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[Let’s Talk] E3 2017 reactions

Posted on June 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Let's Talk, Switch

Just like that, another E3 is in the books. After weeks of hype and speculation, we now know of everything Nintendo had to show between its video presentation and hours of Treehouse streams.

For all of the talk about how long the presentation would be and how Nintendo would mainly be sticking to 2017 games, we arguably saw quite a lot. Not one, but two new Metroid games were announced. A core Pokemon title is in development for Switch. New Kirby and Yoshi titles are coming, not to mention Rocket League as well. Super Mario Odyssey looks fantastic and launches on October 27. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 releases this year despite speculation about it being pushed to 2018, and Fire Emblem Warriors is slated for the fall. 3DS saw some new announcements as well during the Treehouse stream between Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions and Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido.

So what did everyone think of this year’s E3? Did it live up to your expectations? Do you have any personal highlights? Let us know in the comments below.

Highlights from last week’s topic: E3 2017 hopes and dreams

Luke WalkingMoonTree

I really really really want a Metroid game. It’s been FAR TOO LONG since the last good game in the series came out, pools from Nintendo and other sources always have Metroid in the top 3 of the requested franchises alongside Pokémon and Mario, Nintendo could capitalize on the buzz caused by the announcement to make the series a lot bigger than it used to, Metroid Prime is the best selling Metroid game and still it sold less than 3 milion copies, if they were to announce a new Metroid game at this year’s E3 for next year I have no doubt it would sell 4M+ , no matter if 2D or 3D


What I hope for (considering hope is a more realistic wish on what’s to come) is the reveal of Retro’s game alongside a teaser for a new Metroid game (probably going to be a 3D game based around the cliffhanger from Federation Force).

My biggest wish is Nintendo confirming Final Fantasy VII for the Switch. This is my number one game that I want on the console that hasn’t been confirmed yet, and the third party game I’ve been wanting for over a decade.

Locky Mavo

My hopes and dreams for Nintendo’s E3:
-Metroid Prime 4
-2D Metroid/official Metroid 2 remake
-Retro MUST show their new game (hopefully not another DKC)
-Platinum’s Switch game
-VC must be shown
-MHXX localised and MH5 for Switch
-A mention of new games for Switch from 3rd party partners, from the likes of Capcom, SEGA, Namco, Square, From Software, etc
-A FPS, CoD would be alright, but would prefer something like Timesplitters or The Conduit, though Metroid with multiplayer like Prime Hunters would also be good
-Remastered Mother/Eathbound trilogy
-A revived IP 1st and/or 3rd party
-News on No More Heroes 3 and SMT5
-A couple of 2018 titles
-Release dates for known games, though I’ve heard the rumour Mario is slated for Nov and Xenoblade is getting pushed back to Feb 2018, which wouldn’t be surprising

And that’s basically it, those are my hopes and dreams for E3, heavy emphasis on the “dreams” part.

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  • theFooFighter

    F*cking yes metroid

  • Velen (Not WoW)

    What much else is there to say that hasn’t been, to be perfectly frank: Nintendo dropped two big bombs on us this E3, with the announcement of Metroid 4 and Metroid: Samus returns. Going forward we can only hope that, for the former in particular, when more details come to light, they will give us positive things to think about and say about the games.

    The two Metroid entries are something literally nobody was expecting to happen, and lets be honest, those who say they did are not being truthful. It’s well timed too, mere months after the Switch hit the market. It’s giving Metroid fans in particular some hope.

    What concerns me however is the fact Capcom is focusing so much on Monster Hunter World that the Switch version of MHXX, for an English version, no longer has a timeline. Monster Hunter has been big on Nintendo, and it did a great deal toward increasing the series visibility profile in the west, so the lost of MHW, the next mainline game, is a pretty big blow to Nintendo, and makes me wonder if we’ll ever seen another mainline title on a Nintendo console again.

    • Bakelith

      The worse part is that they won’t want MHXX’s localisation to compete with MHW, meaning that MHXX will either release in 1y+ or never…

  • awng781

    Xenoblade 2 trailer: Looks pretty cool, though the VA is…questionable in some spots.
    Kirby for Switch: It’s cool to see Kirby in HD, but the game looks a bit too safe thus far.
    Metroid Prime 4: Awesome! Can’t wait to see gameplay. Hope it’s as good as Prime 1-3.
    Core Pokemon for Switch: Good to finally get official confirmation that Pokemon’s future home is on Switch.
    Yoshi for Switch: Gameplay looks okay, but the artstyle looks is kinda bland IMO. Honestly, Woolly World looked a lot better both gameplay and graphics-wise
    FE Warriors trailer: Looks pretty cool, though I’m not huge into the Warriors game
    Mario Odyssey trailer: Looks spectacular and looks to rival Zelda BOTW as a GOTY candidate! Can’t wait to buy it.
    Metroid Samus Returns: Awesome that we are getting 2 Metroid games! This will be the only 3DS game I buy this year
    Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga 3DS remake: Again, Metroid Samus Returns will be the only 3DS game I buy this year

  • Vigilante_blade

    Metroid: I feel that Metroid fans have had a rough time lately, and it is good to see that Nintendo had been listening on that front.

    Super Mario Odyssey: I think it has a lot of potential. It doesn’t seem as open as I once thought it would be. It directs you quite a bit. Still, the puzzles I hear change the mechanics of the game often, which is fun. I like the Pauline reveal, and starting the trailer with a T-Rex was pretty fun.

    Xenoblade 2: I was worried at first because I only saw one character on screen, but it was later confirmed that there is a party system. It seems okay so far, and the music is great. I’m not a big fan of Rex’s design, but I’m still open to trying it.

    Fire Emblem Warriors: This part of the presentation actually bothered me quite a bit. I don’t “hate” Awakening, or at the very least, I didn’t until now. I knew the recent games wuld take a good chunk of the cast, while Shadow Dragon would be a shoe-in because it was the original game, but seeing them get all of the spotlight did heavily bother me. With Awakening and company taking so much spotlight in all recent collaborations, I’ve begun to dislike it for admitedly, all of the wrong reasons. Being a big fans of the Tellius and Elibe games, I wanted to be able to play as at least a few characters from those games. It just doesn’t feel right for them to be left out. I’m not arguing for the removal of new characters, but a least a classic character reveal would have been appreciated for us, long term fans. At least they mentioned that every Fire Emblem amiibo will be compatible, so I hope that at least Roy, Ike, Alm and Celica will be in the game.

    Monster Hunter (lack thereof): Lots of rumours are floating around from reliable sources that indicate that Sony paid Capcom to exclude Monster Hunter from Nintendo systems. If that is true, I am extremely angry at this. I would urge all of you to make your complaints hears on the Monster Hunter Twitter and on Capcom’s feedback email.

    Yoshi: It’s Yoshi, too slow for me.

    Kirby: I was not too down on it at first, but when I saw a Superstar style partner system, I became far more interested. It could be fun.

    Way of the Sushido: I think I had LSD by accident.

    Pokemon coming later: Heh, it’s cool. But not much news for now.

    Zelda DLC: It’s a tiny bit more in depth than I thought, but not by much. I’ll wait on it.

    I also feel that Splatoon, ARMS and Pokken were far too heavily-featured, especially since two of them had already had two dedicated directs. I also feel that they might have spent too long on specific games, repeating segments on subsequent days. I think that they could have easily patched this up with a few third party partners coming as guests. I also disagree with the notion of keeping certain games only for Treehouse streams. Most people do not watch those, and might not even see them. I’ve had to tell people about the 3DS Metroid because they don’t bother with it. I wish the Switch had a better third party lineup, personally.

    • KnightWonder

      Just to state something else: Odyssey may give you a core objective, but you can still run around the world at your own pace and collect Moons.

      • Vigilante_blade

        I am comparing this to the sandbox that is Super Mario 64.

        • Hidden Flare

          Hmm I would also bring up sunshine which did offer ways to get shine sprites in the hub world.

    • Jonathan Cromwell

      If hyrule warriors is anything to go by there are way more characters then we think and they will add some obscure ones as dlc.

      • Vigilante_blade

        Yeah, but it also means old school fans will have to pay up extra to get characters they like. It often feels these days that old school fans are often being burned when it comes to crossovers. Besides, while I think you are likely right, I wish that Nintendo had at the very least said something to confirm it…. you know, just to relieve some of the worry.

  • awng781
  • FutureFox

    Its practically certain that “fans” will be back to groaning at Nintendo en mass in few months; totally forgetting what was just dropped in the form of Metroid. Such is Nintendo’s curse and “fans” on going mantra: “We hate you because we love you.” Sick.

    We’ll be back to, “Oh I hope they reveal something…soooon!” by week’s end.

  • JasonBall

    I may be remembered for my long-winded thoughts on Nintendo presentations, and this will be no different. Get ready for pages of in-depth talk about the littlest things. Let me start by saying I found the format of the Spotlight very good. It was rapid-fire, just like the Direct in April, but it didn’t have “headline” BS, and the fact it was all trailers made it so that they didn’t have the problem of showing only a few seconds of gameplay. A few second trailer or tease, of which there were a couple in the Spotlight, is much preferrable to a few seconds of gameplay with commentary as there was in the Direct in April. It didn’t need to be longer to effectively show the content they were showing.

    So, content. The reveal of Rocket League within seconds was quite interesting, and a great move for Nintendo, and I was glad they followed up with a short trailer at the end which revealed Mario hats and cross-play. It’s quite something to see cross-play on Nintendo and not Sony when you’d think it would be the other way around. Then they showed Xenoblade, which is making its 2017 window. It may December like X was, but I was impressed it made it, even in English. This is absolutely helped by the fact the X engine is being reused, and development started before X’s ended. Whatever works. The game trailer and graphics look beautiful, I’ll discuss the gameplay and other games’ gameplay after I cover the Spotlight content. So then there was Kirby. This will be the first traditional Kirby platformer in HD, and it shows. Never before has Dream Land looked so vibrant. I’m not a fan of modern traditional Kirbys though. They always make it way too smooth and fluid and effortless versus the 8 and 16-bit entries, which had a little bit of grit to them I love. Then they went to Takahashi, for some reason. I think his talk was a little bit of wasted time, as he didn’t actually say or show anything new. But in the middle of it was Pokemon Company dude saying they’re making a core Pokemon RPG for Switch. This will be a massive system seller, but won’t be out till holiday 2018 at the earliest. I also got the sense it would be a new generation. So take that, rumor-spreaders.

    And next, the show-stealer, the thing that won Nintendo E3: Metroid Prime 4. The second-most talked about game of E3 and it was just a 45-second logo? It truly shows the passion of the fanbase. But I am rather worried. Not developed by Retro, and overseen by Tanabe? The last title where that was the case people’s heads exploded in senseless rage. I loved it, which means I’ll love 4, but I’m worried it won’t be accepted, that it’ll be too different. But the way he describes it as contining Samus and Sylux’s story started in Hunters and carried through Corruption and Federation Force, sounds like Sakamoto’s description of Super Metroid’s reason for development: he wanted to continue the Baby’s story. So while making a game for story reasons is usually really stupid and turns out badly and is never done by Nintendo, with Metroid it works for some reason. Let’s hope the “talented new development team” can effectively make a Metroid game worthy of the name, for everyone’s sake.

    They went on to reveal a new Yoshi game, that is obviously still early in development. No way does Yoshi look like that in the final build, and the egg animations are unfinished. The game looks great though. A little concerned about aiming controls in a 3d space, but other than that, attention to detail and the graphics are astounding, looks like Good-Feel is going from cloth to yarn to paper and that is okay. Because there’s no way that isn’t Good-Feel. Anyways, next was Zelda news. The first pack still looks not quite worth 10 dollars, but just from what they showed, the second pack is going to pick up the slack. I immediately pre-ordered the four Champion amiibo, they look beautiful and I must have every Zelda amiibo. Next up was Mario, releasing earlier than expected, and the possession reveal, which squashed all fears I had this would be too generic a Mario title. Anyways, Fire Emblem has nice visuals, but the character choice and the way it looks no less awful gameplay-wise than every other Warriors game concerns me. Also, no release date. Even worse, depending on where you look, it either says Autumn or Holiday. I swear, on more than one official source it says holiday release. We’ll see. And that was about it for the Spotlight.

    As for Treehouse and Nintendo staff in general, eh. The complete lack of Miyamoto ANYWHERE except for the Rabbids reveal at Ubisoft really irked me. They flew him all the way to Los Angeles just to try to persuade people Rabbids is good at Ubisoft? If anything, they needed him at the Nintendo booth persuading people of that. Speaking of Rabbids… It exists. The gameplay and pure visual style look way better than expected, but there’s that one thing about it, that being… Rabbids. Period. I now know how the Federation Force people felt, when the game looked good but the core concept and premise were bad and stupid in context. However, I saw a very moving tweet by some random dude that whenever you go make fun of the Rabbids game, recall how the creative director was moved to tears out of pride when it got unveiled at the start of Ubisoft’s conference. It made me think about it from a development side. I sure as **** ain’t buying it because, well, Rabbids, and I hope it does badly so it never happens again, but the way these men described going into their careers because of Miyamoto’s work so inspiring them, and how they were starstruck meeting him, and presenting their labor of love to him being a dream come true? It gives you a new perspective. But yeah, Rabbids.

    Third-party: I was pleasantly surprised to see Nintendo pop up at every conference except Sony’s. Fifa at EA, Minecraft at Xbox, Skyrim at Bethesda, and Rabbids/Starlink/Just Dance at Ubisoft? It’s almost like Nintendo is a console manufacturer that other people make games for again! As for Starlink, looks really awkward to play with a toyboat on your joycon and having to swap parts out in battle, but aside from the awkwardness I observed in my first impression, which may or may not be wrong, it looks like an interesting take on toys-to-life. As for Just Dance being on Switch, Wii U and Wii, I recall my high school being in the local news for buying a Wii for PE class, and on rainy days everyone would go in the gym and play Just Dance on a giant projector screen, and how they’ve bought every iteration for Wii since forever, PE staying popular because of the songs staying current. There is still 90ish million people that bought a Wii that never upgraded to a Wii U, and surely several million are casuals that still play on it, and with Switch stock still nonexistant, I can see this being a smart move. Skylanders finally stopped releasing for Wii, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Just Dance Wii support continue for at least another iteration until all the old casual Wii holdouts get their hands on a Switch. As for Skyrim, since Nintendo is publishing and adding Zelda content, I could see myself buying it seeing as how the next confirmed Switch game I’m buying is Metroid Prime 4 likely in 2019. Nothing in between I’m buying. Minecraft, same story as with Rocket League. The way Xbox Live is used may be bad for business, but it’s a nice gesture that will improve public image and therefore business in the long run. Fifa, eh. Great to see a massive AAA game that’s current be on Switch, but bleh personally.

    I tuned in to see Reggie on Saturday and Geoff hold the joy-con wrong, and was not surprised to hear news would be breaking within an hour. What I was surprised about was WHAT news would be breaking. I expected literally everything but Metroid. “Gee, it could be HOME menu themes on Switch, it could be Blowout Blast, it could be Detective Pikachu, it could be new Pokemon revealed for US and UM, it could be…” and none of them were Metroid. I was still giddy about Prime 4. But yes, Metroid: Samus Returns was revealed for 3DS. I beat the original within the last six months, and it was a royal pain. Lack of map, progression, artificial difficulty, wonky jump controls, and total blandness really bring it down. Looks like all those will be fixed. I was iffy about controls at first as the chick played, it looked stiff and old, but then I realized it’s a remake of a game from 1991 of a franchise without a comparable entry since the early 2000’s. I’m very willing to take the control refinement journey with them as 2D Metroid finally enters the modern age. Without a transition period when pixelly, spritebased games went the way of the dodo, I perfectly understand how this game may not be perfect control-wise. It’s the first modern 2D Metroid. I know the series will get better as it evolves, just as Kirby, Yoshi and Mario made the largely beneficial evolution into modern gameplay as it went from GBA to DS to 3DS, that evolution Metroid never made until now. (Btw, I personally actually didn’t like Kirby’s transition into modern times, as it got too smooth, as I said paragraphs earlier. But Metroid is different, it had the least possible smoothness in 1986 that barely got better in 1991 and only moderately better in 1994, it really needs to get smoother. If it gets too-too smooth we’ll talk. But I know modern Kirby is popular among others, thats why I say the evolution was beneficial.) Anyways, I also at first would’ve rather it be a totally new game in the series until I realized the evolution thing. I’m happy they’re working on evolving 2D Metroid by remaking an old game, that way as they stumble into pitfalls and make iffy design choices in the learning process, it doesn’t happen in a new game, possibly ruining it. Right now if they ruin it, it happens to a remake, largely inconsequential in the long run. Once they figure out 2D Metroid’s place in the modern world and how it works, then they will do a new story and the world will be complete. Anyways, design philosophy and evolution nonsense aside, amiibo! A squishy Metroid amiibo! I immediately pre-ordered the two-pack to show my support. I also now have to track down the two Smash amiibo. I never did so for Federation Force, I didn’t think it was worth it, but now that the series is truly alive, even without functionality revealed, I feel like supporting Metroid.

    Speaking of amiibo, there’s a lot of them releasing this year! If only the 3 new Link amiibo would not be sold out I would pre-order those too! I did not expect those to be sold out so quick because even a few months after launch I could walk into a store and buy the first 4 30th anniversary amiibo. But anyways, they revealed new ones too, a lot. Metroid I covered, Zelda I covered, but there was also 3 new Odyssey amiibo of the main three Mario players in wedding attire. They look stunning, but I don’t play Mario becuse I am bad at it, so I’m not buying them. AND WHY ARE ALL THE BOTW AMIIBO 16 WHEN EVEN THE DELUXE NEW MARIO AMIIBO ARE 13 !?!?!? Because they can be, I guess. And they truly can be, because I ordered them anyways. The two Metroid amiibo are 15 each in that 30 dollar two-pack as well, which is better to swallow since they truly look higher-quality, the franchise needs sales and because SQUISHY METROID!! Anyways, Chrom and Tiki. Considering Awakening’s popularity, the only reason I can figure they’re using Young Tiki is because Old Tiki’s attire was too scandalous for a toy, way moreso than even Bayonetta1’s. So now we have more FE merch, which is great for FE fans, I am not one of them. Speaking of Bayonetta1’s amiibo, her and the other five last Smash amiibo come out soon. With no new Smash game alongside them, which I never expected, but it was weird to see the plaque next to the amiibo with the Smash Wii U / 3DS logo when they came out so long ago and Nintendo want everyone to forget the Wii U exists. (was shocking to see the Wii U logo in the BotW DLC trailer btw, as I realized the Wii U got an extra year of life just from Zelda and its DLC. Such a wacky situation even still.) Last was Goomba and Koopa, which were shocking not because they exist but because I’d forgotten they didn’t exist sooner. It seems like a no-brainer but no one seemed to notice they didn’t exist yet.

    Speaking of Goomba and Koopa, the Mario+Luigi leak was real, which we knew anyways from the Ever Oasis software icon connection. So it was no surprise when the dude said “up next is suchandsuch,” however I am 100% sure that was a slip-up on his part, he must’ve forgotten it wasn’t revealed yet. Thousands of people watch the stream, no way did half of them know it existed before he blurted it out. And when they came back fro break, yeah, it was awkward. Surely he got a slap on the wrist later. But the game being only in 2D? Bleh. That series has amazing 3D on 3DS. Oh well. Hopefully they make it feel less old. The new mode looks kind of hit-or-miss. Either people will find it a meaningless distraction or it will be great fun. Can’t tell from footage. Anyways, on Day 2 they revealed a new 3DS game from the devs of NES Remix and Theatrhythm FF, Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido, aka “Say This Five Times Fast and if That’s Too Easy Try Typing It From Memory and See If You Get It Right First Try lol.” It looks like something that little Game Freak division that made the jumping elephant game and the solitaire horse game and the running rhythm game would make, which is good! Way too Japanese and boring gameplay for me though. Candy Crush basically. Anyways, now is a good time to say that there was no full game released this week. We got two surprise demos, Miitopia on Wednesday and Ever Oasis on Wednesday, but nothing like EarthBound Beginnings in 2015 or Rhythm Heaven in 2016. Oh well. Demos are fine, better than nothing. I really needed that Ever Oasis demo, I’m on the fence about that one. (The demo didn’t help, by the way, my concerns of possible repetitive design or how the **** you progress though the story, and IS there a story besides drafting people to set up shop and live in your town and then go out to cut down cacti and swing your sword at enemies every so often because that’s all I’ve seen of the game and that’s all the demo has. Reviews will be crucial for that one. Miitopia, on the other hand, I’m buying no matter what the reviews say because I adore the Miis and the demo’s repetitive gameplay is actually a good thing in this case, plus its the very first turn-based RPG ever developed in-house by Nintendo. And like I said for Metroid, I fully expect mediocre reviews of a mediocre game but I have to buy it anyways.)

    After E3, I came to the conclusion that there are the same amount of 3DS games I’m buying just this year than I am for Switch this year and next, out of its entire library released so far and confirmed for the future. Bye-Bye BoxBoy, Ever Oasis probably, Miitopia and Metroid on 3DS versus Zelda, Snipperclips, MK8D and Metroid on Switch. That’s it. I recognize the Switch has a very strong library with some outstanding game confirmations and very few gaps from launch through the first half of 2018, but very few are for ME personally. 1-2-Switch speaks for itself, as does Rabbids, but I did not personally like the gameplay of both Arms and Splatoon2 from the testfires, before which I was sold on both. Pokken is too fighter-y for me, Skyrim is possible if Nintendo publishes and its a technically sound port, FE Warriors is as awful as all other Warriors games, with cluttered garbage in the menus and repetetive gameplay and horrible pop-ups and nonsensical map design, Odyssey is a Mario game which I am universally bad at, fun to watch though, Xenoblade looks bad combat-wise, though better than the first, it’s a step backwards from X. I don’t play Yoshi games, modern Kirby is too smooth for me, I don’t like grid-based RPGs like the new FE game on Switch (which they didn’t mention for some reason), and I don’t like the Pokemon RPG’s gameplay, never have. Yes, I’m picky. What DO I like, then? Miis, puzzle games, racing games, real-time action games in 3D space or top-down 2D, casual fighting games, action platformers with some grit like Metroid and old Kirby games, a few shooters such as Star Fox and Metroid Prime, minigame collections, and EarthBound.

    I’d like to touch briefly on gameplay shown off at Treehouse. It was generally a good length for segments, but there were so many they went long until 3 or so every day. Maybe make 4 days of streaming instead, and make the schedule publicized so we don’t have to rely on Bill’s tweets to know when to tune in. Also, the chick who played Metroid the first time was super insulting. “In case you aren’t familiar with Metroid…” she would say, multiple times. I do realize its been a while since there was a game so younger viewers may not have actually heard of it, but I’d rather them not be so snobbish for the thousands watching who DO know what it is. Odyssey looks fantastic, even if the running animation still bugs me. Co-op looks like a blast, and the new features to 3D Mario such as possession, costumes that can be bought, lives attached to coins, and 2D Mario on the sides of walls all look right at home. Also I’d like to touch on Xenoblade. The battle system and menus have the same amount of garbage text that means nothing as every other JRPG. Buffs and debuffs, arts, stats, all of it is very cluttered, though less so than previous games, and we all know they’ll do a crappy job of explaining it just like every other Xenoblade game. The same can be said for FE Warriors, as I think I already explained. Yoshi looks like great fun even in its early state. Mario+Rabbids, as I said, looks like legitimately interesting gameplay if you can get over the… obstacles. Get it? There’s obstacles in the game, and there’s obstacles to enjoying the game? Hehe? Nevermind.

    I also have a few miscellaneous thoughts that didn’t fit in anywhere else. The guests at Treehouse were fun. It’s always interesting to see Yosuke Hayashi, producer of some of the most bloody and/or sexy games there are, team with Nintendo. Koizumi is looking like he’ll be the next Miyamoto but with less wisdom as of right now, and Sakamoto looks wacky. Still hard to believe that guy created Metroid and produced Miitomo. But WHERE WAS MIYAMOTO WHAT A WASTE!! And for the second year in a row, chicks from the Treehouse couldn’t shut up about shirtless Link but this time also added Fire Emblem heroes to their list of men they can’t shut up about… specifically Audrey. Anyways, speaking of Koei Tecmo, I saw nothing from them this year except FE Warriors. No new DoA news, no news on Warriors All-Stars for PS4/V that I saw, no localizations of Romance or Nobunaga on Switch, I didn’t hear about Nioh DLC, or anything. It may be my Nintendo bubble, but I didn’t hear anything from IGN, I watched every conference and they uploaded no videos. I’m very curious as to why. There was also seemingly little from Square Enix. I saw VR and DLC for FFXV, heard about demos for FFXII, and Life is Strange prequel, which I could be wrong on but that sounds like less than usual. There was also Capcom, who in an ultimate betrayal, decide not to localize XX for either 3DS or Switch and instead put World on PS4 and Xbox supposedly because Sony paid them to not be on Nintendo. The situation isn’t fully clear though. But Sony also gained Undertale, so they’re a close second this year. Then again, they lost some public image after the news of Nintendo allowing cross-play of all companies and them not. Anyways, I keep up on Rare as well even though no one is left from Nintendo days, and Sea of Thieves definitely looks like their best game in many years. I may just pick it up on PC. Speaking of which, whats the point of super powerful Xbox for 500 dollars if PCs are more powerful still and in the same consumer price range? Whatever. VR is cool as always, and Battlefront 2 looks slightly less bad than the first, but still has nothing on the 2004 and 2005 games.

    Lastly, the tournaments were all pretty hype. Seeing MatPat and the guy who’s one of the very best at Pokken lose to the developers was quite something, then same thing in Arms later. I was pleasantly surprised the devs didn’t let the players win, and it was fun to see the faces of the players so humbled by meeting and playing the developers. I’d give Nintendo’s E3 2017 an A, or a 9/10. I would’ve paid money to see some skits from Nintendo staff, or Miyamoto show up, and third-party support is still small. But the glorious return of Metroid and the fact almost all of Nintendo’s big franchises are confirmed for Switch makes this a better year than most.

    • JasonBall

      Excuse my typos, this was typed in wordpad without spellcheck. And excuse the length. I just have a lot on my mind.

      • RoadyMike

        When does the hardcover book version come out and when will you consider a movie adaptation?

        • JasonBall

          I’m planning hardcovers in December, so there’s six months in between hardcovers of the previous book and softback of the next book in June. Movie rights are iffy, I’m having a hard time finding a production company that will give me enough creative input.

    • Exy

      You know you’re not allowed to add stuff to the Bible, right?

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    • masterjedi

      GREAT post.

      • JasonBall

        Thank you!

    • MagcargoMan

      Scrolling past this comment be like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wp3rzAdwT8

      • JasonBall


  • RoadyMike

    The only things I cared about in the presentation were Rocket League, Kirby, Prime 4 and the Pokemon for Switch announcement. That Mario Odyssey trailer was awesome but we already knew about the game unlike the former 3. The only other surprise for me was Samus Returns (I still can’t get over how fitting the title is)

    Everything else we either already knew about or I personally don’t care for. I’m not that huge of a Metroid fan so the announcement didn’t hit me as hard as it did to others. It was more of a “holy shitake shrooms they actually did it haha! I gotta finish Primes 2 and 3 now” kind of reaction. Kirby has yet to have a bad game so I know what to expect and at least metroid prime got a logo, a core pokemon rpg game on the switch announcement was the thing I was most exited for and all we got was an announcement of the development just now starting; pretty much literally just now at the drawing board stage

    To be honest, Nintendo’s E3 would have been pretty meh overall if it weren’t for Prime 4’s announcement (and I guess Mario Odyssey’s amazing trailer with the catchiest of music). I did say I would be looking forward to those few surprises only and Nintendo delivered so it wasn’t an unsatisfactory E3

  • Exy

    For all the attention leakers were getting for the last few years, Nintendo seems to have improved their security on informaton. Nearly everything they showed was a surprise and that little incident from this January leaves me to think that someone is feeding the more notorious ones bad information, which I hope keeps happening if only because it’s so entertaining to me.

    As for the actual presentation, I would much rather have the Lifestyle type of ads that Nintendo is real keen on recently than the overproduced schlock that the other companies put on. The word “fun” was used so many times that you could make a drinking game about it. You can keep your 4K and 12 GB of RAM, it doesn’t give your game long-term appeal. I’ll accept that they can make that Yoshi game more thrilling though. Of all the games that were revealed, that’s the one that appeals to me. It has everything I like about their art style: bokeh and shallow depth-of-field effects, macro environments, the extreme dedication to the elementary school arts-and-crafts aesthetic that so few companies do these days. It’s a good counterpoint to all the graphics games the other shows put on. Nintendo was real brave putting their show on last, having to follow all of that, and they did it handily. It’s refreshing to see them so confident in their products like that.

  • Vigilante_blade

    Leaving this petition here for the Switch version of Monster Hunter XX


    Please don’t just sign it, share it too.

    • Addy

      Online petitions won’t do jack. I’m just leaving that here.

      • Vigilante_blade

        If you’re not going to contribute, don’t talk. Thank you.

      • Khaaaaan!!!


        • Vigilante_blade

          You do realize that I’m trying to help “you”, Nitnendo fans.

          Why get in the way?

          Why not let me do my thing instead of butting in just to add a fatalist quip?

          • Khaaaaan!!!

            Your intentions are good but online petitions never work, it’s what it’s

          • Vigilante_blade

            And yet they have before. Operation Rainfall is a proof of that.

            Besides, what you are doing is counterproductive.

          • Addy

            Remember the Mega Man Legends 3’s “Get Me off the Moon” campaign? Yeah, that worked out well.

          • Vigilante_blade

            At least I am trying something. Again, Operation Rainfall… Or more recently, Metroid prove that loud voices can change things.

          • Addy

            The Metroid Prime Federation Force campaign was for the game to be cancelled, that failed and was the result of people not understanding the phrase “vote with your wallet”. Samus Return and/or Prime 4 was in development two years prior to their announcements so maybe Federation Force was made or became a Metroid game, it could have be something else during development, was there to tide the fans over, it didn’t obviously. Nintendo didn’t made any changes to FF after the backlash and people moved on.

            And just because Rainfall succeeded, which Nintendo denies they did if I recall, doesn’t mean all future campaigns will do the same. Nearly anything on change.org can’t be taken seriously. There’s petitions of Nintendo games to be released on a Sony system made by corporate drones who’re too poor or too cheap to bother buying another plastic box full of circuits and wires and favor their own preferred plastic box full of circuits and wires. That website is a nothing but a joke, anybody could start a petition there, just to make them think they’re contributing to something when in reality it’s nothing more then a fruitless effort.

          • Khaaaaan!!!
          • Vigilante_blade

            What foolishness. I’m not even talking about the stupid campaign to cancel the game. I’m talking about being loud. That got things going. That got their attention. Even Reggie talked about hearing the demand.

            Nintendo will always deny that petitions hav enothing to do with their decision because they don’t like it. However, Operation Rainfall clearly had a hand in this.

            Again, I see no reason to try and hinder our path when we want to HELP YOU.

          • Khaaaaan!!!

            Counterproductive? I’m not one here my opinion is meanless, I don’t have any power here to change opinion of others. At the end of the day this is just another video game forum. Nobody will care

          • Fore

            One thing that is certain, however, is that outcry DOES work. Look at Capcom’s twitter, gamespot reporting on them not wanting to localize XX and IMMEDIATELY Capcom move in to say that their official statement is “Keeping the door open”.

            They’d not give an F if they didn’t care, because they knew it’d blow over. This may blow over in due time, but it depends on people’s tenacity. I for one am NOT going to sit idly by and will do my part in reminding Capcom that such a D move is not rewarded with money, but with cold hard distrust and disdain.

          • Khaaaaan!!!

            Twitter/Facebook backlash -//- online petitions two diferent things. Petitions such as change (dot) com among others doesn’t work at all. it’s not an opinion, is a fact.

          • Fore

            I never said they did, or did not work. I’m merely saying that there are things that CAN be done that DO work. I don’t have the statistics on petitions nor on public backlash/outcry, but I know from watching the MH twitter, coupled with the speed of their response that it had effect, and will continue to have effect.

          • Rainfall worked because it went above and beyond a simple petition

  • Francesco Gentile

    It was a great E3 for Nintendo to me. Glad they confirmed Xenoblade 2 for this year, i love Yoshi so i love this new title. I am also interested in trying Kirby. Can’t also wait for Splatoon 2 to arrive. And wow: dropping Pokemon and Metroid Prime 4 bombs made me getting so much more hype for the future of the Switch!! And yes, i think Odyssey can battle for GOTY

  • Addy

    This year’s presentation was alright. Good, but not great. Better than 2015’s disapointment (the Muppet-like charactuers didn’t really help much), and 2016’s 99% Zelda show. They still could have showed off some 3DS games.

  • Khaaaaan!!!

    People complian too much, this Nintendo E3 was great! for be Switch year one was awesome, also Metroid 4, Remake Meteoid II, Yoshi, and Kirby wans’t leak at all in the previous year. Kudos for that Nintendo for your secrecy!

  • Locky Mavo

    I feel Nintendo had a great E3 this year, easily the best show of E3, I had to get up at 2am to watch it live, ended up waking a few people in the house as a result.
    Metroid Prime 4, my “most hyped about” of the show, that slow reveal and music was too much, but it was exactly how I imagined they’d reveal it.
    Then to follow that up with Metroid Samus Returns, sometimes dreams do come true.
    And for TPC to announce a mainline Pokémon game in the works for Switch after that Direct was the biggest troll move.
    Mario Odyssey looks absolutely amazing, you can turn into a freaking dinosaur! And with Pauline there, I hope we get to see other Mario characters in their respected Kingdoms.
    Looking forward to the BotW DLC.
    And amiibo a galore! From Mario to Zelda to Metroid to Fire Emblem, but still no ARMS amiibo ;__; yet.
    Rocket League also another good surprise, with a bigger surprise within, with both RL and Minecraft getting cross-play with Xbox and PC!
    XC2, Yoshi and Kirby all looks fantastic as well.
    And what a delightful surprise Mario+Rabbids ended up being, haven’t heard nearly as much complaining since the reveal.
    And the tourneys were a fun watch, especially when the the producers came and showed the “champs” how it’s done, especially Mr Yabuki, makes me think ARMS may have a future in esports after all.

    As good as Nintendo was, it didn’t come without some disappointments.
    No VC was talked about.
    Retro Studios game didn’t end up being shown.
    And the biggest disappointment was definitely the whole Monster Hunter fiasco. I mean what is going on there? Not only no confirmation of MHXX for the west, but MH Worlds was revealed and Switch is the only console not on the card? What the hell is up with that? There’s been a lot of BS happening between Nintendo and Capcom, all I can say to that is Capcom has some serious explaining to do.

    Other than that, I think Ubisoft had a good E3 this year, though I don’t really like how they’re handling BG&E2.
    MS and Sony felt a little flat with some good surprises.
    Bethesda was pretty boring, though I’m happy they showed Skyrim for Switch.
    EA’s was terrible as usual, though Battlefront 2 and Anthem look pretty good, but then so did Battlefront and ME:A at one point.

    Still, can’t wait for next years E3.

  • burchdude65

    Also, Super Mario Odyssey looks so amazing that it might top Breath of the Wild.

    One of the best E3s for Nintendo, if not the best.

  • Luke WalkingMoonTree

    I knew my comment would be brought up ! Since I already shared my thoughts on Metroid I’m gona talk about another highlight for me from Nintendo’s Spotlight : Rocket League, believe it or not, was my 3rd most wanted third party game on Switch only following FFXV and FFVIIR, but those are wishes that I have difficulty seing coming to life, Rocket League on the other hand was always possible, it’s not a demanding game, the developers were open to bringing it to the system and now we know that Nintendo themselves walked up to them requesting Rocket League to be ported to the Switch, showing even more how Nintendo is understanding of the importance of such a game in today’s gaming industry

  • masterjedi

    I’m really happy about Switch getting Rocket League. I myself am not into that game, but its a big deal with many gamers and so I feel its a big “get” for the Switch.
    I feel the same way about FIFA 18. Not my cup of tea, but a big “get” for Switch.

    I am ALL IN on Xenoblade. That game is going to scratch my RPG itch hardcore.

    Super Mario Odyssey is going to be fantastic. I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

    I enjoyed Hyrule Warriors because I got sucked into Dynasty Warriors 2 real serious for a few months and ever since then I have been into warriors games. So, Fire Emblem Warriors is 100% on my “to buy” list.

    Overall, I am extremely happy with Nintendo’s E3. They showed a bunch of games that I really want for the rest of this year and they showed Metroid which I am drooling for.

  • Saxo2712

    I am very happy about Metroid Prime 4 but more so Samus Returns. I have a strong connnection to this game. I remember as a child playing my gameboy with Samus Returns. No one in my family cared I played games, they saw it as a silly kid thing (like today with some parents and Pokémon–well, just as I was 12 too) and never inquired to deeply into my hobby. My grandfather saw me playing this and took a genuine interest in the game. He was always loving, kind and treated me like the best person in the world. For some reason, this moment-when he took interest in me playing my gameboy-was really special for me. He was so impressed by the game. I am sure if gameboys weren’t considered a child’s sort of toy at the time then he would have played too. As a child of the 90’s (if there are any here) we were sometimes alone and found escapism in video games. Samus Returns was the first time a family member took real interest in video games and my enjoyment of it. I am becoming teary writing this because this person passed away unexpectedly years ago. He loved me and everything I did, more than any family member did, or any average family member actually does. When I think of Metroid 2, I think of my grandfather.

  • Locky Mavo

    I just realised something, Mario Odyssey is placed in the same platformer category as Mario 64 and Sunshine right?

    In Mario 64, you were collecting STARS
    In Sunshine, you were collecting Shine Spirtes, essentially SUNS
    Now in Odyssey, you’re collecting MOONS.

    Not really a “mind blown”, just something I thought was interesting. I’m sure you could say something about Galaxy in there too.

  • R.Z.

    I think I have made it relatively clear that I have been pretty disappointed in this year’s E3 on the Nintendo Switch side.

    As I said last week, my number one expectation was to hear something about a western release of Monster Hunter XX. We all know how it went. I will be foolishly clinging to the ray of hope that was that PR person’s Twitter denial about Capcom having no plans to release it but just not having yet announced plans to release it.

    About Nintendo’s show itself, I liked most of the things featured in it, but those things were just not enough as they didn’t do anything to reassure me about the Switch’s future.

    The only new 2017 release was Rocket League, which is fine but also really not something I think the Switch really needs at that point (It’s drowning in competitive multiplayers and these games require investment, I’m already skipping ARMS so I can fully concentrate on Splatoon next month). I guess you could consider the MarioXRabbids game a new thing. It didn’t capture my heart immediately but it looks at least semi-interesting.
    On the side of known releases, I agree that Mario Odyssey looks even better than it did up to this point, Fire Emblem Warriors looks like a decent effort too,(though nothing to be that excited about, the core gameplay being able to run on 3DS), and the competitive multiplayers seem to be as good as ever.

    The really disappointing part were the 2018 announcements. I absolutely love Yoshi games while I don’t care much for Kirby games, but let’s be honest, both these titles are B-list stuff. I was really hoping to concretely see at least one thing I would deem exciting and would have me waiting for 2018 eagerly. We have been waiting for Retro’s new project for years, a new Pikmin is in the works, Platinum is supposedly working on Switch, From Software is supposedly working on Switch but what they chose to show (at the expense of other projects I assume) is basically Nintendo filler completely on par with what they did on every other console up to this point.

    Now the “meat” of the Spotlight seems to have been the Announcements of a mainline Pokémon game on switch and of Metroid Prime 4.
    Firstly, I can’t consider announcements without at least some visual elements to be the “meat” of a show, especially an E3 presentation. Secondly, both of these didn’t have even a tentative release date, not even a vague year.
    I’m not too worried about Pokémon, it’s pretty much a yearly series, if it doesn’t come in 2018 it will come in 2019. On the Metroid front though … it’s a big game, people are expecting a big game that will improve on the existing formula. In terms of scope it should be at least on par with Super Mario Odyssey. If they really had nothing to show, to me it’s pretty much the equivalent of Aonuma saying He is totally working on a new Zelda game back in 2013.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY happy to know these games are being made.
    With Nintendo stupidly insisting that the Switch is a home console there could be doubts about Pokémon and the Metroid series has been in limbo for the last several years, so the announcements are VERY Good news.
    However in the form they came in they are nothing more than the beginning of a new waiting cycle. We’ll be expecting new info at every Nintendo direct, probably several E3s, We will probably get very little in the next year, more after that, it’s business as usual, we have waited four years for Zelda, now we’re about to wait at least two years for Metroid Prime.

    About the third party side, that’s where I personally think it really stings.
    First off, about FIFA … well it’s good but also not big news. Nintendo Switch is so far a succesful console, so it gets its FIFA. FIFA releasing on a platform only means that the platform isn’t failing miserably, that’s all. FIFA is only slightly less selective than Just Dance about what it releases on.
    Aside from that, outside of Nintendo driven partnerships (Skyrim) all that Nintendo Switch is getting is … a toys-to-life game, some all ages games (I think Lego games have been shown at E3, not sure, also Sonic, I guess) and a bunch of sports stuff (also assuming that, I don’t notice this stuff).
    That’s all, excluding indies of course (indies that didn’t even get a trailer from Nintendo btw).
    What I’m really appalled about is seeing no support from the Japanese on the show. Monster Hunter goes away, Project Vein for which I had high hopes because it’s the new thing closest to a Souls game and didn’t announce platforms at reveal isn’t coming either (the big surprise about platforms then being that it shows up on XBOX ? Really), Namco Bandai releases their new games on everything but Switch (there has been an interview on Gameblog with the DBZ fighter producer, they said they could totally make a Switch version if they needed to, it was not a processing power issue [I believed it was because the game is really gorgeous] … so they just didn’t think it was worth it ?)
    Just think a minute about What Namco Bandai, one of the biggest third party supports is putting out on the Switch : Last year(s) games.
    All things considered, the support is no better than on the WiiU. It’s like Switch, instead of being invested in to help make it a success is put into a sort of quarantine to see if it can sell itself with only Nintendo’s support.

    So if you read through all that I guess you can see where I’m going.
    Instead of making me confident in the Switch’s the future this E3 only assured me that from now on it will be at least a WiiU, but nothing beyond that.

    • masterjedi

      I actually did read all of that, mainly because you are one of the people I see on these forums who usually engages in constructive conversation which I appreciate. As for your feelings on E3, I can understand your concerns but I think its mainly because there’s not much coming that excites you personally. I think that’s fine, but to say Switch isn’t getting much 3rd party support just because the 3rd party games aren’t your cup of tea is a bit off. FIFA is a pretty big get for a lot of people. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and sports fans love simulators. I imagine FIFA will do big numbers in Europe. Rocket League may be an indie game, but it has a big following so again, that’s another pretty big get for Switch. Minecraft may be old, but again it has a huge following plus the cross system play is really a big deal and its a big deal that the Switch is a part of that. I am not a Minecraft fan but I can acknowledge that its a big deal. I personally am not as mad about Monster Hunter World as most people seem to be because I realize that game was in development years before Nintendo even sent out Switch dev kits. I think the main reason we got Monster Hunter XX is because Capcom knew there wasn’t enough time to bring MHW to Switch and they didn’t want to leave Nintendo out in the cold.

      • R.Z.

        Gee, thanks for the compliment !
        I do get what you’re saying, and I agree that the third party games that do come to Switch have a lot of potential and I hope they will work well enough to make some more come over, even though I have little interest for most of them.
        However I still think the current support is minimal for the reasons I describec above (basically that most of these are the types of games that are expected to come to Nintendo systems and would have probably come to WiiU all the same) which is probably the source of my frustration when Nintendo delivered its own minimal (in my eyes) E3 effort.
        I guess the type of games that I crave for and Nintendo doesn’t supply is usually brought by third parties either as some kind of partnership with Nintendo or more rarely these days spontaneously. Not seeing either this E3 totally bummed me out, especially in the case of MHXX which fits this type and got “taken away” while I was pretty sure it would come.
        About MHW I certainly hope you’re right since I really don’t buy the money barrage from Sony theory.

  • Fore

    It was a good E3 for Nintendo, and I’d have enjoyed it more if not for Monster Hunter World. That announcement and the subsequent “not localizing XX” ticked me off too much to enjoy anything at that point.

  • Auragar

    Nintendo’s E3 was a pleasant surprise for me, good, not great, but better than I was expecting, and probably best show at this terrible E3. My personal stand out moment was Pokemon Switch because I am a huge Pokemon fan, I don’t care that we know nothing about it, no release date, nothing. I am still excited. And not one but two Metroid titles is like wow. Super Mario Odyssey also looks soooooo good.

  • Santoryu02

    Hmm…. E3 was somewhat conflicting to me. I thought Nintendo’s presentation was pretty good for fans, but it wasn’t that appealing to me. I’m more fond of RPGs, so I was more excited about Nintendo’s previous Switch direct that introduced Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Shin Megami Tensei. I’m glad that Metroid Prime 4 exists, but I haven’t played the series myself, so I’m not that intrigued. Super Mario Odyssey had a pretty exciting trailer though at the end.

    I do like Nintendo’s plan to release switch games at a steady stream for 2017. The lingering thought of Monster Hunter World stuck in my head from the previous day, and no confirmation of localized Monster Hunter for the Switch soured my E3 hype.

    Maybe if one more game was announced out of nowhere that no one expected, I’d be pretty happy. I dunno, maybe like a Ice Climbers game for the Switch. Co-op platforming fun. That would surprise anyone.

  • It might have been just a logo, but Prime 4 would have made me squeal like a girl have my age had I not been on campus at the time

  • Supporter

    2D Metroid on 3DS was a dream for me since about 2014 so you can imagine how ecstatic I was during the announcement during the Nintendo Treehouse! Metroid Prime 4’s announcement was incredible as well.

    I loved the Super Mario Odyssey theme song and the gameplay looked great. Kirby, Rocket League, and Yoshi for Switch were all big surprises. For something as big as a mainline Pokemon on Switch, the announcement was a little lacking but cool nonetheless and a dream come true for many people.

    It was nice to see new trailers for Fire Emblem Warriors and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, plus demos for Ever Oasis and Miitopia released on the 3DS eShop. I am curious what all the newly announced amiibo do in the Switch and 3DS games.

    I’m surprised games like Hey! Pikmin and Kirby’s Blowout Blast weren’t shown during Nintendo’s Treehouse streams meanwhile the Kirby 3DS multiplayer game wasn’t shown at all.