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NIS on porting from PS4 to Switch, why Disgaea 5 was chosen as first game for the system

Posted on January 22, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nippon Ichi Software president Sohei Niikawa participated in interviews with both 4Gamer and Famitsu. In talking with both sites, he discussed Disgaea 5 Complete and Switch development.

First, on 4Gamer, Niikawa touched on porting from PS4 to Switch. Regarding that, he said the difficulty varies depending on how each studio approaches development. It was relatively smooth for Disgaea. There was nothing NIS had to downgrade, and he noted that even in portable mode, the experience still remain same as PS4 version.

On Famitsu, Niikawa explained why Disgaea 5 was chosen as NIS’ first title. Since it’s the company’s debut game on Switch and at launch, they felt it would be a big hurdle to bring out something completely new. A project was therefore chosen which would be smooth to port, and NIS thought it would be better to release its key product.

Aside from that, Disgaea 5 was originally exclusive to PlayStation 4 and you can play it with Vita using Remote Play, but it wasn’t really a game for a portable device. However, NIS received many requests to port it to Vita. But if there was a Vita port, it would be necessary to downgrade the game. Since there has been high demand for Disgaea 5 to be on portable device, porting it to Switch would be a way of satisfying Nippon Ichi’s customers and fulfilling their demands.

Famitsu further questioned whether porting to Switch went smoothly. He reconfirmed that this was the case. There weren’t any issues with the hardware, and no downgrades were made.

When asked if NIS will make more games for Switch, Niikawa responded with a solid yes. The company won’t just make a game for launch and call it quits. Niikawa asks gamers to look forward to an announcement in the future.


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  • John Louis Smith

    I’d love to think Switch will get a version of “The Witch and the Hundred Knight,” but somehow I think Metallia’s mouth will keep that from happening.

    • I’d love The Witch and the Hundred Knight on Switch too! It’s made with PhyreEngine tho. That’s a engine developed by Sony. They allow developers to port it to non-Sony systems, but the engine doesn’t natively support the Switch and in order for NIS to put their PhyreEngine developed games on the Switch, they need to port them manually, which probably takes way too much time/resources for them to justify that. But still a very big ‘yes please!’ from me to The Witch and the Hundred Knight on the Switch!

  • theFooFighter

    I’ll definitely going to get disgaea and aside from that I’m happy this isn’t a 1 and done thing for NIS. If they keep making switch games I’ll keep buying them

    • Priscillacmagee

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  • donzaloog

    Definitely looking forward to this game.

  • Santiago3:16

    Sweet! Got my pre order for this game and Im looking forward to more in the future.

  • TheJuiciest

    Reckon we’ll see a lot of this. Lot of devs kept trying to port stuff to Vita to get some of the Japanese market on handhelda but that thing is getting old and now there’s another portable that can handle those ports and multiplats.

  • hi v3.0

    Yup, the Switch is going to kill the Vita market in Japan, it is only a matter of time

  • Bap

    The Switch could kill off the Vita’s market of niche games, I never though about that.

    • JJ

      Yeah but most of them are just generic anime/JRPGs garbage, some of that seems innovative but when the majority of games are that it gets repetitive/garbage.

      • KnickKnackMyWack

        Ironically, it was still enough to keep the Vita somewhat alive in Japan. It actually thrived for a while.

        • JJ

          Maybe, but I as a Western gamer don’t care for it (only in small quantities/moderation).

      • I love my anime games and JRPGs. . . but I can’t stand how generic or trash most of the Vita ones are. It got a good title or two though, so I’m hoping those kind of games make the trade to the Switch. (Like Square’s Saga series.)

      • Taluss Athner

        I mean those are mostly the only games I play besides Nintendo and indie ones so I’d be pretty happy about getting those types of games.

        • JJ

          You’re a definite small minority of American and Euro gamers.

    • DeltaPeng

      It depends on if the devs port games over, but it makes sense that they would/should being that the Switch is going to be the best / most powerful handheld out there (and from what I hear, Japan has majority portable gamers and that they care about the latest/greatest graphical specs)

  • Jack Red

    Isn’t NIS the same people that did the Hyperdimension Neptunia games?

    • Hexodious

      Idea Factory develops the Nep games, NIS localized a few if I recall

  • Samma

    This game got praise from all sides, so yes, give me.

  • ForeVision

    It’s interesting how they had no trouble porting and had to make no downgrades. Didn’t news float about of that being the opposite? Also I’ve got nothing but respect for not wanting to downgrade the game, and instead look for opportunities to bring it to people in it’s full glory. Thumbs up for you NIS, looking forward to your future development.

    • KnickKnackMyWack

      Well, this is a lower tier game, graphically. If it was something like Red Dead 2 then they would have to compensate. However Switch also has a modern architecture so if the game did require a lot of power compensation, it stands to reason that porting would be pretty easy. I’m hoping what Nvidia suggested was true and that it’s basically a matter of dumping data on the cart and calling it a day.

      • ForeVision

        Well it is telling that they didn’t want to do it on Vita, yet have done it on Switch in my honest opinion. That said, Nintendo, WHERE is our specs information?!

  • azoreseuropa

    ATTENTION: Buy SWITCH and better for 3rd party to support more. They said if Switch is sold higher then more 3rd party will support. Spread your words to friends and family to buy Switch. Please ?

    • KnickKnackMyWack

      I already plan to get Bomberman, Binding of Isaac, Puyo Puyo Tetris and now I’m considering getting this game.

  • Diogo Zacharias

    Their Disgaea series are almost all of the same but with changes in hisory and chars, which is completely normal this days, but their games are fun and the wack char are great… It is a mess that work. Really liked the second one and looking forward to play this and other games that NIS might put on the system.

  • Justmadeanaccount2

    I will buy anything they put on Switch, even bad games.

  • Vigilante_blade

    Just gonna get it for Switch. Got to convince them that this wasn’t a bad choice.

  • angh

    Im fine with ps4 version, but it’s nice it’s getting ported. Still, until more exclusive titles won’t be announced I don’t really going to buy switch.

  • DeltaPeng

    Sweet, that’s some good news / promotion there. While I don’t know if I’ll personally buy in, Disgaea has a ton of content which is great per the system release, and I imagine would satisfy / bring joy to a lot of it’s fans.

    Whether Vita fans will swap over, maybe not for 1 game alone, but get enough games that they would be interested in and I could see them Switching over

  • Glad to see that there’s 3rd party developers out there that believes in what Nintendo is doing with the Switch. Hopefully more 3rd parties are thinking the same way. I will definitely support Disgaea 5 when it releases

  • OlimacFTW

    I didn’t buy the PS4 version back in the day so I’m gonna get the Switch version instead.

  • tython

    Why do I feel his comment about making a game at launch and not quit was aimed at EA?

  • Fascinating. My hubby was a big Disgaea fan, and I used to love NIS games. Maybe NIS will have interest in at least multi-plat, or a unique title, if Disgaea 5 gets support.

    I haven’t cared for their games much lately, because everything basically feels like D1 again, or is kinda crap when it’s original, but we’ll see.

  • genericanimefan

    “But if there was a Vita port, it would be necessary to downgrade the game.”
    Eh, really? Sounds just like lazy/bad devs. Disgaea shouldn’t be that demanding.

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