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Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC detailed

Posted on March 18, 2016 by in 3DS, News, Wii U

Nintendo UK has released a ton of info on the DLC/Season Pass for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Starting on March 24th, players can order the Season Pass in two forms: one gives all the DLC to the 3DS version of the game, while the other is for both the 3DS and Wii U versions. Starting in the Summer, players can get the Season Pass for just the Wii U version.

The first pack, the “Master Wind Waker” pack will be made available in Late Spring and will only be available for the 3DS game. It will provide 16 new costumes for the “My Fairy” mode and will give a new Adventure map. This pack will cost £1.79/€1,99.

The second pack, “Link’s Awakening”, will arrive in the Summer. For both versions, it will add in a new playable character and a new weapon for Linkle. The 3DS version will also get a new Adventure Map and more costumes for My Fairy. It will cost £6.29/€6,99 for the 3DS version, £4.49/€4,99 for the Wii U version, or £8.09/€8,99 for both.

The third pack is based on Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks and will arrive in the Fall. It will contain a new playable character and a new weapon for Toon Link in both versions, and the 3DS version will get 15 more Fairy costumes and a new Adventure Map. It will cost £6.29/€6,99 for the 3DS version, £4.49/€4,99 for the Wii U version, or £8.09/€8,99 for both.

The fourth and final pack is the “Link Between Worlds” pack , set to release in the Winter. Both the Wii U and 3DS versions will get two new playable characters, and the 3DS version will get 15 Fairy costumes and an Adventure Map. Like the previous two packs, it will cost £6.29/€6,99 for the 3DS version, £4.49/€4,99 for the Wii U version, or £8.09/€8,99 for both.

The Season Passes will cost £13.49/€14,99 for the 3DS version, £8.99/€9,99 for the Wii U, and £15.29/€16,99 for both. Not only do these save money over buying each pack individually, but they also come with a Wind Waker Ganondorf costume.

In addition to all of these, there will also be a Legends Character pack for the Wii U, priced at £10.79/€11.99. It will release in the Summer and contains all of the characters from Legends, as well as Ganondorf’s Trident weapon. The site notes that this is not included in either Season Pass. Also, while Toon Link and Linkle are downloadable through other DLC packs, they will only be able to use the weapons that come in those packs pm the Wii U unless they are unlocked through the Legends Character pack or via codes from Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Additionally, Medli from the Wind Waker will be a free download for both versions of the game. She will release alongside the “Master Wind Waker” pack.


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  • donut

    “The third pack is based on Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks and will arrive in the Fall. It will contain a new playable character”
    tfw linebeck has a better chance at being playable than groose

    • donut

      and i just realized all the games these dlc packs represent are handheld games. makes sense.

    • jakeoti

      Agree on the first three, debating if it’ll be Yuga or Hilda. Also betting that Linkle’s weapon will be something goofier from Link’s Awakening (Chain Chomp, camera, instruments), and Toon Link will get Phantom Zelda as a weapon.

      • donut

        i think hilda would be a bit redundant, considering she’s one of zelda’s alt costumes. but i agree with the weapons.

        • jakeoti

          Oh, did they make a costume for her? I didn’t realize. Does it come in Legends?

          • donut

            its been in since the first dlc, you unlock it through the master quest adventure map.

      • Yuga has a lot more potential for a unique character than Hilda. Not saying the developers can’t make Hilda a good and unique warrior. They have proven they can create a warrior out of almost anyone. But Yuga still sounds way more interesting.

        About Linkle’s weapon, I doubt its the Chain Chomp since Link already has a variation of the Gauntlet that looks like a Chain Chom. However, it doesn’t function like a Chain Chomp so it could happen. Plus, that is one of the most memorable things in LA.

        And oh man, I would love Phantom Zelda as Toon Link’s new weapon. I really hope it happens.

    • Angel Cintrón

      I want Hilda, but yeah Yuga would be one of them probably. I’m excited for Ravio, I think he is going to be one of my favorite character. Linkle is #1 btw.

    • Yeah. Those are the most obvious ones. And very good choices too. However, I wouldn’t rule the Wind Fish out as a giant character like Ganon.

  • Locky Mavo

    Whoa! I’m liking the sound of this, especially the 5 new playable characters!

  • TheSegaMan

    Given how great the original season pass was for the Wii U version of Hyrule Warriors, I am expecting good things from this. This already sounds pretty promising for the most part. Its just a shame that it looks like Groose won’t be playable.

    • About, Groose. They must be saving him for the sequel. Happy Mask Salesman is another character I hope they bring in the sequel.

  • link2metroid

    O.K this press release is a little scattered. So much detail and yet I need more detail. So there’s a Wii U Season Pass for £8.99/€9,99 but then there’s a Legends Character pack for £10.79/€11.99. So what, is it £19.80/€22 total?

    • Black_imp

      the legends character pack is to get the characters present in the 3ds game on Wii U ( if you haven’t bought the 3ds one, that is). so Linkle(base weapon), toon link(base weapon), Tetra, Red Lion,Skull Kid and ganondorf(Trident)

      the Wii U season pass is to get the characters from the 3ds dlc on wii U. (so the 4 new ones and the additional weapons for Toon Link and Linkle)

      • link2metroid

        Cheers. That’s what I thought. It’s very expensive, the first Hyrule Warriors Wii U season pass was far better value.

        • Evan Gustavson

          How much did the first season pass cost in Euros?
          It costed 19.99 USD T_T

          • Princess_Eevee9

            Only 20$ which is pocket change when comparing values and replayability.

  • MagcargoMan

    They’re representing handheld games, hell yes!

    Marin is most definitely the Link’s Awakening rep. I don’t know if she’d use the harp as her weapon though, seeing both Sheik and Medli utilise them.

    The third pack representing both DS Toon Link games makes it a tough guess. Is it gonna be Linebeck for Phantom Hourglass, or are they gonna go for Spirit Tracks and pick Phantom Zelda or Byrne?

    Yuga’s definitely one of the new characters. Maybe Ravio for the other? I can’t think of anyone else ()haven’t played A Link Between Worlds).

    Nice to see more weapons are coming too. I haven’t played Hyrule Warriors yet, but I heard characters with only one moveset tend to become tedious to grind levels with due to the lack of variety. I have no idea what Linkle’s weapon will be, but I’m guessing Toon Link’s might be something from Spirit Tracks.

    Ganondorf could use another moveset or two though. Like a Light-type moveset using the Sage’s Sword, or one on his horse to parallel Link’s Epona moveset.

    • donut

      i hope toon link’s new weapon lets him ride a train into battle

    • Evan Gustavson

      My vote is for Byrne, but my bet is on Linebeck. Why? because his model was used in both games, in Spirit Tracks’ case, for Linebeck III, so it covers both repped games, I guess it really depends on which game Toon Link’s weapon is from tho.
      If its based on something from Phantom Hourglass, then Byrne.
      If Toon Link’s weapon is based on something from Spirit Tracks, then Linebeck.
      REALLY hoping it’s Byrne, this game needs more villains.
      Perfect 50-50 split is my hope that we will one day achieve in this franchise.

    • Princess_Eevee9

      You’re forgetting Hilda, Lorule’s Zelda.

      • MagcargoMan

        What can she do? Does she have different abilities than Zelda?

        • She only carries a staff. But she doesn’t do much in the game. I don’t see how they would choose Hilda over Ravio or Yuga who both have very unique possibilities.

      • I don’t see how they would choose Hilda over Ravio or Yuga.

  • Black_imp

    it still bothers me that they don’t give anything more to do with the dlc characters on Wii U, but well, can’t have everything.

    • r4ind4nce

      Seeing as me and my Hyrule Warriors buddy are still busy on the first adventure map this is pretty welcome. More characters, costumes and weapons/fighting styles is all I want from this game. We don’t get to play that often, so we’ll probably be busy with this for a year or two and more characters to choose from will improve our time with it tremendously.

  • WolForan

    I just want Linebeck ! =O

  • Princess_Eevee9

    Hmmm I don’t wanna complain, but I see Link’s Awakening getting acknowledged, so what about the Oracle games and Minish Cap? If there’s more inbound then I’ll wait before being disappointed. And happily play with what’s on the way. Only one more week!

    I’m hoping for Hilda over Ravio or both from Link Between Worlds. Hmm and Yuga. Gosh I want all three of them.

    • TomatoBox Fairy

      I think I’d be happy if they just brought in Vaati

      • Princess_Eevee9

        I would like all of them actually. We need more Villains Vaati, Veran, and Onyxia. As well as the heroines too Human form Nayru, Din, and Farore.

  • Linebeck, Marin, Ravio, Hilda, and Phantom Zelda.

    Those seem the most logical to me.

  • r4ind4nce

    Wow. That’s a massive relief for me. For the longest time it looked like the Wii U version wouldn’t be getting any of this when in truth it will get almost all of the new content via DLC. Phew. Loving the sound of this. And I’m so eager to see who the new characters will be, especially from Link’s Awakening pack.

  • Emmanuel Henné

    Skullkid coming to Wii U 🙂

  • So can you still get all the costumes and the original dlc along with this for the Wii U version?

  • Coonfoot

    This solidified my choice of getting this game for my birthday.

  • Tlink7

    No Minish Cap? :c

    • I know, right? Vaati overlooked once again.

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