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Nintendo holding two E3 Q&As/presentations – Smash Bros., new 3DS game

Posted on May 16, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, General Nintendo, News, Wii U

Nintendo will be hosting a pair of important events at E3 2014 next month.

The first, taking place on Tuesday (7 – 8:30 PM PT / 10 – 11:30 PM ET), will be dedicated to the new Super Smash Bros. games. Masahiro Sakurai will be in attendance, of course.

The one on Wednesday (6 – 7:30 PM PT / 9 – 10:30 PM ET) is certainly more mysterious. Nintendo plans to discuss some sort of new 3DS game. No one knows what that one is about at the moment!

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  • NovanIV

    Whatever it is, they think it is just as worthy as Smash.

    Looking forward to seeing what it is, even if ti turns out to not be my kind of thing.

  • jorden1506

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it is about the Ruby/Sapphire remakes

  • Andre Perez

    unannounced bro lol

  • Thomas_NE

    Majora’s Mask 3DS

    Although my preferences goes to a new 2D Metroid.

    • Rasputing

      “new 3DS game”

      • Rowdy

        If it is Majora’s Mask for 3DS, it would be a “new 3DS game” :p

        • Rasputing

          I suppose the wording is up for interpretation. But I don’t think that would warrants an entire solo event. Their isn’t much to show beyond saying that it exists and will be out on X.

          • Rowdy

            I complete agree with you. While Majora’s Mask 3D would be a “new 3DS game,” I agree that it would not merit an entire solo event. Hopefully it will be some completely unexpected (but amazing) game that will be announced. Can’t wait for E3 🙂

  • crimsondisco


  • LordDisco

    NEW 2D METROID GAME, PLEASE!! Maybe we can finally get that Metroid Dread game we were promised over 10 years ago. 😉

  • jcnba28

    2D Metroid

  • Nocturne


    • Rowdy

      Yes, while I do want a new 2D Metroid game, I also want a new Advance Wars game (not a remake) for the 3DS!

    • ronin4life

      I don’t care anymore what it is if it isn’t a new Wars game.

  • smashbrolink

    SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noah

    My bet would be on the new IP by Myamoto, unless that has already been confirmed as a Wii U game. Besides that, I think it could be a new Monolith Soft game. I thought they had a job listing for 3DS stuff about a year ago, all but confirming that they were making a 3DS game of sorts. I don’t have any sources though, so feel free to call me out on my nonsense if you find me to be nonsensical.

  • beef_dip

    Monolith soft’s 3ds game I hope.

  • DEO スăƒȘăƒ€ăƒ‡ăƒœăƒłă‚ȘットăƒȘ

    I got some simple questions needed to be answered at Nintendo Q&A session, Why is Nintendo not good at competing anymore and what ever happened to the Camelot devs and the Golden Sun series, more importantly where’s the WiiU version (a Golden Sun wiiU game). Lastly Why isn’t there a Mario and Luwigi/Wario and Waluwigi Super Star Saga for the WiiU, with at least the visuals and mechanics of the Mario Galaxy Engine.

    • 1. Nintendo Wii U was mistake as a tablet extension to the Wii by many people. Nintendo is trying to pull people back. It’s working, With Mario Kart 8 & SSB4 on the way they will surely get back to there status. The 3DS is selling well so their fine.
      2. IDK. I was hoping to see a Golden Sun for the 3DS. I image it would share some elements with Bravely Default.
      3. The Mario and Luigi RPG series is handheld based game. I want to see the two other bros in the next installment. Also, why would you put the Galaxy Engine in an RPG game? It would make no sense. 😛

    • Thomas_NE

      Camelot have just finished developing Mario Golf: World Tour. They’re responsible for a lot of the Mario Sports titles, so they’ve been busy with that.

      I’d love to see AlphaDream (Mario & Luigi) do a WiiU title, but they’ve only ever developed for handhelds, so I doubt they have the team to handle it.

      A Paper Mario title’s more likely, but Intelligent Systems is currently working on Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem for Wii U.

    • Ryudo9

      Camelot does Mario Sports as well. Oddly they are not fond of making RPG’s so more thier choice to make Mario sports instead of Nintendo telling them