Iwata: "We haven’t been targeting children enough", "thinking on how to make the company stand up again" - Nintendo Everything

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Iwata: “We haven’t been targeting children enough”, “thinking on how to make the company stand up again”

Posted on January 29, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Wii U

Update: We’re hearing mixed reports about what Iwata actually said (or at least, the way in which it was phrased). Other potential translations: “Our approach to targeting children has been inadequate”, “Targeting children isn’t enough”. At this point, a consensus on Iwata’s comment hasn’t been reached.

Original: Another small comment coming from Satoru Iwata has emerged from Nintendo’s conference held in Osaka earlier today. It’s short and sweet: “We haven’t been targeting children enough,” he said.

Asahi Digital reported the quote, but it seems Iwata didn’t share anything extra about the kids demographic. However, the site does also include a separate remark in which Iwata said he’s “thinking on how to make the company stand up again”.

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  • I am Error.

    I concur, as the ads I’ve seen in America seem aimed more at parents.

    • James Fox

      Because it’s the parents that are buying the games and consoles

      • But the kids must want them in the first place. Why make commercials for parents if their kids don’t want the console.

  • Jack Saat

    I wish Nintendo did less targeting children and more targeting teens and 20-35 age group like they are the ones that really spend the more money on games and consoles!

    • ronin4life

      That age group has been trained to hate Nintendo since the PS2 era.
      No amount of Targeting will bring the section of that demographic back that plays games…

      • PattonFiend

        Speak for yourself. I am 30 and a loyalist of the brand because it has brought me nothing but joy since I was 2-years old.

        • ronin4life

          But Are you several Million people across multiple countries screaming on forums that Nintendo needs to die, Bayonetta needs to be on other systems and/or that MH should only ever be a Sony title? (Along with a billion other arguments that either make little sense or sound completely pointless and spiteful, far outnumbering any legitimate criticism or complaints)

          I am in that bracket too. Lots of people are. But we aren’t exactly the Majority within the industry; That is where Sony and MS hold control, and they have done so by appealing to ONLY that group in an aggressive and hostile manner for the last decade+, in part by belittling their opponents in the market.

          • Tre W

            @ronin4life:disqus ^ Pretty much.

            But more importantly, this doesn’t really mean that Nintendo will only market games for kids. They really have to do a better job of marketing their “E for Everyone” titles so that more people are buying them, though.

        • Carlos

          I too will also buy Nintendo consoles and am loyal to them. However, he does have a point. Most people in that age would rather buy something else other than a Nintendo system.

          There are exceptions like us, but unfortunately, not enough.


      nintendo should make games for both kids and adults.

      • Considering most of their games are rated Everyone, they already do.

  • ronin4life


    Out of context, sounds REALLY inappropriate…>.>;;;;;;

  • Oscar Filho

    So Battlefield Wii U version?

  • Doug

    If they’re going to continue to own a platform Nintendo has to diversify more in general. I don’t want Nintendo to target only kids or just the hardcore. I want lots of options, and a little bit of everything. This includes a new Nintendo FPS IP! 😛


    Im 28 years old and I have very nice memories with snes super mario wolrd and donkey kong country. I will support nintendo for ever and when my children come they will play nintendo only. if nintendo dissapeared I will stop playing video games and my children too. i will never buy anyother video game consoles if nintendo dissapeard. it just makes me sad of thinking a world without nintendo.

  • Oscar Filho

    Looks like the translate is wrong: 「子どもたちへのアプローチが十分ではなかった」”Targeting children isn’t enough,” not “We’re not targeting children enough.” – Robert Ward

    • PattonFiend

      Thanks for this!

    • D2K

      I was about to say…..I mean geez really Iwata? Good that you pointed that out.

  • xpectnomerci

    Alot of people on twitter are saying it’s been mistranslated:

    @Robgoro: @Emi1yRogers 「子どもたちへのアプローチが十分ではなかった」”Targeting children isn’t enough,” not “We’re not targeting children enough.”

  • Anonymous

    Once again, quality journalism prevails with a complete mistranslation.


    • -ZaNT-

      Down votes on the truth just show how right you are, at least in this case. Not bashing this site at all, just on other sites people are taking this mistranslation TOO seriously and it’s annoying. I wish people would find another punching bag instead of Nintendo, they’ve already confessed to their mistakes blunty. What more do we want from them? Hush and be patient, I say. Things take time. Mr. Iwata sounds pretty damn serious about improvements. And please let’s not forget what took TWO years to start improving and is currently a “hotcake”…. *cough3DSlaunchcough*