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Unseen64’s Liam Robertson has once again uncovered some fascinating details about cancelled and unreleased games. This time, he’s covering Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Curse, a cancelled Game Boy Color game. Robertson reveals that, while the game was cancelled and never released on the GBC, it would eventually become Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge, which was released on the Game Boy Advance in 2003. Grunty’s Curse contained an alternate storyline and levels that weren’t present in the GBA version. Make sure to read the full article here and check out the video below.


Liam Robertson of Unseen64 fame has once again uncovered something interesting. In a video published on Nintendo Life, he reveals that Spanish developer Mercury Steam, who worked on the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow games, started working on a first-person Metroid game for both Wii U and 3DS. Samus was the main character, but you were also able to play as seven other bounty hunters. Supposedly they pitched this prototype to Nintendo but were turned down. The current state of the project is unknown, though Liam believes that they stripped the Metroid IP from the project and instead turned it into a new IP.

Obviously none of this is 100% confirmed, but Liam Robertson has a pretty good track record when it comes to uncovered info about cancelled games.


Nintendo Life reports that back in 2011, Nintendo reached out to Criterion, creators of the Burnout franchise, to work on a pitch for an F-Zero that would be shown at E3 that year, with the game itself launching in 2012 alongside the Wii U. Unfortunately, Criterion weren’t able to commit to it as they were too busy with their own series.

While this isn’t official information, Liam Robertson, known for his work with Unseen64, usually is pretty accurate in his reports.


The folks over at Unseen64 have once again unearthed information about a game that never ended up being released. Zblu Cops was being developed by Biodroid Entertainment for the Wii and was set to be released in 2010. Based on the French comic book of the same name, Zblu Cops was a classic 3D adventure game with an emphasis of exploration and humour. Be sure to check out the full article about Zblu Cops and watch the video about it below:


Update (6/20): Brian here, and I’m bumping this to the top to give an update on things. This rumor is looking likely, as an Xbox One version of “Zombi” has been rated in Australia.

ZombiU was an exclusive to the Wii U at launch, but was never able to really gain any traction on the console and never generated a profit for publisher Ubisoft. Originally there had even been talk of a sequel but due to lackluster performance in sales that idea had to be scrapped. Now according to Unseen64, Ubisoft might be looking for another alternative for the title. It would appear as if Unseen64 has heard from a very reliable source that Ubisoft might be looking to port the game over to Playstation 4 and Xbox One, which could mean pretty significant changes to the gameplay not to mention the title needing to happen if that were done. At the moment this is still a rumor but considering Unseen64’s track record, you just might see this happening in the future.


The latest feature to come from Unseen64 has us taking a look at the cancelled GameBoy Color game Dino Crisis.

For those of you that remember Dino Crisis was originally released by Capcom for the original Playstation and was created by the same team that did the first Resident Evil.

In the article Unseen64 gives us a few details about this cancelled GameBoy Color title:

A portable version of Dino Crisis was being developed for the Gameboy Color by British studio M4 Ltd, who had released Tasmanian Devil: Munching Madness and were due to release Jerry McGrath Supercross 2000. M4 stated that the game would not be complete until Q4 of 2000 but development had started early in the year, this was reported by IGN who spoke to the developers. M4 said that Dino Crisis for the GBC would be a top down adventure rather than how the original was, it would also be developed exclusively for the GBC by-passing any kind of black and white compatibility. Virgin interactive handled development for Capcom in the UK and so they were handling this game, there was no word on where it would be released. M4 Ltd version of Dino Crisis GBA was never released, but they developed top-down Resident Evil Gaiden, published by Capcom in 2001. It’s currently unknown if this version of Dino Crisis could have been reworked and relased as Resident Evil Gaiden.

There was possibly more than one studio that could have been working on the title, however neither of the studios exist today.

This is not the only version of a GBC Dino Crisis that can be found on the web though, as on two separate Spanish websites Vandal and Dino Crisis Wiki the game was reported to be being developed by a different studio. This other cancelled game was said to be being developed by the now missing Fluid Studios another British developer who released games such as Top Gun: Firestorm (GB) and Army Men: Air Combat (GB and N64). This was also said to be being developed late 1999 early 2000, for the GBC.

There are a few more details for this version of the game though: it would not be a top down adventure but rather using static backgrounds and images accompanied by text sequences. Some presumed screenshots from Fluid Studios’ Dino Crisis seem to have been leaked online too, but we don’t know their source. These sites also report that the game was to be 7 maps with 100 rooms in total. There were to be four characters in the game Regina, Rick, Gail and Dr Kirk all who appeared in the original game on the PlayStation. Also it was said that there was going to be five types of dinosaur two unspecified with the others being the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor and Pteranodon.



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