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Japanese Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition boxart

Posted on January 11, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in Images, Switch

Amazon Japan has posted the boxart for Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition on Switch. Have a look at it above.


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  • Felipe M.

    Looks great but still liked the WiiU cover more. I played it on the WiiU so gonna give this a pass.

    Awesome game. ☺

    • skilarbabcock

      You do know there is more story content right? The story that was on the 3ds version

      • Felipe M.

        Honestly don’t care. Played the base game and that’s what matters to me.

        I bought GTA V on PS3 for that very reason.

  • Zeebor

    I love the… “smirk” (stupid NE censors) on Gannondorf the best.

    • Vigilante_blade

      Yeah, the censor on this site needs to be made waaaaaay less severe.

  • YamiryuuZero

    Japan: Zelda Musou Hyrule All-Stars Deluxe
    West: Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition

    Personally, I prefer the Japanese title.

    • nekoknight

      Same Here.

      • Evan Gustavson

        So going by the Japanese name, the English name ought to be “Hyrule Warriors Legends DX”, since “Hyrule Warriors Legends” is called “Zelda Musou Hyrule All-Stars”
        The original “Hyrule Warriors” is just “Zelda Musou”

  • Vigilante_blade

    I hope there is some extra stuff because I sort of bought all of it…. twice.

    • TruExtent

      Same here. Right now I’m sitting at getting it on sale (unless it’s $40 at launch like the 3DS version). Now if they announce Groose as playable, then I’m all in. THE GROOSE IS LOOSE. I WANT TO PUNCH SOME BOKOBLINS!

      • Vigilante_blade

        I don’t like Groose, but I sympathize with his fans.

        Were I these guys, I would maybe add a few like Groose, Aghanim, etc… and BOTW champions.

        • TruExtent

          In the case of Groose, I just find the idea of him going around punching everyone and everything to be great. There aren’t any melee characters quite like that in the game. Plus he has the Groosenator to back him up.

          Aghanim I’m not sure what they could do with. Then again I never finished LttP. If I may offer an alternative, Vaati could be an interesting character. He has two different forms that could be taken advantage of plus they could throw in the usage of the Four Sword.

          And yes, having all the Champions would be awesome. I’d love to take control of Revali or Daruk.

          • R.Z.

            Daruk and Mipha could be skins, which would be underwhelming but still something.

          • TruExtent

            That’s something that flew threw my head at one point but I didn’t feel like mentioning it. If we still ended up with Revali and Urbosa as playable with Daruk and Mipha as skins to complete the set of Champions, I think I’d be fine with it.

      • Tlink7

        At least there is plenty of SS stuff in the game…. there isn’t even a single Minish Cap item ;-;

        • Vigilante_blade

          Or heck, there are big fans of A Link to the Past that I know who are appaled at the lack of rep from that game.

          If I went for those I would want…. Malon, Aghanim, Vaati, and probably the champions. If people wanted to add Groose… that would be 8 more characters, which is (barely) respectable.

    • Evan Gustavson

      Technically, you bought MOST of it twice.
      You only bought Challenge Mode once, you only bought WW Map once, you only bought tier 4 weapons once, you only bought My Fairy once, etc.
      Personally, I’m hyped.
      I lost interest in the DLC maps for HWL because I realized there’s no endgame content to use those shiny new tier 4+ weapons on without Challenge Mode.

      HWLDX has both of these things.
      Also hoping the Classic tunic is available and that there won’t be a special edition with exclusive ingame DLC unless they intend to actually RELEASE it in NA (Classic Tunic in HWL >_<)

      I’m slightly ashamed to admit I’m looking forward to CG My Fairy as well.

      • Vigilante_blade

        I bought all of the content they had to sell, twice. Even, we are really playing with words here.

  • ««H3©TöR»»
  • skilarbabcock

    What… What… What’s wrong with all of their faces?

    • R.Z.

      Link’s face seems really off to me, moreso than the other ones.

  • Harenghead

    Link is coming for your (lunch) money. Resistance is futile.

  • ThreadShadow

    Link looks pretty terrible on that cover. He’s the main character so they should make him look cool at least.