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Media Create sales (8/14/17 – 8/20/17)

Posted on August 23, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Switch, Wii U

The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

PS4 – 28,779
Switch – 22,277
New 3DS LL – 16,083
New 2DS LL – 14,939
PS4 Pro – 5,909
Vita – 5,177
2DS – 2,999
New 3DS – 575
Wii U – 151
PS3 – 110
Xbox One – 100

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

Switch – 87,798
PS4 – 34,691
New 2DS LL – 24,187
New 3DS LL – 17,276
PS4 Pro – 7,771
Vita – 4,651
2DS – 3,527
New 3DS – 740
Wii U – 132
PS3 – 95
Xbox One – 75

And here are the software charts:

1. [3DS] Dragon Quest XI – 67,705 / 1,640,920
2. [PS4] Dragon Quest XI – 49,543 / 1,291,802
3. [NSW] Splatoon 2 – 34,108 / 949,737
4. [3DS] The Snack World – 25,674 / 123,208
5. [PS4] Dragon Quest X – 14,052 / NEW
6. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 13,589 / 646,483
7. [NSW] ARMS – 6,439 / 203,722
8. [3DS] Hey! Pikmin – 5,960 / 120,710
9. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome amiibo – 5,789 / 224,166
10. [NSW] Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 5,268 / 566,032
11. [PS4] Hitman: The Complete First Season – 5,214 / 22,466
12. [3DS] Pokemon Sun/Moon – 5,048 / 3,314,619
13. [3DS] Sumikko Gurashi: Koko, Dokonan Desu? – 4,934 / 45,288
14. [PS4] Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – 4,929 / 42,576
15. [3DS] Layton’s Mystery Journey – 4,848 / 120,036
16. [3DS] The Great Ace Attorney 2 – 4,829 / 85,447
17. [PS4] Gundam Versus – 4,754 / 162,712
18. [PS4] Dragon’s Dogma Online: Season 3 – 4,590 / NEW
19. [PSV] Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition – 3,942 / 1,195,570
20. [3DS] Mario Kart 7 – 3,535 / 2,806,124


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  • Garrett Kidney

    Was this the first week the PS4 outsold the Switch since launch?

    • Exposer

      By itself? Yes combined the Pro and Regular model? No

    • Lucciano Bartolini

      Only because of a drop on the Switch sales, not becuase the PS4 is performing better.


        Yeah but that is more preocupant for nintendo than sony! Ps4 is already a success, what made switch sales go down almost 75%?

        • Lucciano Bartolini

          The Switch was being sold with Splatoon 2 in a bundle, as the Splatoon 2 sales dropped, so it did the Switch sales.

          Just wait until the new Mario/Nintendo game comes out and you’ll see those sales going up again.


            oh, ok then!

  • Roto Prime

    Japan needs more Nintendo Switch unites!!!!!!

  • awng782

    Lol what happened?? Did Nintendo burn through all their Japanese Switch stock over the last month due to Splatoon 2? We went from a month’s worth of weekly Switch sales ranging from 60,000 to 100,000, only for things to collapse down to 22,000.

    Wonder how well the limited edition MHXX Switch bundle will sell.

    • Stuart

      Yes most likely. Nintendo sayd they would ship more units for Splatoon 2,and it seens they did and shipped even more the next weeks expecting that it would remain steady but once again,the stock got eaten up really fast.

      • awng782

        There was recently a fairly substantial Switch hardware restock across the US, so I guess Nintendo had to allocate a lot more of their Switch stock to the west. When Nintendo had to restock a bunch of Switch hardware for Japan due to Splatoon 2, western hardware shipments suffered a bit. Now, my guess is that the opposite is true.

        I just didn’t expect weekly Switch sales to drop off so much in Japan as a result. The only time you typically see a sales dip like this is when transitioning from the December holidays to January.

  • carlos holguin holguin

    looks like they sold all the stock they had

    • Salinajvirgen


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  • Stuart

    Big drop for Switch. Everyone dropped actually but Switch obviously had a bigger impact given the absurd that it was last week.

    Also do NOT expect huge numbers for Monster Hunter XX next week. I was reading some expectations that it could pull off around 80k first week. Dunno if that was an expected number for Capcom or that they wanted more,but it will be most likely one of the worst openings for an MH game in the last years.

    • carlos holguin holguin

      Thats what they get for selling crap ports and not MH world

      • Stuart

        Yep. Pretty much everyone would rather have MH World.

        • NintendoPSXTheSecond

          I kind of wish Capcom instead made a new MH for Switch using the old style of gameplay while also releasing World for PS4 with this new style. Would be very interesting to see which sells better.

        • Princess_Eevee9

          Why would I want that worthless Western garbage when the real game is Monster Hunter DoubleCross? Heck I’d take Monster Hunter Stories over it and got my wish. I’m more interested in that rumor for a brand new Monster Hunter game that’s made by the team behind the traditional team.

          • Same on the rumored game~. World sounds okay to me, but knowing it’s made for the Western audience? I’ll wait for the more traditional title.

          • Busterblade

            I’ll try world, if only because they said it has the core gameplay, and I do want my MH fix, without waiting until my beard can reach your doorstep.

            Hopefully Capcom has some good news to bring, soon.

        • ben

          This isn’t true. I think world looks great but the old games have a unique charm that is sort of lost in the videos I have seen of world. World looks like a lot of other games. Just modern graphics killing art style a little.

    • awng782

      To be fair, MHXX on Switch is an HD port of the 3DS version, not a new title with new content. Launch sales of 80,000 copies is low, but it makes sense.

      Now, if a brand new MH game launches to sales of 80,000 or so, then the MH brand is in trouble…

  • nekoknight

    Japanese hardware sales as of 8/20/2017 according to Media Create:
    New 3DS (released 10.11.2014): 5,429,559
    PS Vita (released 12.17.2011): 5,323,532
    PS4 (released 02.22.2014): 5,147,604*
    Wii U (released 12.08.2012): 3,234,852
    SWITCH (released 03.03.2017): 1,434,784
    2DS (released 02.27.2016): 444,568
    New 2DS LL (released 07.13.2017): 244,992
    *includes Pro sales

    • Stuart O’Quin

      NekoKnight can you include 3DS and 2DS titles in the 3DS numbers with an asterisk. I’m quite interested in that dynamic.

      • nekoknight

        I don’t have exact sales numbers of the original 3DS models, but all of the models combined, both new and old, have sold over 23 million units in Japan. The 3DS is king of the Japanese market.

  • GoldenTriforce

    What happened to that big holiday?

  • awng782

    BTW Arms has now surpassed 200,000 retail copies sold in Japan. 300,000 by the end of the year is a lock.

    • Puffdaddy

      Is that a good thing or bad thing??

      • awng782

        Good thing.


    Finally send more Switches our direction, Japan has enjoyed a great two months of supply.

  • Metallox

    The 3DS had its price drop around these days back in 2011, so I’m guessing the Switch will start lagging behind it.

  • ben

    hmm I guess the reports that there was no lotto sales this week were true.

    • awng782

      Going from 116,000 to sub-30,000 sounds like a ridiculously steep drop-off.

      • ben

        I meant on individual formats. I expect max 60K total, which is simply not enough!

        • awng782

          60,000 makes more sense.

          This week marks the end of the Obon holidays, so yeah, a drop-off is coming.

  • Fuinh otaku

    If nintendo doesn’t have units of the switch, how they’ll sell?

  • Tlink7



    Wow! the switch fell hard! do we know the reason?

  • Flying Carpet

    ps4 is a beast