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Nintendo reportedly asked Criterion to make an F-Zero game for Wii U

Posted on June 23, 2015 by (@OnePunchMaz) in Rumors, Wii U

Nintendo Life reports that back in 2011, Nintendo reached out to Criterion, creators of the Burnout franchise, to work on a pitch for an F-Zero that would be shown at E3 that year, with the game itself launching in 2012 alongside the Wii U. Unfortunately, Criterion weren’t able to commit to it as they were too busy with their own series.

While this isn’t official information, Liam Robertson, known for his work with Unseen64, usually is pretty accurate in his reports.


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  • Kallumsmarties

    Why don’t they try reaching out to Shin’en? Fast Racing Neo looks great and they could easily use the same graphics engine so it wouldn’t take long to come out either.

    • Spencer Manigat

      Because Shin’en takes way too long and doesn’t make games that fit F-Zero’s aesthetic. It took them 2.5 years to make an indie game with 16 tracks. Cool studio, but they couldn’t handle a full AAA F-Zero. They don’t have the manpower.

      • D2K

        That’s not too long at all. To make 16 tracks with 4k and 8k textures running at a smooth 60fps in 720p is actually very impressive. Especially considering that the first year was just trial and error on trying to get comfortable with the Wii U hardware.

        Add to that Shin’en was also working on Art Of Balance at the same time.

        They could definitely handle it, but no one is gonna make a game of that caliber in just one year which is what this article suggests. It doesn’t matter how many people are on the team.

        • Spencer Manigat

          It’s absolutely nothing compared to the content in, say, F-Zero GX, though. No offense to them, but they couldn’t handle F-Zero. No amount of 8k texture jargon can fix that.

          It 100% does matter how many people are on the team.

          • D2K

            You are entitled to your opinion, but Shin’en could handle F-Zero just fine given more than 1 year. Their resume speaks for itself.

            Fast Racing NEO being the best-looking Wii U game and being able to use 4k and 8k texture running at a buttery-smooth 60fps at 720p is not jargon, it’s fact. It’s also fact that they were working on two games at once. It’s also fact that they were working on porting Nano Assault NEO to multplat. All this stuff going on and they still manage to put out a game with visuals on-par with the PS4 and XB1. That is talent, not jargon.

            Not to mention that all footage shown at E3 was from the ALPHA version. The final product could receive some more polish and look even better. We’ll see.

            By the way, Shin’en also said that it based on the time and resources that this is what they could do in that time frame and that it is not impossible that someone with a bigger studio could not push graphics on the Wii U even further than they did. That’s how PPc architecture works. You can’t max it out right away and as good as one company might be there will always be someone else who can push the hardware further based on their talent level.

            That’s why I said that Nintendo and Shin’en should have done a joint venture on F-Zero just like Nintendo and Platinum Games worked together on Wonderful: 101, Bayonetta 2, and StarFox Zero, just like Nintendo and Bandai-Namco worked together on Smash 4, and just like Nintendo has worked together with many companies in the past.

            However, like I also said it’s spilled milk. Moving on.

    • D2K

      Based on what Shin’en has said about development on FRN and the timetable of it’s development this article suggests there is no way an F-Zero game worth anything could have been made that fast.

  • Exposer

    If you asked yourself about a Fzero for Wiii…well heres your reponse.

  • Kazu

    This is great news in my opinion. It means they really wanted to make a comeback with this franchise. Even if it doesnt come out in the Wii U for as long as it will live, this gives me hope that it will surely be a thing in the next Nintendo console. It will be an insta-buy from me.

    • jimmy

      This was 2012, besides EA killed criterion

      • Kazu

        I know how to read. Doesnt have to be Criterion either.

  • Zombie_Andrew

    So now I don’t trust anything Nintendo say about games “We don’t want F-Zero yet because there’s nothing we can do that’s unique” … sure that’s why you tried to contract in a third party to make you F-Zero,,,,

    • KH

      I don’t see how that leads to not having trust in them ._. if anything this proof what you quote them on, they couldn’t do anthing unique by themselves, so they wanted to outsource it to a 3rd party to see if they wanted to do anything unique :v

    • jimmy

      Have you ever played Burnout? If the could’ve gotten criterion at the time they could’ve put their own twist to the racing franchise

    • jorden1506

      yeah because a third party maby has a fresh look at the franchise. A way Nintendo can’t come up with.

  • windstar

    Ask Sega, they’re probably bored.

  • Drybonekoopa85

    Glad to hear this. Maybe with the NX the franchise can make a come back.

  • Doof us

    Why can’t they make this game ‘in house’? Don’t they have the talent? Isn’t there a risk involved in outsourcing, knowing that the company could ruin a fanchise for you? Strange……….

    • jimmy

      Not really, Nintendo has a track record on keeping a close eye on their properties

      • Doof us

        Just seems strange they make Mario Kart in-house, but won’t do F-Zero. But who knows….maybe they are now……

    • Bradley

      Imagine instead what they are up to that requires them using another studio.

      • Doof us

        Good point! I just hope it’s not more Amiibo games…. 😉

  • Thomas_NE

    That would’ve been awesome. But yeah, should’ve asked Shin’en instead.

  • MetaPlay

    That would’ve been amazing – too bad it didn’t happen *sniffs* ;w;

  • Spencer Manigat

    I don’t know who will make the new game, but when they do, they should hire the guys who made the Redline anime to storyboard and animate the story mode.

    • D2K

      I’ve seen that anime and it’s pretty intense. I wouldn’t mind if they just went ahead and made a cel-shaded F-Zero in that same artstyle.

  • D2K

    Fast Racing NEO SHOULD have been F-Zero. Nintendo could of backed a truck up to the do Shin’en Multimedia full of money and game designers and said, “Let’s make this thing.” That’s all spilled milk.

    Need For Speed: Most Wanted U was a great game IMO and they would have done a great job on F-Zero, however I question the validity of this report because even with all the incredibly stupid things Nintendo does I cannot think that they would be so dilapidated to think the Criterion Games could whip-out an F-Zero from scratch in just one year. It would be different if they wanted them to HD remaster F-Zero GX. That might have been doable.

    • Operative

      Nintendo really should have just seen the game they were making, and said “hey let’s slap the F-Zero title on it”. Because it honestly does look like an F-Zero game. That’s a game that I think could have benefited from a much wanted IP. Unlike certain other games announced this E3, haha.

      • D2K

        I’m in the camp of it doesn’t look like F-Zero to me. It shares to core concept of futuristic racer, but the style of the game really reminds me more of Wipeout than F-Zero. The track design and the vehicles designs almost look like they are straight out of Wipeout. I was a huge fan of Wipeout and Extreme-G back in the day. I never really got into F-Zero. Just didn’t ring my chimes. I tried playing it a few months back again and I still couldn’t really get into it.

        Ida know. To each his own I guess. I also enjoyed Fast Racing League of the Wii. I thought that game looked better than a lot of games on the Wii also. It wasn’t Super Mario Galaxy quality because that was an all-hands-on-deck project with the very best of engineers at Nintendo and they ere super ambitious with it. However, still was an great looking game. Shin’en is a really talent studio and if Nintendo was smart they would be looking to cultivate a better relationship wit them. Make them a 2nd-party studio.

  • Cred

    how unfortunate it didn’t happen, because criterion is awesome at fast paced arcade racing and it might have been the breath of fresh air f zero needed

  • Sarina Robinson

    Dammit I thought this was saying that they were makingan F Zero for Wii U now…