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Media Create hardware sales (7/21- 7/27)

Posted on July 30, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Wii U

The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

3DS LL – 31,789
Vita – 21,875
Wii U – 9,429
PS3 – 7,175
3DS – 6,656
PS4 – 5,581
Vita TV – 1,767
PSP – 489
Xbox 360 – 122

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

3DS LL – 31,192
Vita – 27,352
Wii U – 8,209
PS3 – 7,389
PS4 – 6,456
3DS – 6,185
Vita TV – 2,249
PSP – 556
Xbox 360 – 129

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  • No surprises here, less for Vita and slightly more for Wii U… And PS4 still flopping ATM…

    My inner Nintendo fanboy wishes those Wii U numbers would magically quadruple though

    • Operative

      They should develop the next Yokai Watch game for the Wii U. Magical japanese wii u multiplier

      • You think it’ll work? I’ll buy into almost anything, lol. Hurts to see Nintendo hurting, on multiple levels (can’t imagine Nintendo not making games like they have been for so many years!)

        • Theiz Zzee

          The home console market in Japan has slowed just as the economy there has and shift to mobile. Nintendo will be fine though.

          • James Coll

            Nintendo might be fine, or they might not.

            They need to come up with something new.

            But compared with Sony currently, they’re a success by many measures.

          • Theiz Zzee

            They will. Nintendo wouldn’t come out with a a new system first if, they didn’t have something up their sleeve. Believe that.

      • TalesOfBS

        Level-5 didn’t even bother in localizing the game. No way they would get it on the Wii U where it could face lower sales. Unless Nintendo pay them.

        • Operative

          Lower sales? I mean it’s beyond a success in Japan. I really doubt money is an issue. And if it’s like pokemon like they say, I don’t see why it wouldn’t sell in the west. But I think nintendo will bring it over. eventually

    • TalesOfBS

      My inner Nintendo fanboy says Nintendo needs to stop wasting the Wii U’s potential with such huge gaps between releases. MK8 itself is moving Wii U units right now, alone. If they had at least one somewhat noticeable release for every month without a big one, the Wii U sales could be 2 or 3 times higher than now.

      • Whybee

        “If they had at least one somewhat noticeable release for every month without a big one”

        Yeah, seriously. Too bad there’s nothing for Japan between Hyrule Warriors in September and Smash Bros. in November, right?

  • SecretX

    wow ps4 sales is just going down. if only japanese 3rd party companies could support the consoles more. but i’m glad wii u has good sales numbers.

    • TalesOfBS

      3DS and Vita numbers are good (for today’s market). Wii U sales are bad and PS4 are just worse.
      Nintendo needs to get more games. Especially: They need to make both Wii U and 3DS more open to certain types of games if they want to sell more there. They need to stop bleeding games to the PS3 and Vita.

      • SecretX

        3rd party games could help them. i think is the reason why wii u sales aren’t that high. is because even over there they aren’t supporting the console.

        • TalesOfBS

          I think some are just too afraid of leaving the PS3 while the rest are actually just refusing to support it. Iwata’s screw ups at some things over the past generation made Nintendo lose a lot of its influence over developers and also many companies there are now full of Sony c**ck s***ers. Especially the ones under Namco’s influence.

  • Whybee

    Anyone notice that Wii U and 3DS XL are the only ones that got a bump while everything else went down? Why is that?