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Rayman Legends sells under 1,500 copies in its first week in Japan

Posted on October 27, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Rayman Legends was the second best-selling Wii U title in Japan during the week of October 14th. Sadly, that’s not saying much. Dengeki Online reports (via ASCII Media Works) Rayman Legends sold just 1,435 copies in its debut week at retail.

Nintendo published Rayman Legends as a Japanese Wii U exclusive on October 17th. Dengeki’s data period ended on the 20th, so the site’s figure accounts for less than a full week of sales. Still, we can’t help but be disappointed, even though the game’s slow start is far from surprising.


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  • LordDisco

    Oh, wow. That is horribly sad, and yet, I can’t say I didn’t see bad sales coming for Rayman Legends after what they decided to do with the game. The Wii U should have had this game a long, long, long time ago. If it had timed exclusivity, it would have sold more units. Maybe not a lot more, but definitely more despite.

    • Thomas_NE

      Origins was (PS3) exclusive in Japan, it sold poorly.

      • LordDisco

        That can also be attributed to terribly poor advertising. I’ve lived in Tokyo for over 4 years now, and I didn’t see a single advertisement in any of the game stores in my area, nor even Akihabara (Electric Town).

        I guess the same goes with Legends. However, if it was still a Nintendo exclusive, I guarantee Nintendo would have gone out of their way to advertise it more via Nintendo Direct or something. I’m sure Nintendo felt just as betrayed as all of the Wii U customers.

        • Thomas_NE

          I agree, it’s likely due to lack of marketing, mixed with an incompatibility with the market. Rayman’s never sold well in Japan. Maybe it has the potential to, but it hasn’t been shown yet.

          • LordDisco

            I think it could have a massive market. The people I’ve introduced to Origins on the Wii absolutely loved it, and the majority of them asked if it was only an American game. To their surprise when I told them the company is French, and the game absolutely exists in Japan as well. They were shocked that they never heard of it, and said its platforming is a perfect suit for Japanese gamers.

          • Thomas_NE

            I figured it could be a perfect suit, but isn’t there an automatic disdain for Western franchises over there? So few do well. I’m guessing Famitsu reviews them, so why aren’t the well-informed gamers picking them up?

          • LordDisco

            It has to be more than a simple Famitsu review. Ever since the fiasco with Peace Walker’s review, people in Japan have really lost a lot of respect for Famitsu as a credible magazine. It’s still relatively popular, but not nearly as strong as it used to be.

            And there’s definitely not an automatic disdain for Western games here. Quite the contrary, games like Uncharted, The Last of Us, GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, etc have done quite well over here. Call of Duty, like America, is also one of the top played online games in Japan.

            However, unlike Rayman, all of those games are advertised heavily here. I saw a giant billboard for GTAV next to the university that I work at more than a month before the games release. I saw employees at my local game store dressed up as clickers to advertise The Last of Us. Now, Beyond: Two Souls is getting massive attention, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I see something fun or bizarre around here to advertise that as well.

            Rayman has a lot of potential to sell well in Japan. Ubisoft just doesn’t seem to advertise at all. Same can be said with Microsoft here as well. MS can pretend like they’ve tried everything, but I promise you, MS has barely presented themselves in Japan. If they are “trying”, they are doing a piss-poor job of it.

          • Thomas_NE

            “Quite the contrary, games like Uncharted, The Last of Us, GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, etc have done quite well over here. ”

            That’s just it, though… “quite well”. Even those ultimate of examples of Western games that made it in Japan, they still have attach rates 2-6 times lower than US/Europe. Japanese games that are popular over in the West have the same attach rate here, or even higher. Or do we just buy more games?

            I’m not convinced of the argument that Japan is as open to games as we are, and Japanese gamers certainly don’t inform themselves of what’s out there as much as we do. That’s a little disheartening.

          • LordDisco

            You know, you do have to consider that Japan’s population (126 million) is significant less than both North America (529 million) and Europe (739 million). You can’t compare certain sales with Japan and make it a sound argument. This is very evident in the fact that many first-party Nintendo games sell significantly higher outside of Japan, because well, duh, Japan’s population is significantly less than the rest of the world.

            I’m telling you, as someone who lives in Tokyo, Japan, a lot of western games are gaining popularity here. This past Christmas, the 2nd most demanded game from Japanese people, according to Famitsu, was Borderlands 2. Color me shocked then, but now, it just seems normal. Japanese are really becoming open to tons of game styles and genres. It’s just taken longer than other parts of the world, partly due to Japan being kind of the “father of video games”. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, and I think that was Japan’s problem. However, they are learning. They really are.

          • Thomas_NE

            I wasn’t comparing sales, I was comparing attach rates. As in “for every 100 PS3’s sold, people bought 3 of this game”. Which is why less population isn’t an excuse. People buying less games for their consoles would be, though.

          • LordDisco

            *sigh* I don’t even know why you’re arguing. You’re really not proving anything to me. I live here. I know what I see. There are tons of western games available here, and I see people buying them all the time. Again, just look it up, Call of Duty is still one of the most played online games in Japan.

  • Kid X

    Was Rayman ever relevant in Japan or is this a new thing?

  • maurer156

    bad things happen when you do terrible things

  • Number one, Rayman has never sold well. Second, the people responsible for delaying this game are the biggest idiots in the industry. They delay it to months were big name titles are coming. Poor little Rayman never had a chance.

    • Thomas_NE

      I don’t think people in Japan followed the announcement of a publisher in France to decide to boycott it. Origins was only released on PS3 in Japan because there was so little demand for it, and it sold 10k despite being an exclusive. Japan doesn’t care for Rayman, the delay has absolutely nothing to do with this.

      • Who said anything about boycotting? But my point, Rayman doesn’t sell well. Not in Japan, not anywhere.

  • gimmegimmekevin

    Bad sales are bad. It sucks to see such a great game do so badly. I agree that the delay hurt the game here in the west a lot but in Japan it didn’t have to deal with as many issues like launching next to GTA V, going multiplatform, etc.

  • D2K

    You have to remember that the install base for the Wii U in Japan is only about 1 million. So when we see sales numbers of Wii U games you have to take that into account. Plus the fact that Ubisoft is getting their just desserts after the shenanigans they pulled early this year. Of course they will find a way to blame Nintendo for this and use this as justification as to why a future Rayman game won’t be coming to the Wii U just like all the other developers do……


  • bearmon2010

    Japan sucks for not understanding how great this game is.

  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    This is a bummer.. I was playing it yesterday again.. such a great game