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Rumor: Internal EA emails mention January Nintendo Direct, February 2018 release for Fe

Posted on November 30, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, Rumors, Switch eShop

Reddit user OldSoul2 shared something rather interesting today. Over the past three months, he claims to have been receiving internal company emails from EA about two upcoming titles. One of these if Fe, which is slated for Switch.

Some of the information OldSoul2 has received in emails, which look admittedly convincing, is especially noteworthy. The Fe section mentions a Nintendo Direct for January, which will tie in with a Switch trailer and previews. Also, Fe is apparently planned for a February 2018 launch.

Here’s a look at what OldSoul2 received:

What’s posted above does look legitimate, but we do advise taking this information with a grain of salt simply because none of it has been confirmed. We’ll keep you updated if any additional news about the situation surfaces.

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  • Pepperkeet

    Rumors have been going around since oct
    so this just solidifies what we all expect

  • Exposer

    Fake, EA will never support Nintendo. :v

    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      haha true right?
      but Fe developer is a big fan of nintendo and wanted his game on the Switch

    • Dylan W

      Fe has already been confirmed for Switch, though.

      • Exposer

        Yeah i forgot about that, still is kinda funny.

  • argoniel

    february 18 is not a friday…

  • Nintendo Direct rumor – EA – NO

    • Pinkie-Dawn

      This is just trying to bank on that Reddit rumor that mentioned Pokémon Gen VIII, first footage of MP4, a localized Mother 3, and a Hearthstone port coming to the Switch. And as we should know about Nintendo being secretive, if any of their upcoming products get leaked, then they’ll have a visit from the Nintendo ninjas. So far, Nintendo hasn’t called any action towards these rumors, so it’s fake (and before anyone mentions Mario + Rabbids, that was a Ubisoft leak, big difference between Nintendo and the rest of the game companies).

      • Wow people still talking about Mother 3 localization rumor?

        • Pinkie-Dawn

          And it’ll go on forever until GBA Virtual Consoles happen, but that had its chance when the Wii U received GBA Virtual Consoles.

  • I’d love for A Way Out to be on Switch. Seems like it’d fit the platform well.

  • Neku

    “Sustain indie love”

    • Spice’71

      Micro transactions and loot crates

  • Dylan W

    I could totally see this panning out. I actually can’t wait to play Fe. It looks really cool.

  • Waterdrop

    HECK YES, wanna see what happens 😛

  • Stuart

    But that is a given,right? I mean,Nintendo always do a Direct in january.

    • Mark

      Predicting a January Direct is probably about as safe as predicting that EA will stick microtransactions in their next FIFA, or that Mario and Sonic will get together sometime around the next Olympics. There’s always a chance that it won’t happen, but it seems pretty slim.

      • GoldenTriforce

        They aren’t getting together for the next olympics though

  • Mark

    Last year, I remember watching the January direct and thinking “If only Nintendo gets the support of a big third-party publisher, like EA. Someone who puts out some of the best games, like Mass Effect and Star Wars Battlefront. If we can get third party experiences like that on the Switch, maybe it’ll do amazing.”

    What a crazy year it’s been. Nintendo’s risen from relative obscurity, replacing the system that no one* wanted with the system that everyone wants and replacing some of the best games we’ve seen in the last few years. Meanwhile, EA’s fallen so far from favor with gamers that having their pay-to-win games is probably the last thing Nintendo really needs right now. Where on earth will we be one year from now?

    * yes, I know you had and loved your Wii U. I’m talking about everyone who isn’t you. All 87 million of them who looked at the Wii U and thought, “Eh, I’m happy with my Wii.”

  • Dunnington

    Ugh. Fe looks really good, but I don’t want to support EA. Why is life so hard?

    • mma

      I hope it does well still. Fe deserves it

    • ≈ KobobKC ≈ ᔦꙬᔨ

      Well, you’d be supporting EA making good games.

  • Operative

    I guess this is one downside for Nintendo with all the new 3rd party support: leaks like this will probably happen more often, since other companies aren’t nearly as strict as Nintendo about leaks, haha

  • Force

    February for FE would be quite early, doesn’t seem right.

    • Radish

      It’s not Fire Emblem, it’s an EA game called Fe. They revealed it months ago so it’s not hard to believe it will release early next year. Fire Emblem on the other hand will probably get a later release.

      • Force

        Oh, OOOOOOOOOOH derp I should’ve realized that 😛

  • Paweł

    I will only buy Fe if it has online casino designed to lure kids into an addictive cycle of gambling money for a chance to win game upgrades.

    • Don Zaloog

      You are a man/woman of principle.

  • JacksonLOVESNintendo

    I would prefer another Switch Presentation like the one earlier this year, but Directs are still hype

  • hi v3.0

    We always have a Direct every January in this year it was the Switch Presentation (Which is even better lol) so not surprised and expected

  • bdp

    Am i the only one that read Fe and though Fire Emblem for a second?

  • chancetime

    January is pretty common for a Nintendo direct/presentation etc. Not to mention the last 4 Fire Emblem games have had their teasers shows in Jan and we have Fire Emblem Switch supposedly out next year.

  • Blake Good

    If they do another Nintendo Direct, they better announce some more Arcade Archives games and the debut of the Switch Virtual Console!

    • ChuckyGuy98

      So wait, you complain about them supporting a dead console, yet you get mad when they done realese virtual console games, which are mostly old dead games. You really don’t make any sense. This is the problem with you, you will find any reason to complain like a baby even if it makes you sound like a hypocrite

      • Yeah, that is quite a contradiction. I know that I’ve said this before, but why doesn’t he just download a couple of Emulators and some Roms? He spends all of this time and energy, whining and crying about The Virtual Console when all of the games are already available for free.

  • Justin McQuillen

    It’s easy to guess there will be another Nintendo Direct in January.

  • キロ

    Ohhh I thought it meant Fe like…Fire Emblem xD I was wondering that’s rather soon! But then wondered why it’s in an EA thingy…

    • Force

      I know exactly what you mean 😛