Iwata says "Wii U isn’t in good shape", more price cuts unlikely, will talk about smart devices at investor conference, more - Nintendo Everything

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Iwata says “Wii U isn’t in good shape”, more price cuts unlikely, will talk about smart devices at investor conference, more

Posted on January 29, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Podcast Stories, Wii U

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata commented on a few topics ahead of the company’s investor briefing set to take place later today.

Of Nintendo’s buyback initiative, Iwata said that Hiroshi Yamauchi’s heirs will have to pay inheritance taxes and may need to sell shares. He also remarked:

“That won’t merit shareholders, that’s why we decided on the buyback. But that’s not all the reason. We’ve been rewarding our shareholders mainly through high dividends, but we cannot generate as much profit as we used to make.”

Iwata and other top Nintendo executives – including Shigeru Miyamoto – will be taking pay cuts starting next month. But rather than focusing on how he would “take responsibility when things don’t work out in the future,” Iwata is instead concentrating “on how to rebuild Nintendo”.

“I’m concentrating my mind on how to rebuild Nintendo rather than how I would take responsibility when things don’t work out in the future.”

Iwata later discussed Wii U, which “isn’t in good shape.”

“The Wii U isn’t in good shape. That’s the presumption we have as we consider reform.”

More price cuts for Wii U are unlikely, as Iwata believes doing so would not spark fresh demand.

Last but not least, Iwata confirmed Nintendo’s plans to discuss its strategy for “using smart devices” to jumpstart a turnaround during its investor briefing set to take place in several hours. We’ll be covering it live at 8 PM ET.


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  • gimmegimmekevin

    I don’t know what they do if they won’t cut price even more. They said that a month before the $50 cut though. I really hope they’re working a Wii U slim to cut costs and get it as low as possible in price

    • Mr. Foogy

      I don’t think the price is the problem.

      • gimmegimmekevin

        It is when they’re selling it at a loss for $299.They need to strip stuff out of the package or redesign elements to be cheaper. I don’t know if that means a Game Pad with a smaller screen, less USB ports, maybe a Wii Mini like design without a slot loading drive or perhaps taking out Wii BC but they need to at least be making a profit on each unit with bad overall sales. Then they can at least have some cash flow coming in off a poor selling product

        • Mr. Foogy

          I meant that from a consumer standpoint, 299$ is be a good value for the WIi U. There’s just not that much demand for it yet.

  • Rowdy

    While things are not quite rosy at the moment, I can’t wait to see the strategies that Iwata and Co. want to implement to turn the tide around.

  • Mr Everything

    The system just needs more games. I think you need 30+ well made games that use the system to its full potential before you call it a failure

    • That and the fact that Nintendo relied on viral marketing back in 2013, despite changing to more effective advertising later on, are those two things coming back to haunt them now.

  • Kiritougi

    the gamepad is the problem.

    • Mr Everything

      Give w101 a serious try and then come back and say that…a serious try

      • Kiritougi

        mmm ok for one game no thanks
        Few games are using them for that reason has to be optional.

        • Mr Everything

          I can say pikman is another one. Give it a serious try and come back and say that.off screen play for 3d world served me well too. My point is thia: ps4 best graphics…developers should cater to that and make games that are simply stunning. XboxOne: best online,plus kinect with every system: developers should exploit that. Games where voice commands, gesturez ect.are integral. Wii u: gamepad/second screen. Developers need tomexploitthat and make games that make great use of the gamepad. The problem is everyone thinks all consoles should play all games and all experiences should be as close to each other as possible. That is not Nintendo’s problem; that is an industry wide problem. Competition in gaming shouldn’t just be about make the same consoles for slightly less. There should be differing visions of what gaming is. That’s one reason i appreciate what Nintendo has done with the wii u

          • 3D world makes extensive use of the touch screen without really telling you. It’s usually superfluous to the game, like pointing the wiimote at the screen in mario galaxy. You can cheat at every green coin run, stop thwomps, hit question blocks and destroy a handful of minibosses.

          • Tiina Kallio

            Yeah. Also, posting to Miiverse is done with the Game Pad also, and without the touch screen keyboard, one may only imagine how tedious it’d be.
            So, the Game Pad got it’s fair share of uses in 3D World too.

          • Tiina Kallio

            I don’t think that they should create games in conditions of the Game Pad only. They did that a lot with Wii Mote, forcing it everywhere and everyone hated it (except some rare casuals).

            The Game Pad should not be seen as a gimmick. It’s not necessary to use all it’s functions at all in one game. It’s got many options, for the sake of options! 😛 In that way, developers may choose themselves how to utilize it, and what options to use. Some might use the screen, others perhaps not. But to force all kinds of weird gameplay mechanics everywhere… just no.

        • splitplay

          give zombi u a serious try and come back h… well I know you won’t come back bcause you’ll be hooked, everyone who actually played the game without expecting a hack’n slash or an action game loved it. And when the game disable the gamepad screen you feel as if you had lost an arm

        • Doug

          Do you have a Wii U? Gotta say I love how the Gamepad works in BLOPS2 and Ghost

    • If that were the case, the DS and 3DS would have failed. The problem is software and Nintendo aren’t even taking easy money that quality virtual console games and systems would provide. The gamepad can do some cool stuff – look at art academy or wii street u – but it’s not going to revolutionize the popular game genres like FPSes or 3rd person adventures any more than the DS did.