come out late 2015. But on the plus side more development time usually equals to more polish and content.

  • disqus_pMsQpsXlMr

    so judging by impa’s character art, this could be a sequel to skyward sword.

    • KH

      In any case a prequel(based on the SS manga?)since Impa died and destroyed the Time Gate at the end of SS.

      • disqus_pMsQpsXlMr

        Yes, that would be amazing, reason I didn’t say that is because Eiji Anouma said Skyward Sword was gonna be left as the 1st zelda chronologically, but maybe spinoffs don’t count to him, Spoiler alert, old imps was the one who died, maybe young imps traveled throughout time to help link and zelda.

        • KH

          He actually said that? I thought he said they didn’t want to say that a game speciically was first in the chronology, so that they didn’t got to a point of putting something behind it.

          Though how would she time travel? The Lanayru Time Gate was destroyed, and the Faron Time Gate, was either destroyed or putted to sleep again, and Link would be the only one to wake it up again.

          • disqus_pMsQpsXlMr

            could involve the creation of the ocarina from the time shift stones.

          • KH

            Could be. So this would be during the Chaos Era?

            Though I wonder why that image of TP is in the lower right of the left page.

          • disqus_pMsQpsXlMr

            and what eiji said was that skyward sword was chronologically the first, but on some forums i read it was no completely well interpreted and he actually said it will be the prequel to all zeldas.

    • Well the Link from this game and the Link from Skyward Sword manga do share similarities: http://zeldawiki.org/Hylia's_Chosen_Hero

  • Rod P Van Zant

    Can somebody please translate what the pages are saying? I cant read or speak Japanese.

    • Flovnat

      the gist is: The villian is an evil witch named Shia, there are multiple playable characters, zelda got kidnapped, and hyrule field is a location you can visit.

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