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Nintendo considering more Wii U games for Switch, against straight ports, approach to IPs

Posted on June 15, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Switch, Wii U

This information comes from Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime…

“The internal conversations we have is that on one hand, the development teams would love to showcase their content to a wider base, and certainly in short order the install base on Nintendo Switch will be larger than the install base we ended with Wii U.

“So there is that opportunity. What also drives the discussion, though is ‘what more will there be?’ Meaning, let’s take Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as an example. It needed to be the definitive version of that software for the consumer to be as excited as they are. Pokken Tournament DX with the additional fighters, the additional Pokemon, that was important for it to be an element of the game. What we are internally resisting is just a pure port, versus thinking about how not only do we showcase a game to a wider audience, but how do we make sure that there’s something more? So it’s an active discussion.”

On games highly anticipated by their fan bases…

“I thought I was going to make it a day at E3 without being asked about Mother 3. …Look, in the end, fill in your favorite franchise here. It comes down to how do we do something more? How do we do something unique? How do we take a franchise and make it vibrant with more and [reach] more people? That’s the focus. And so, even when you look at something like Metroid: Samus Returns, it’s not a pure remake. We’ve added more, we’ve added elements to expand the Metroid franchise and to make it more accessible and more vibrant. That’s how we think about our different franchises and different IP. So when one of our developers has an idea – and again, fill in your favorite franchise here — to take it and make it more vibrant, that’s when it will come to one of our platforms.”


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  • Felipe M.

    As long as it doesn’t get in the way of developing actual new games, I think everyone will be happy regardless.

    Nintendo could just release the WiiU games on the eShop and call it a day.

    • Billy

      Yes exactly. I would love to play some ported Wii U games since I never bought that system.

    • Exy

      What irony that Wii U got a reputation of being an abyss of ports that was a detriment to its success, and now the Switch is being expected to be exactly the same at this early portion of its life.

      • maxleresistant

        I don’t know what you’re talking about. The Wii U never had that reputation.
        It didn’t get any ports of Wii games besides Zelda TP but it was late in the console cycle, it did get average ports of PS3/360 games like Mass Effect, Tekken, Assassin’s creed, Splinter Celetc.

        But that’s totally different from what people are asking with the Switch.

        People are just asking for WiiU games because they didn’t play them on this crappy console (I own one, I still own it, it’s crappy), and they want to play them.

        • Shaun565

          I don’t see how it was crappy. It was BC with Wii and had many great games. Mario 3D world, Mario Maker, Mario Kart 8 Captain Toad to name a few. It needed more games but by no means crappy. Hell. Nintendo went as far as offer dirt cheap games for a limited time. I got punch out Wii, Wind Waker HD and Metroid Prime trilogy for next to nothing.

          • maxleresistant

            It lasted 4 years, it was underpowered, the gamepad ended up being barely used. It was and it is still expensive for what it does. It didn’t have any third party support, a lot of first party IP never made it to the system, Nintendo made way too many platformers so the game library lacks variety.

            It could have been a good system, but it’s crappy. Really. I’m keeping mine because I sold my Wii, but to me the Wii and WiiU are the worst home consoles from Nintendo

        • True, make sense your point! Switch come in the right moment I think, but could make it a littble more powerful at least for third parties.
          By the way I wanna invite you to my server in Discord, designed to be mostly Nintendo players, etc. Let me know.

    • Haganeren

      It WILL get in the way of developing actual new games, of course it will.

      But i don’t have any pity for them and Mother 3. We don’t want a REMAKE of Mother 3, certainly not ! We just want the game in order to make people play it without having to resort to emulation ! They just had to localize it, they didn’t so i don’t feel sorry at all.

      • Aline Piroutek

        Well, the team who is making Metroid II remake isn’t the same team who does the main Metroid Series. The team who did Twight HD wasn’t the same who did Breathof the Wild.
        I suppose all ports/remasters/remakes aren’t made by the “big teams” who made completely nem games.

        • Haganeren

          They are still a studio, even if not the “main” one (there is no “main” studio for Metroid anyway). Maybe instead of a remake of Metroid 2, we could have had a brand new Metroid in 2D ? I mean, i’m glad they are doing Metroid 2 since it’s quite an important part of the Metroid story and the GameBoy version is quite hard to get into, but that STILL mean it got in the way of developing a new game. Even when Naughty Dog do stuff like “Last of Us Remaster” or “Uncharted DLC”, once upon a time they would have done a game with a middle/little budget instead.

        • Ricoh2A03

          Technically Metroid 2 remake is being made by Mercury Stream (people that did the CV: Lords of Shadow games). And Twilight HD was done by Tantalus .

          • Aline Piroutek

            Yes, Studios famous for not doing Metroid Prime 3 and Skyward Sword respectively.

    • Sonic Wind

      >Nintendo could just release the WiiU games on the eShop and call it a day.

      No they can’t. The switch can’t emulate wii u games, and without a second screen it wouldn’t work anyway.

  • Fadi Ali

    We really need super mario galaxy on switch and other wii u games as well.

  • I never got a Wii U so I’m all for those enhanced ports!

    • Felipe M.

      I was a bit concerned if all Switch would have were WiiU Deluxe ports but WE has proved there’s a lot of great games to come.

      Pretty disappointed FighterZ won’t be on Switch cause that looks hyper awesome and that I’m a Dragon Ball fan.

      • Zeebor

        As I recall, Arc Sys was unimpressed with the Nintendo Network and deemed it unable to handle insanity of their fighting engine.

        That, OR, Bamco cheaped out for now and is waiting to see how Xenoverse 2/Pokken does before putting in the extra resources. Keep in mind, Team Red has never worked on a Nintendo console (Team Blue had a couple spin-offs on the DS as I recall), so Bamco would have to hire a port team most likely.

      • R.Z.

        I was really impressed by that game visually, so I wonder whether Switch could handle it as is.
        2D fighter or not I think it’s the best looking anime game with 3D models I have ever seen.

      • YamiryuuZero

        Really impressed by that game’s visual style and old school movements. And let’s be fair here, that looks like it would benefit so much from being on the Switch! Imagine taking that competitive DBZ fighting game with you anywhere you go!

        I imagine when the Switch picks up more steam at the holidays, all those exclusive titles will end up being ported to the hybrid system! It’s all a matter of how much those companies can gain from doing so!

  • R.Z.

    Sheesh, and I had like completely forgotten about Mother 3 for months before reading this.
    That’s one more thing to complain about, I’m starting to have enough stock to whine all the year through !

    I’m hoping it will come with the virtual console on Switch.

    • Felipe M.

      Suppose it will be free on its paid subscription at some point. Free but paid. 😛

      Can I just take the free game and not pay for the subscription? xD

    • Aline Piroutek

      They can make like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass:
      All the Virtual Console library, by X$$.

  • ronin4life

    ” How do we take a franchise and make it vibrant with more and [reach] more people”

    Please focus on this sentence. He is saying, in black and white:
    “When we are confident we can make a game enough people *Actually care enough about in order to turn a profit*, we will”

    They know Fzero and Mother and all these other titles are money sinks that no one will buy enough of to recoup, let alone profit from. So when they revisit series like this they re-imagine in order to broaden the chances of increased attention and sales.

    • Zeebor

      That was the thinking that went into Federation Force, and what’s keeping Wars on the back-burner as well.

      Now that I think about it, with Nintendo doubling down on multi-player: Wars would be perfect for the HD switch treatment. With Fire Emblem having the brand recognition it does now, all Switch Wars would need to say is “Online Multi-player Fire Emblem” (because that’s what Super Famicom Wars was basically), and just make sure all five armies have at least two Waifus. I’m sure they could just borrow a couple arch-types from Senran Kagura if they had too.

    • awng781

      It will be interesting to see how Nintendo reinvents Metroid Prime 4, if they do at all. The franchise isn’t very big (only 2 Metroid games have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide), yet the Metroid games typically have much bigger budgets than games with similar if not better sales figures (Kirby, Yoshi etc).

    • DeltaPeng

      On the other hand, some people were saying similarly about Metroid (big fan want, but doesn’t necessarily sell well), yet they’re release 2 Metriod games here (so, kudos for them for getting that out there).

      And on the other hand,Fire Emblem almost went extinct, but then it went viral, and now there’s like more than 1 FE game every year.

      At the end of the day they are a business, so they go where the money goes. If you really like a franchise, supporting it financially could help determine it’s future success.

      Lastly, I think one interview did mention that Nintendo is looking to introduce their IP’s to new gamers, and part of the ‘style’ change in ways of Zelda Breath of the Wild did some of that, shook up the formula and catered to a different style of gaming (more open world more closely resembling western type games). So there’s something to that rather than just making a sequel just because. But who knows? Mario Kart being a racing game and doing so well, maybe that will encourage Nintendo to try or consider more ideas for a new F-Zero

    • TheGoomba

      People seem to beg and plead for a new F-Zero EVERY SINGLE YEAR, but I guarantee that 80% of these people would complain and just find a way to pirate it and claim Nintendo doesn’t “deserve” their hard-earned government paycheck for answering their demands.

  • carlos holguin holguin

    So starfox zero with better controls, graphics, expanded history and more planets?? pleeeaseee?

  • Vigilante_blade

    I just want Mario Maker Deluxe with more content and Luigi.

    • sancho

      comes with luigi

      and slopes

      60 dollars

      • Vigilante_blade

        I would pay 60$ for Luigi, slopes and a few new course elements.

    • Supporter

      Luigi’s in the game as a costume, right?

      • Vigilante_blade

        Only in mystery mushroom form and only in OG Super Mario Bros style. You can’t just play as him.

        • Supporter

          Yeah. I think a port with slopes and other features, the Angry Sun from Mario Bros 3, more amiibo costumes, and Super Mario Bros 2 art style would be pretty good.

          • Vigilante_blade

            Yeah, it could be fun for sure. I think Mario Maker is a good game to tide people over between big games.

    • Hidden Flare

      Kinda feel it could use a sequel, know thats weird to say about this game, but they did once say they wanted to make a series with mario maker games… Or just maker games in general? Well I’m leaning towards sequel.

      • Vigilante_blade

        A sequel would be nice. I felt like the maker was limited, and the fun thing is that when you add new elements, you greatly expand your possibilities, since course elements interact with other course elements in many ways. I made 7 maps using bob-ombs in many different ways just for fun. That was just one course element interracting with others.

        • Hidden Flare

          Yeah I feel it was a good and all but it could use more…

  • O.H. X-1990

    Yup, it’s official, there will be no more Switch games that are ported from Wii U, no Super Mario Maker, no Star Fox Zero (not that it had succeeded anyway), and most of all, no Super Smash Bros.

    • Supporter

      Without updates at least. I could see things like slopes and more amiibo costumes added to Super Mario Maker for example.

    • twoloavesofbread

      MK8 Deluxe’s reasoning makes a Smash Bros port extremely viable. I’d pay another $60 for the “definitive” Smash Bros with all of the DLC fighters/stages/costumes.

      • O.H. X-1990

        Too bad it will never happen, Sakurai is done with Smash Bros., and there won’t be anymore Smash Bros. amiibos after Corrin and Bayonetta. Just face it, kid, the Super Smash Bros. franchise is officially over, and nothing can bring it back, not even Sakurai.

  • TheJuiciest

    I still need W101 and #TMS

  • DonSerrot

    Bayonetta 1&2 please please please!

  • Bart

    I wouldn’t mind a straight port of Bayonetta 2, XCX, or TMS.

    Simply being on cartridge instead of cd would already make them superior.

    • Aline Piroutek


  • Storme Prince

    Give me a straight port of Samus Returns for the Switch

  • Martin Naranjo

    Captain Toad PLS! Such an underrated and underdeveloped game!

    Would love to see a dedicated sequel for that title! (Switch Selling Point for me!)

    • Princess_Eevee9

      There’s got to be reason he is in Super Mario Odyssey!

  • It’s understandable why they are against straight ports because those tend to be thrown under the buss in terms of coverage right away when you know everything there is to that game.
    I’m guessing Hyrule Warriors would be a good contender for a port considering the amount of DLC that game has

  • Adrian Brown

    Wii U has one of the strongest first party line-ups ever. It’s great that those that didn’t enjoy its games get the chancce to do so.

  • Khaaaaan

    Yeah Nintendo we undertand Wii U never happened.

  • TheGoomba

    “Mother 3? Well, yeah, but also Metroid.”

    • Addy

      Mother 3 will never come westward. That one year old rumor, which I thought was bogus to begin with, was made up by some bloke seeking attention.

  • the wiiu dx

  • zelduck

    TPHD+WWHD please

  • Addy

    Yeah that’s what we want, more ports of two year old Wii U games featuring marginally better visuals, slightly less load times, very little new content, and at full price. Which is what’s going on with the Switch so far since March 3, 2017. Hardly anything original.

  • Thomas Dozier

    But what Wii U games left are most anticipated. For me, I’d love Twilight Princess HD, but it doesn’t sound like they could do more than a “straight port” or just double package it with Wind Waker HD. I could see Smash Bros. and Xenoblade X being at the top of their list. I just wonder if it’s even likely to see either HD Zelda to be ported to the Switch?

  • Praxis_p0int

    Bayonetta 2 absolutely deserves a second chance on Switch with its much higher user base. They can keep the graphics as they are and just bump the res up to 1080 and I’d buy it again.

  • Locky Mavo

    Gives hope for a Star Fox Zero port that’ll have simple controls and multiplayer modes, local and online co-op and vs would be awesome. Also a remastered Mother/Earthbound trilogy and even a remastered Golden Sun games would be absolutely insane!

    • Dylan W

      I was also thinking of a Star Fox Zero port with simple controls and slightly better graphics (naturally). That would improve that game so much.

      • Locky Mavo

        I feel multiplayer local and online would do SFZ a world of good.

  • Eden Scruggs

    I’m liking the Wii U ports as long as it doesn’t get in the way of making new games. Although, they could just put them on the eShop.

  • Issun

    I think they should bring most of the good WiiU games to the Switch (Xenoblade X, Donkey Kong: TF, Mario Maker, Bayonetta 2, Fatal Frame…) because they didn’t really sold to their full potential, they’d difinately benefit from the portability aspect even if they didn’t add much to the remaster & lots of Switch owners -and future owners- didn’t even get the WiiU.

    They should outsource these remasters/ports while adding few new things. It’d be a shame if the best WiiU games died with that console 🙁