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Media Create sales (9/25/17 – 10/1/17)

Posted on October 4, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in New Nintendo 3DS, News, Switch, Wii U

The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

Switch – 73,231
PS4 – 22,822
New 3DS LL – 9,915
New 2DS LL – 8,359
PS4 Pro – 6,547
Vita – 3,732
2DS – 1,655
New 3DS – 392
Xbox One – 71
Wii U – 68
PS3 – 64

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

Switch – 43,426
PS4 – 18,396
New 3DS LL – 8,726
New 2DS LL – 8,508
PS4 Pro – 5,418
Vita – 3,707
2DS – 1,659
New 3DS – 379
PS3 – 87
Xbox One – 76
Wii U – 56

And here are the software charts:

1. [PS4] The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III – 87,261 / NEW
2. [PS4] FIFA 18 – 55,919 / NEW
3. [NSW] Fire Emblem Warriors – 41,491 / NEW
4. [NSW] Splatoon 2 – 29,704 / 1,190,563
5. [NSW] Pokken Tournament DX – 23,543 / 76,938
6. [3DS] Fire Emblem Warriors – 18,357 / NEW
7. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 15,098 / 720,741
8. [NSW] FIFA 18 – 12,616 / NEW
9. [PS4] Genkai Tokki: Castle Panzers – 10,389 / NEW
10. [PS4] Winning Eleven 2018 – 10,250 / 91,446
11. [NSW] Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 7,615 / 598,670
12. [PS4] Destiny 2 – 7,371 / 88,688
13. [PS4] Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition – 6,507 / NEW
14. [NSW] Monster Hunter XX – 6,350 / 146,883
15. [PS4] Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain – 5,681 / NEW
16. [3DS] Dragon Quest XI – 5,639 / 1,733,552
17. [3DS] The Snack World – 5,073 / 172,833
18. [PSV] Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu: Kanmitsu Hana Emaki – 4,629 / NEW
19. [NSW] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – 4,419 / 36,085
20. [PS4] Everybody’s Golf – 4,213 / 148,645


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  • Norman

    Really good numbers for Nintendo!

  • If you think FEW had low sales, Switch and 3DS combined make 59,848 units, Hyrule Warriors sold 69,090, and Zelda is a much more bigger franchise than Fire Emblem.

    • GoldenTriforce

      In Japan Fire Emblem might be bigger

      • I also thought the same but according to VGChartz (which is not that a reliable source), the only FE games that sold more than 0,5 million in japan were Awakening, Fates, Genealogy and Mystery of the Emblem (NES), while Zelda has a bunch of games and some have even surpassed 1 million like Zelda 1 and 2, Ocarina of Time and Link to the Past.

        Recent entries of both franchises have more or less the same numbers so probable nowadays they are equals in popularity.

        • GoldenTriforce

          If I have time later I might compare the more acurate media create numbers for the 3DS games

      • ben

        Fire emblem is not bigger than Zelda in Japan. Zelda lowest sales are on par with the high end of FE sales. Only Awakening and Fates have sold better… Still Fates sold less than Windwaker on gamecube and of course Breath of the wild is crushing FE sales.

        Another thing to consider is during the Wii u era there was one game every 4 months. Zelda musou was released 3 months after Mariokart 8.. there had been no games in between.
        Where as, in the last month on the switch. 4 games have released. Monhun XX, Dragon Ball X2, Pokken and FIFA. I know, as someone who bought 3 of those games and FE Mosou I am really struggling to find enough time to play them all.

    • hi v3.0

      But I’m pretty sure FE is more popular than Zelda in Japan, also Hyrule Warriors is on the Wii U

  • GoldenTriforce

    30k jump for Switch is great. Doesn’t seem to be software related though. Intersting difference between PS4 and Switch fifa.

    • Aline Piroutek

      Super Mario is coming

      • GoldenTriforce

        Mario Odyssey will certainly do well for a Mario in Japan, but Mario is surprisingly less popular in Japan compared to the west. Really that’s the case for most platformers beyond Kirby.

        • Aline Piroutek

          As Zelda, it is not as popular as Dragon Quest main series. But sells quite well.
          Japan is: Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Youkai Watch, Splatoon, God Eater.

          • Eagle367

            You forgot Pokemon

    • Vive

      Well actually you should notice the boost Zelda BOTW, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 DX and DB Xeno 2 received this week.

  • GoldenTriforce

    Also MHXX Switch still hanging on well!

  • Stuart

    The real system sellers for Switch in Japan; more stock 😛
    Funny how every Switch game got up together with the hardware.

    Fun fact: Fifa 18 is already the best selling Fifa game in a Nintendo platform in Japan.

    • Vive

      any prove on that?

      • Stuart

        To be fair,my source is VgChartz. It shows that the best selling Fifa in a Nintendo platform in Japan was Fifa 08 with less than 7k lifetime. While not that reliable it is very well know that Fifa games barely sell anything in Nintendo platforms in Japan.

        • Gregory Weagle

          VGChartz also uses Media Create’s numbers, so I’m guessing FIFA Soccer 08 for Wii was the only one that charted on Media-Create as well. The fact that FIFA charted in the top ten for Switch and over 10,000 units; it did about as well as it could have been expected.

          Anyhow; FIFA Soccer 18 on Switch represented about 18% of FIFA sales in Japan. Hopefully; EA will share the global numbers for Switch soon and concrete expectations for that game.

  • Tga215

    Damn metroid out already???

    • Exposer

      I told you maybe i you can S support Samus it could sol better in Japan, i mean just look at FE.

  • awng782

    Great Switch sales. Seems like Nintendo is prepping for the holidays.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    “I’m not buying FE Warriors, it’s a bad game pandering to a new entries, it won’t sell well at all.”

    • Exposer

      Thats Japan the complaints come from the rest of the world.

  • Padre

    Getting close to end of the year. Sales should start rising more.

  • Aline Piroutek

    Those 73000 Switch units must be the entire stock of the week.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    For all the back and forth we got into about FEW, it ended up doing pretty standard Warriors numbers at the end of the day. Go figure

    • Indielink

      It’s almost like our bickering here hardly matters. Oh well, decent numbers are decent.

    • Tlink7

      Some Nintendo nerds on a fansite don’t really have much of an effect I’d say 😛

  • nekoknight

    Japanese hardware sales as of 10/01/2017 according to Media Create:
    New 3DS (released 10.11.2014): 5,494,726
    PS Vita (released 12.17.2011): 5,346,786
    PS4 (released 02.22.2014): 5,305,971*
    Wii U (released 12.08.2012): 3,235,385
    SWITCH (released 03.03.2017): 1,760,660
    2DS (released 02.27.2016): 455,452
    New 2DS LL (released 07.13.2017): 302,711
    *includes Pro sales

    I started these posts years ago to compare how current consoles were competing with each other in Japan. But now that New 3DS, 2DS, Vita, and Wii U sales are winding down, I’ve decided to stop tracking their numbers and focusing just on the PS4 and Switch. Since their sales trends are all the same, their positions aren’t gonna change. The New 3DS beat the Vita, the PS4 beat the Wii U, and the original 3DS models beat them all. I’m really sorry if this comes as a disappointment to some of you, but I just don’t really see a point in tracking their sales anymore. Lastly, I want to give a great big THANK YOU to all of you who have supported my posts over the years; you guys are awesome! ^_^

    • Mr Ninty

      Nice of you to keep track of sales anyway. Is always good to have a overview of sales. I wonder how many units the Switch will sell with in the launch week of Super mario compared to the launch week of Pokemon Switch

    • Eagle367

      Please conti.ue to track them until atleast ps4 outsells vita. I wart to see that day. Also do new 3ds ll and 2ds ll cause they still selling and do xbox just so we can laugh at it

  • StuOhQ

    Nice to see the stock shortages mostly sorted out. Hopefully they have at least 100k for Japan when Odyssey releases. They’re going to need ~500k to meet demand in the US and I don’t see that happening. If they are able to produce 100k for Japan, 100k for Europe, and 300k for the US, that would be a solid effort for launch week. They’ll need at least 75k for every major region in the weeks that follow Odyssey just to keep people from going crazy.

    • ben

      The stock shortage is far from sorted out.

  • Tlink7

    Faaiiiiaaaa emmmbuurreeemmmm

    • Addy

      *sprays weeb-b-gone*

      • Tlink7

        …wait that’s not nippon

  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

    Yup Falcom suck it and port it to the Switch.
    I beat the second game on Vita and played beat the first one on PS Now.

    The series is better on portable. Go ahead and start that port.

  • awng782

    The Switch has sold ~745,000 in Japan during Q3 2017. Expect Nintendo to report Japanese Switch shipments of ~800,000 units in Japan during the quarter.

  • hi v3.0

    Lol I love how there’s all those news about FE Warriors over the last couple months but in the end it got average Musou game sales..

    • ben

      It sold alright for a Fire Emblem split off… I mean… did you see the opening week for the last FE spin off game?

      #FE only sold 25K. Fire Emblem mainline games sell around 200k-300k Life time. Only Fates and Awakening have broken that rule. Fates was technically 2 games.

  • awng782

    Switch shipments were quite low this past week. Expect Switch sales to fall to 20,000s in the next Media Create.