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More Mario Kart 8 update/DLC screenshots

Posted on August 27, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in Screenshots, Wii U

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  • Leonel

    Nintendo truly knows how to deliver DLC, But we are actually getting gameplay value for a great price. 6 new drivers with 8 new karts and. 16 stages now thats how you do DLC. Companies shp u ld learn from nintendo. Although companies are pulling the plug from the Nintendo, Nintendo knows how to keep their games going and give their fans better stuff then any other 🙂

    • Kenshin0011

      I honestly didn’t think they’d go as far as adding some extra tracks, let alone 16. It’s brilliant and obvious and honestly easy for them to do

      • Leonel

        Maybe this is nintendo way of saying if third party dont want to support us, no problem we know how to keep our players happy 🙂

  • Nocturne

    the triforce cup made me hard

  • MagcargoMan

    Tanuki Mario and Cat Peach are stupid choices. How about actual new Mario characters instead of yet another version of Mario and Peach?

    • maurer156

      I agree, those are just costumes, but i think Link alone plus LOZ racetrack are already worth the price 🙂 its not bad at all!

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