New amiibo, Neon Yellow Joy-Con pre-orders live at GameStop - Cloud (Player 2), Twilight Princess Link are exclusives - Nintendo Everything

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New amiibo, Neon Yellow Joy-Con pre-orders live at GameStop – Cloud (Player 2), Twilight Princess Link are exclusives

Posted on April 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Switch

GameStop has opened pre-orders for all of the new amiibo announced yesterday. Reserve them here.

We should note that two amiibo are confirmed as GameStop exclusives. Cloud (Player 2) and Twilight Princess Link will only be sold at the retailer.

One last note: pre-orders for the Neon Yellow Joy-Con are also live on GameStop here.

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  • Tlink7

    Hmm, Koraud, you sexy boi

    • Evan Gustavson

      If you’re going to go with his name in Katakana, I have no choice but to finish you off with his strongest attacks in Katakana and/or Kanji to assert my weeb authority.
      Hakogeki: Blasting Clear Strike!
      Kuraimu Hazado: Climb Hazard!
      Kyogiri: Misfortune Cutter!
      Garyo Tensei: Painting the Dragon’s Eyes!
      Time to END THIS:
      Rimito Bureiku: Chokyu Bujin Hazan: Super Extreme Martial God Supreme Slash!

      • Tlink7
        • ForeVision
          • Evan Gustavson

            Yeah, that really takes me back.
            I can’t really call myself a weeb, as not only am I not vehemently against the concept of dubbing, I’ve always preferred dubs over subs.
            I don’t care how bad the acting is, or how faithful the localization is. I just don’t like to read dialogue (for starters, it means that I have to look away from the rest of the screen, and Reading is more cognitively taxing than listening. And second, I can listen to dubbed anime while playing a game.)
            Dubs over subs. Always.
            Even Yu-Gi-Oh!
            Heck, I’ve even put up with not being able to watch the last 25% of each reboot because they drag their feet (presumably to avoid catching up) so much that the fourth season of GX wasnt released in time for 5D’s, and the second half of Season 2 of 5D’s didn’t get a dub.
            I’m not entirely sure how much of Zexal was cut off when Arc-V was released though.

          • ForeVision

            I’m the opposite, as most anime and games originating in Japan (Dark Souls not included) I find to sound better, as those are the voices that were intended to go with the content, the same for Dark Souls having English voices, even in Japan. The prime undisputed exception to this, for me, is the Dragonball series, as the English VA do a better job of putting the emotion into it.

            Another example is Sengoku Basara, albeit that game being very Japanese indeed, the English VA do a grand job of acting the characters, so much so that I’d gladly buy another game in that series, provided it has such VA in English again.

            Then there’s a good example of how in Stella Glow there’s a knight character that sounds far better in the English version than in the Japanese, due to knights not originating in Japan, and thus not having that authentic feel to it.

            But overall, in games like Fire Emblem, I prefer the Japanese audio, with the sole exception being that they’ve called some pretty damn good actors for the English one (Patrick Seitz, Liam o’Brien etc)

      • Sorry, I don’t speak Animnese.

  • Evan Gustavson

    You made a mistake, Brian.
    It says “pre-orders for ALL the new amiibo announced yesterday”
    But there’s no listings for Majora’s Mask Link or Skyward Sword Link on GameStop.
    And last time I checked, those were announced yesterday. 😛

    • Brian

      Technically it’s correct! GameStop isn’t taking pre-orders for those two (and never will) you mentioned since they appear to be exclusives elsewhere. Skyward Sword Link is for Amazon.

      • Evan Gustavson

        That sorta stings, as it’s gonna be tough to grab all 3 figures if I have to order from three places.
        Any clue where MM Link is exclusive to?
        He’s my priority…
        I need to know which store to keep an eye on…
        Although, if I were a betting man, I’d bet on Target.
        It’s obviously not Best Buy, GameStop, or Amazon.
        That leaves Target, Toys “R” Us, and Walmart.
        And the first two are most likely, Target moreso, and Target’s shipping is better, so I’m hoping its target.

  • skilarbabcock

    You need to change the statement “all of the Amiibo announced” because they don’t have the Majors mask, or Skyward Sword Link Amiibo. Not even listed on their site

  • TheJuiciest

    Really hope I can buy them at another retailer as well. Especially Bayonetta.

  • Operative

    Link sold out before I could checkout, but I got player 2 Cloud, which is more important, thankfully

  • Evan Gustavson

    I’m sad. I didn’t expect TP Link to sell out that quickly…
    I’m also nervous, because whatever store plans to sell Majora’s Mask Link refuses to come forth.
    I need to know which site to keep an eye on, because the other two will likely sell out even more quickly because they are not functionally redundant like TP Link is to Smash Link

  • Awesome!!!!!