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Miyamoto says a new F-Zero might be possible if Nintendo finds a new and suitable controller interface

Posted on January 5, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Nintendo doesn’t appear to be working on a new F-Zero game at present, though Shigeru Miyamoto hasn’t ruled out a return to the franchise in the future.

During an interview with Smosh, Miyamoto mentioned that a new entry could be possible “if we create a new type of controller interface and we find that controller interface is particularly suited for F-Zero”.

Here are Miyamoto’s words in full:

We see a lot of other designers who are kind of making more traditional racing-style games, so we try to focus on something that feels a little bit more gamey. So maybe if we create a new type of controller interface and we find that controller interface is particularly suited for F-Zero, then maybe we’ll do something again with it in the future.

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  • ★ Wolfgang Wozniak

    The gamepad can’t do it? O.o

    • Seriously lol. What’s the issue?

      • Kevin Andres Daul

        return to wii u mad!

    • Vigilante_blade

      Meh, the Gamepad is not necessary. a normal controller does the job perfectly.

      • Gamingsince75

        Since no single console out right now has a “Normal controller” You must not own any?

        • Vigilante_blade

          Oh, but I do. The Wii U has this thing called a Pro controller. I even use my gamecube controller with an adapter to play Mario Kart 8. Whenever they use this controller, I am left a happy person.

          The PS4 has weird features, but fortunately, games seldom ever use them. The biggest reason for me not owning s PS4 is lack fo games that i cannot get on PS3 / PC and paid online.

  • Maxo

    For the love of… just make it happen

  • Airsh Bornely

    Dang it all. Wii U Pro controller and gamepad would be great! Go make it happen!

  • Mr.Johnson

    I still have hope :’) *Fingers crossed*


  • Ghasfarost

    argg this is what enervates me sometimes about Miyamoto… Why not just make a HD port of F-Zero GX in the meantime for WiiU? Why not at least push N64 so I can play my F-Zero X copy on my WiiU w/o going thru Wii mode?

    • how long has it been? 2 years since they announced n64 vc?

      • Ghasfarost

        Yes, 2 years since Virtual Console rebooted on WiiU. It is just embarrassing… I really hope it is just not-enough-people-or-time and not actual technical/emulation issues preventing the games to be launched on WiiU. Jeez at this pace we will never have DS VC or not even GC VC.

  • Adrian Brown

    So no F-Zero anytime soon.

  • IndigoRift

    If GX is made available via VC, I’ll shut up as if the F-Zero drought never happened. GX and GP Legend are all I need, the latter being the only one I don’t own.

  • Exposer

    Come on Nintendo…At least a Captain Falcon game.

    • Anthony Sibilla

      F-Zero IS a Captain Falcon game.

      • I think he’s saying if they don’t want to put out an F-Zero game, just put out some game with Captain Falcon as the focus, like a Captain Falcon action game or something, since he’s so popular from Smash etc. now XD

        personally I want an F-Zero game, not just a CF game… but I’d be cool with a CF spinoff game ONCE WE GET AN ACTUAL F-ZERO GAME AAAAAAHHHHH *shot*

      • Exposer

        • Locky Mavo

          Nintendo should totally get into anime and other animation a bit more, this, Pikmin shorts and that Palutena reveal was just too much!

      • Actually, F-Zero is a racing game with many pilots.

  • Me

    F-Zero isn’t a traditional racing game. I don’t know why Miyamoto says that as if it is.

    • Locky Mavo

      No, I don’t think that’s what he was saying. The way I read it was “everyone else is making traditional racing games i.e Forza, The Crew, Grid, Drive Club, GT, Project Cars, etc, so we focus on something more gamey i.e Mario Kart, F-Zero.” But that’s just how I read it though.

      • Me

        I know, but he says it like “There are too many racing games that are all the same.” But it sounds like he doesn’t realize that F-Zero would add variety to the genre.

        • Locky Mavo

          Maybe, I just wonder what he’s got in mind for this “new controller” thing. I mean a normal controller would be just fine, they got motion controls, they got the gyro-sensor in the Wii pad, what else is there? Virtual Boy 2? I would just like to see another F-Zero game, much the same as GX.

      • Ghasfarost

        The market is certainly more oriented to car simulation than futuristic racers since quite a while. Which is exactly the differentiation for F-Zero and would make it unique in the market.

  • What kind of controller would I need to play F-Zero? Are my thumbs not sufficient?

    • Vigilante_blade

      Of course not, Nintendo wants to protect you against blisters. Seriously now, they need to stop trying to break working recipes. All their talk of changing franchises to fit a new control scheme like they’re apparently doign with Star Fox is making me more and more uneasy.

  • heavenshitman1

    Nintendo’s got issues with having to change things too much. F zero on WiiU could be awesome. And considering it was never their most graphic intense game, the could easily do it using game pad, and just have an alternate view on their.
    Just make it with great tracks, vehicles, destruction physics, online etc.. and it will be a hit

    • Vigilante_blade

      I admit, I’m getting tired of Nintendo thinking they need a gimmick to push a game. Let good gameplay sell your games. You don’t need a special thingy to set yourself appart, just good quality gameplay.

      Nintendo used to be gods at making games. What happened to make your lose confidence in your abilities to make you believe that you must rely on gimmicks to survive?

      • That is why games like Super Mario Bros. 3, A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Pokemon: Gold/Silver, etc. weren’t good games. They didn’t had a good gimmick to go along with them. Oh wait, those were great games which didn’t need gimmicks to be good.

        I have nothing against trying new things with games, but when it is forced, then I have a problem with it.

        • Vigilante_blade

          Same with me. I’m okay with optional gimmicks, but when they are forced down my throat, it actually annoys me.

  • Cha siu bao

    It doesn’t need a new type of controller interface. WTF, miyamoto?

  • DrGhettoblaster


    1) You press a button for gas, brake, & steer with analog stick; not much more of a new “controller interface” needed for that Miyamoto. He always wants to change things TOO much sometimes..

    2) In the meantime Nintendo, why not release an F-Zero HD collection with the 3 main entries on one disc, possibly even include online play???

    • “He always wants to change things TOO much sometimes”

      As great as Miyamoto is, that is one of his biggest flaws. Too much change is not needed with every single game in a series.

      • MagcargoMan

        And at the same time, one of his flaws with 2D Mario is not enough change.

        • Very true. He should go try changing 2D Mario before going on to other series saying they need change of any kind.

      • Me

        Just like Paper Mario Sticker Star. It’s probably on the top of my most disappointing games. He said not having any story was “fine,” as if “fine” has ever been good enough for Nintendo standards, and he restricted creative freedom at IS by constraining them to characters that already existed.

  • Samuel David Coley

    Um….You had a chance to implement a new and suitable controller back in 2006. It was called the Wii Remote.

    • Vigilante_blade

      It was attempted with excitetruck, and it was a mess.

  • nWo4liFe

    Which means… HD remake is coming soon.

  • jimmy

    Vr headset, hi tech steering console, and a fan up front to simulate that gforce feeling

    • Vigilante_blade

      I tried occulus rift at one point, and let me tell you, that would limit their fanbase even more (if it was forced).

      My personal experience was a very painful migraine and a mild nausea. I know some people can handle it fine, but I’m actually not someone who is generally prone to motion sickness and I didn’t enjoy it one bit.

      I think it’s the fact that your brains thinks your are moving, yet your body doesn’t feel it.

      • jimmy

        Make it an arcade then, I miss the old ones that were full cockpits

  • Vigilante_blade

    I know of a suitable controller for any game, it’s called a regular old classic controller.

  • Locky Mavo

    What does he mean “new type of controller interface”? Just use a normal controller, or if you have to, use motion controls, but if it plays like F-Zero GX, it maybe hard to play with motion controls. F-Zero U doesn’t need fancy controls, it just needs to be made!

  • Miyamoto is trolling us Nintendo fans again……just like he did when he was being asked about Star Fox, I can tell. We’re gonna get a new HD F-Zero in 2016 or if it’s already in development we’ll probably get it late holiday of this year

    *******fingers crossed*******

  • Gee Land

    Looks like he’s trying to secretly tell us that a new Fast Zero won’t be released until they introduce the new Nintendo console. In which will be working on a new controller interface ( new Nintendo console 2016). Come on guys he just hinted it right there in front of our own eyes. 😉

    • Ahahaha. No.
      The U was just released in 2012. They’re knee-deep in the development of AAA-exclusives. The 3DS is probably going to be replaced within the next two years, but the Wii U still has AT LEAST 3-4 more years.

      • Gee Land

        The Wii couldn’t even last that long. It lasted for 4yrs in its prime. 6yrs. is pushing it. The 3ds has already been reinvented in current models. Mark my words ( On Michael Pachter mode), the next new Nintendo console will be known to the world in 2016.

        • That’s still much to early. Why are you even comparing it to the original Wii? By that logic, we should go ahead and compare the PS3 to the massive success of the PS2 as well. The general console timeline is 5 years, and seeing that it JUST TURNED 2, 2016 is much over a year too early. 2017 sounds logical, with 2018 being probable.

  • Volksgasmaske

    It’s over Miyamoto, go home and leave the job to someone that understands the gamers.

  • This might mean it is already being made. Miyamoto does not throw things out there if they are not under development. My favorite example of this is his comments of Star Fox during the time people were craving it and now we are having a Star Fox this year. And him saying he wanted a A Link to the Past remake and then years later we got what became of that idea in the form of a direct sequel. So I truly believe F-Zero is already being made.

  • MagcargoMan

    Everybody get ready for the Wii U Wheel! *is gunned down*