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New Punch-Out!! Easter egg found after almost 30 years

Posted on April 9, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Nintendo originally brought Punch-Out!! to the NES back in 1987, making the game nearly three decades old. Even though it’s been around for ages, new secrets still continue to appear. In 2009 for example, one undiscovered tidbit was shared in an Iwata Asks discussion. Reddit user midwesternhousewives now appears to have come across a new Easter egg.

In the second Piston Honda fight, a visual cue from one of the spectators indicates when the player should throw a punch to knock out their opponent with a single punch. This also works during Bald Bull’s charge attack in his second fight. As soon as the bearded man ducks, that’s when you should go in for your attack.

Players had previously known about being able to take down Honda with a one-punch KO. The new trick here is the visual cue.

Here’s the explanation from midwesternhousewives:

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  • wombat

    That’s not useful when the hip way to play punch-out now is blindfolded.

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  • errantrazor

    Is this really an “Easter egg”?

    • 49ers fan

      nope, but its a cue the game makers have added to the game for testing purposes back in the day.

  • Burning Gravity


  • Adrian Brown

    Can’t wait for the 40 minutes GX discussion.

  • This isn’t an easter egg. Cool and shocking that no one had notice it or reported it for so long, but not an easter egg.

  • RoadyMike

    Time to break my record time yet agin

  • Justin McQuillen

    I think it’s evidence that Little Mac cheated to win all along

  • Bap

    uhhh, one of the people who worked in this game pointed this out in a video.

  • Wanderlei