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More on amiibo support in Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

Posted on January 20, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

The latest details about amiibo support in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD leaked out of Famitsu yesterday. Now that we have the issue for ourselves, we have even more information about how different figures work in the game.

First, we have additional news about the Ganondorf amiibo in Twilight Princess HD. After scanning it, you’ll receive twice the amount of damage as you normally would. You’ll know the effect has taken place when Link’s hearts bar changes from red to blue. Also, unlike other amiibo which can be only used once per day, it looks like Ganondorf can be scanned as many times as you like. This is partially speculation, but this might be because the effect has a time limit and wears off after awhile.


Famitsu also has a line about how especially on boss fights, it’ll be a more difficult experience. But if you clear it, the feeling of accomplishment will be enough. That suggests there is no extra reward for beating bosses when using the Ganondorf amiibo other than just for bragging rights.

Regarding Trial of the Beast, the “Thorough Battle ” bit we mentioned yesterday seems to be nothing more than a catchphrase and likely won’t be in the actual game. The name is just “Trial of the Beast”. Also, Famitsu specifically mentions that it’s a cave, so chances are this will be the “Twilight Cave” in the English version.

In this area, you cannot revert back to human, so you can’t use the sword, bow, shield or even any healing items, which means this is like a survival challenge. There are 40 basement floors, and when you clear the final floor while having the Giant Wallet, you’ll obtain the Bottomless Wallet. Each floor will have enemies that appear. Depending on the floor, there might be not only enemies, but some gimmicks as well such as tiles that spout lava. The lower you progress, the stronger the enemies will become. And finally about the Bottomless Wallet, the screenshot notes how you can use the Magic Armor for a much longer time with the Rupee limit increase.


One thing stemming from yesterday’s leak was the Wolf Link amiibo and journeys. Famitsu says that you can save a number in the Wolf Link amiibo, and you can continue the journey when scanning the figure on the title screen. Link’s in-game health will be replenished based on the amount of hearts you preserved in the exclusive dungeon, referring to Trial of the Beast.

This aspect of amiibo functionality still isn’t perfectly clear. But here’s our theory: story checkpoints might be marked with a number which can be put inside the amiibo. When you scan the amiibo on the title screen, the game should continue from the last checkpoint as specified by the number. For example, if you just started the game, the number is 1. After playing it through the first dungeon, let’s say the number becomes 5 (passing through 3 checkpoints). Then if you save this number to the amiibo and scan it later, it’ll read 5 and puts you at the checkpoint after clearing the first dungeon. This is what makes the most sense based on Famitsu’s article!

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  • RickyWill


  • TruExtent

    With the Wolf amiibo, wouldn’t it make a little more sense if the number saved to the amiibo was the floor number in the Twilight Cave?

    • Retzuu

      I agree with you and i think it is like you say!

    • Taun

      And what if the Twilight Cave exists in the Zelda U game? Then your progress in the cave while playing Twilight Princess would carry over to Zelda U.

  • Damian Rasmussen

    Still nothing on the functionality of the Wolf Link amiibo in Zelda wii u.. Sigh…

    • We likely wont’ hear about that until they talk about Zelda U… which is probably at E3.

      • Damian Rasmussen

        You might be right, unless Nintendo start sharing info in a Direct soon. It is the anniversary next month after all.
        I think E3 is too late to give any info on the game, the hype for the game is already dead and it barely makes any lists of anticipated games. We need info soon and not a couple of months before release.

    • Aiddon

      You ain’t hearing anything until E3. Best get used to it.

  • StealthyAqua

    Man, I was really hoping the Twilight cave was a new traditional-style dungeon. Oh well, this serves as a great example for why we need to keep expectations in check!

  • KH

    The new gear menu looks pretty cool :v and if it hadn’t been confirmed yet, the image confirms the game will contain Miiverse stamps.

  • Realm25

    Ganondorf’s effect being scannable as many times as you want doesn’t have to mean it wears off after a certain amount of time, but rather, that it wears off when you turn off the game, so you can scan it repeatedly even if you turn off the game and come back later in the same day. The last thing I would assume is a random time limit that forces you to rescan it again. I mean, it’s certainly possible it works that way, but more likely the effect just goes away when the game is turned off..or when you rescan Ganondorf to maybe take the effect off and put it back on as much as you want.

    They didn’t say it had a time limit, so I don’t think it does and probably works one of the ways I said.

    • That would be much better. I agree having a random time limit on it would be just stupid.

  • Reggie

    I’m not sure if I like the sound of this checkpoint feature. The way the news post words it makes it sound like you actually need the amiibo just to save your game. Can someone clarify this?

    • Serbine

      I’m pretty sure you can still save using the in game save function, the amiibo save is probably so you can have another file to save on or use it as a back up save incase someone deleted your save “like a brother or sister”.

      • Reggie

        Hm, good point. My younger brother once very nearly deleted my save data on Skyward Sword, and almost with the Kirby anniversary collection. It’s why I have the Wii U set with parental controls.

        • Serbine

          It sure has happen quite a few times before on past Nintendo consoles, so If it works in this fashion would be pretty neat, I do wonder if you could save a finished save on it, If so would it unlock something else in Zelda U for beating TPHD?, what I’d like is if you could unlock a wolf companion to travel with you in the new game.

  • WolForan

    Woaw, the Wolf Link amiibo is really useless and I really hope we have an hard mode without the Ganondorf amiibo… :/

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