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[Review] RPG Maker Fes

Posted on June 20, 2017 by (@LyonHart_) in 3DS, Reviews

System: 3DS
Release date: June 27, 2017
Developer: Kadokawa / Jupiter
Publisher NIS America

For those who are unfamiliar, RPG Maker may seem like a brand new game coming to the 3DS, but really it’s a creation tool meant to give easy access to those that want to make simple RPGs and get into the realm of game development. The series has had a long history in video games, first being released in the early 90s, and is still heavily used to this day and frequently associated with short, indie titles typically released on digital outlets on PC. However, well-known games have also been made in RPG Maker such as Corpse Party, To The Moon, Aveyond, and much more. There are even quite a few RPG Maker-created titles currently available on 3DS. Though mostly a PC program, RPG Maker FES makes its way over to 3DS to give players their own chance at creating whatever it is they’d like using their stylus as their paint brush, and their mind as the ink. RPG Maker, like most engines and tools on PC, can get extremely deep in its technicality depending on how much one is trying to implement and achieve with their title, but does that flexibility and the power of PCs translate well to 3DS? Surprisingly, very much so.

RPG Maker Fes will strike a chord with creators and players alike who spent hours among hours with Super Mario Maker designing whatever came to mind with no real limitation on what you could and couldn’t do. The ability to take with you what is essentially an animated canvas of codes, sequences, sprites, and so much more is astounding and feels incredible on the 3DS. I’ve spent many hours on RPG Maker for the PC, and while you get a grasp on it the more you use it – much like any program or new thing that requires hands-on experience – it’s a lot more intuitive and natural feeling on 3DS thanks to the stylus and touch screen. The game doesn’t necessarily tell you how anything works or where to even begin when you start it up, but then again, to my experience, no engine or program ever really has.

Once you boot up RPG Maker Fes, you’re immediately taken to a menu that has a few options of what to do, like starting a new game, playing your created or downloaded titles, connecting to the network to find other creations, and your general options. Upon selecting or loading a new game, players can then create maps, begin stories, building databases to use for their games, and all the basic essentials one would need to get a game up and running.

The initial look of the menus and UI is fairly bland and straightforward, but it doesn’t need to look all that enticing to give creators everything they could need. Despite the uninspired menus, everything is where you’d expect it to be and getting all the details you need ready to be put into your creations are extremely easy to achieve. In the case of this review, though much more will be available at launch, we were only supplied with the Fantasy theme to use throughout the game. Accessing the eShop and network to obtain more assets or dive into another player’s work wasn’t feasible due to everything being turned off. I wish there was a lot more to play around with starting out, but once a patch is up on launch day, everything will be made available and expand people’s creativity even further.

The nice thing is is that you can mix and match assets as freely as you’d like. If you want a knight next to some cyberpunk-looking guy, then by all means. If you want an old village with a hidden tech underground, you can do that, too. Switching and choosing assets is easy, as when you’re setting up events and placing down characters, wildlife, monsters, vegetation, etc., you’re able to dive into any category you’d like and associate any properties with it as you see fit. The entire method of drag and drop as well as editing assets to react to other characters or set on a timer to trigger events of whatever one would like to do is possible and easily done all through a dedicated menu for each asset that’s dropped onto the field.

Much like Super Mario Maker, those who aren’t feeling creative or don’t want to invest time into making their own RPG will still going to have something to really enjoy here if they’re a fan of the genre. Being able to play people’s work from all over the world will essentially supply an endless amount of RPG content that will range from all kinds of styles and directions. Just because it’s called RPG Maker and associates itself with RPGs does not mean you need to make a game that’s something along the lines of older Final Fantasy titles or Dragon Quest games. Those looking to make a heartfelt story like A Bird Story or To The Moon can do so if they’d like. Make a 10 minute title, or make a 10 hour experience if that’s what you’re aiming for. Playtesting your games is easy, and being able to do that while simultaneously creating and evolving your craft – however simple it may be – is good for those curious about the field of game development, those aspiring to be developers, or simply want to jump in to see how everyone interprets the genre.

There is so much possibility here with RPG Maker Fes, and with the intuitive nature and welcoming atmosphere of how it is on 3DS, this is a title that a lot of folks will appreciate. It’s always good when software comes out that provokes creativity and gets people to brainstorm, collaborate, explore and inspire, and RPG Maker Fes is certainly a great way to jump in and do just that. What I’m extremely curious to see is how many will begin here, and then move up into the PC version and delve deeper into RPG creation, followed by distributing their titles through the likes of Steam, GOG, and the like. Whether you consider yourself an artist in any medium, a gamer, an explorer, a deep thinker, I think RPG Maker Fes will be able to fit in the homes of just about any 3DS owner regardless if they want to create something for themselves or see and play what the rest of the world wants to show off.

The Verdict

thumbs up review

RPG Maker Fes does an incredible job at giving you the tools you need to create the RPG you’ve always wanted and in any way that you want. For the creative individual and 3DS fan, what it achieves is this awesome ability to give players the tools they need to make any kind of game and be able to share them with the world, as well as play other users’ games. While there are no instructions in how one should go about creating something, the trial and error process of figuring things out is an incredibly rewarding experience. As someone who loves to create, and someone who loves video games and has been curious about game development for a long time, it’s an absolute joy to be able to create at my leisure and have such a powerful tool for the 3DS. RPG Maker Fes is a great creation tool that’s fun to mess around with, and even to those that may not feel so creative but are RPG lovers, there will surely be plenty to play once players get their hands on it and start uploading their stories and games for the world to experience.

RPG Maker Fes review copy provided by NIS America for the purposes of this review.

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  • Reggie

    The RPG Makers for the PC are so much better, even the old 2000 and 2003 versions. Still, looks like a good entry to the series of game builders.

    • Blake Good

      The PC games are even better than ones on the PS1 and PS2. RPG Maker was on PS1 and RPG Maker 2&3 was on PS2. There weren’t any for PS3 or PS4, which I thought that RPG Maker IV would be on PS3, and RPG Maker V would be on PS4. Nice to see a console release since RPG Maker III.

      • Reggie

        RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 are PC games….. I was referring to the PC versions.

        • Blake Good

          I knew that.

  • Bruno_Ostara

    I was looking for a bit more information on the game. Like if it has a lot of assets to choose from. The non pc versions usually have very few and no way of creating more. But the review spent to much time praising the game and didnt really stop to tell more about it

  • AJK

    Been looking forward to this for ages. Just looked at my preorder…I preordered in September last year lol

  • ジョシュ

    Looking forward to it.

  • Blake Good

    I’m so sick of all the games that I really want to be good, turn out to be duds. But if it’s some game (like an M-rated shooter for example) that I don’t care for, always turns out to be great. It’s like the world’s against me or something.

    • Cinema Crap

      Oh my god, you are such a crybaby! You still won’t listen to anybody with this crap!
      1. M-Rated games have more variety than E-Rated games. I’m sorry that everyone can’t be like you and play kiddie games
      2. You ever thought about NOT giving a crap about stupid reviews, and forming your own opinion?
      3. The world is against you? Why? Because they don’t like games with less variety? Do you not realize how self-centered you sound? Not to mention, you keep doing this EVERYTIME stuff like this happens. Hence, why you keep getting banned from sites?!
      4. Not every M-Rated game gets praised.
      5. M-rated games weren’t being taken seriously in the 90’s? Mortal Kombat? Resident Evil? Oh, and double points for pulling the “90’s are better” card.
      6. Yooka-Laylee’s entire purpose was to be a Nostalgia trip, and it didn’t deliver any variety. THAT’S WHY IT’S BEING CRITICIZED.
      7, and the most important point. THE WORLD DOESN’T REVOLVE AROUND YOU. Nobody has any grudges against you for no good reason. People can like what they like, and yet, YOU STILL WON’T ACCEPT THAT!

      • JasonBall

        Well said! This whiner shows up all over the place with the same nonsense.

        • Blake Good

          Ignore that loser!

          • JasonBall

            You whine and I’m rude. We all have our quirks as human beings.

          • Blake Good

            You whine, too. I bet. everybody does it. No human is perfect.

          • JasonBall

            You are absolutely right!

          • Cinema Crap

            Oh great, even MORE cards. Yes, everybody whines! But when they complain about the same crap over and over again, acting like they know better than everyone else, then IT’S A PROBLEM.

          • John Daker

            Okay, please listen to me 03bgood. The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy comes out this Friday! I’m gonna tell you right now, there’s a good chance there will be a few negative reviews from the game!

            Please listen to me. IGNORE THOSE REVIEWS! Don’t say anything about them. Don’t even talk about them! Just enjoy what you like and stop worrying about what other people say about it. I’m begging you, please! For once! Do not pay any attention to online reviews, especially not for Crash Bandicoot! Again, IGNORE THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS AND JUST ENJOY WHAT YOU LIKE!!

          • Blake Good

            It’s sad that these awful M-rated games are more praised. What the hell is wrong with our world, these days?! At least Crash didn’t cause the Columbine, V-Tech, and Sandy Hook Elementary shootings.

            I mean, would it kill for some people to just to give a Gears of War game some negative reviews, I guess so! Stupid M-rated propaganda! I feel so sorry for today’s kids. Thank friggin’ God I grew up in the 90s and not the 2000s or 2010s, where everyone has lost their goddamn minds and forgot what being a human is all about!

          • John Daker

            Wow, you completely missed the point of what I was trying to tell you. Here, let me simplify it.


          • Blake Good

            No, this whole world doesn’t care about fun stuff, anymore. It has to be violent, in order to be good and that’s bull$hit!

          • John Daker

            Okay, but really, why should it matter? Do you enjoy it? Good. Enjoy it. If other people don’t, it shouldn’t bother you.

          • Blake Good

            Do you think the game will get at least an 80 on metacritic?

          • John Daker

            Why does it matter? How will it affect your enjoyment of the game?

          • Cinema Crap

            All because we won’t listen to you. All because we would rather watch Attack On Titan than kiddie stuff like Yo-Kai Watch. All because we want better quality in things. We’re ungrateful because we won’t take orders from a manchild..

          • Rocket League. Ori and the Blind Forest. Dust: An Elysian Tail. Stardust Valley. None of these games are rated M. They are all 2010s titles. They are all highly praised by critics.

          • Blake Good

            I’m pretty sure N. Sane Trilogy will get mostly positive reviews. Maybe a few negative ones, but most of them will be positive.

          • Cinema Crap

            …You honestly just proved yourself to be an unredeemable jackass with that statement.

            Do you not realize how utterly offensive and retarded that statement is? It’s been proven enough times that video games had nothing to do with those shootings!! Columbine was caused by two demented teens who were bullied, while Virginia Tech was caused by an anti-social kid who eventually was going to snap. Same with Sandy Hook. Are you really going to pull Soccermom logic just because you still cannot accept the fact that people like playing M-Rated games!

            BTW, how do you know these M-Rated games DON’T have negative reviews? All you’re doing is just making assumptions! Also, the 90s card, with even more assumptions.

            Have you really become this stupid? Are you really this intolerant and ignorant that you’re blaming violent video games for real world violence, all because of good reviews? You know, you’ve not only proven yourself to be an even bigger manchild, but you have proved that you will never change!

    • Okay, Blake for your own sake, listen to John. The critics can suck it. Who cares what other people think? I’m not going to get into why you blame real world violence on violent video games because everybody here has already said it perfectly, we’re obviously not going to convince you because your mother clearly raised you to think a certain way she has embedded this into you since childhood and you still choose to hold these believes as an adult. I strongly disagree with you, but you have clearly held these opinions for a long time and if you want to believe that, go right ahead. I don’t care if you like kids stuff, nobody should. If that’s what you enjoy, go for it. Believe whatever you want, enjoy whatever you want nobody can take that away from you, you do you. But seriously dude, who cares about critics. it doesn’t matter what they think because when it comes down to it, these critics, these “experts” are nothing more than people who have an opinion of their own the only difference is that they are paid for it. As long as YOU enjoy it, that’s all that matters, okay? Come on man, stop being angry about this kind of stuff life is too short for it.

  • GMB

    Will the modern day assets be released on launch day or afterwards? Because it doesn’t say on their website.

  • Bart

    I don’t usually go for digital if physical is available, but it might be a good idea to do so with this… Unfortunately I quite like the boxart, so I’m torn.

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