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Rumor: New Layton game next summer, more talk of Inazuma Eleven for Nintendo platforms, Snack World localization

Posted on October 2, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Rumors, Switch

The latest issue of License! Global contains a feature about Level-5. Apparently, the magazine has some information about what’s to come for the company.

First, License! Global claims that a new Layton game is planned for late summer 2018. Actual details about the title are not provided.

The magazine goes on to talk about what’s next for Inazuma Eleven – specifically Inazuma Eleven. While it was already pointing in this direction, there’s further talk about the new game coming to Nintendo platforms.

Finally, License! Global indicates that The Snack World will be localized. It sounds like the plan is to bring the IP west starting in 2018 and 2019.

Below are the notable excerpts from the article:

… An additional “Layton” title is slated to launch in late summer 2018 to support the series.

Level-5 is also currently planning to reboot its classic video game property ‘Inazuma Eleven.’ The rebooted franchise, which is grounded in soccer (or football, depending on where you hail from in the world), will retell the original story in a slightly altered way and will be available on Nintendo platforms. As a sports-driven video game, Level-5 will aim to secure traditional licensing partners spanning apparel and footwear, as well as publishing. The company is also developing a suite of anime content to coincide with the game and is currently looking at additional digital elements such as digital stickers to tell the brand’s story.

… Additionally, Level-5 recently launched a new video game property in Japan, titled “Snack World.” The new game features physical, collectible pieces that interact with the game by enabling new challenges, adding new powers and more. Looking ahead to 2018 and 2019, Level-5 hopes to introduce the brand to its European partners in order to develop a robust consumer products program similar to its model for “Yo-kai Watch.”

For the time being we’ll take this information with a grain of salt. Level-5 has not officially announced future plans about its various franchises.


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  • R.Z.

    Inazuma Eleven, now with a whole lot of product placement !

  • Tsurugi

    we still waiting inazuma eleven go galaxy…

  • Inazuma Eleven Ares will be coming to Switch. Mark my words.
    As well as Yokai Watch 4

    • Hope so

      • They already showed HD screenshots of the game last year and said it coming to a more powerful system. Inazuma Eleven never been on PlayStation and Level-5 was listed during Jan. Event so it their first game.

    • Vive

      Not sure if there will be a Yokai Watch 4, i think the third one bombed in Japan.

  • Carlos

    More Layton! Yes please.

  • Reggie

    1. Yes to Snack World localization.

    2. Why is there STILL no word of a YKW 3 localization? I understand that Psychic Specters literally just came out, but I still want this to come west before the 3DS is good and dead. Please.

    • Bảo Anh Hoàng

      Next year, each Yokai Watch each year

      • Reggie

        A third version that’s only being localized shouldn’t take as long as Psychic Specters did. Doesn’t give me much hope for the rate we’re going at.

        • Bảo Anh Hoàng

          The third ver take a quite long time to came out in Japan

          • Reggie

            No. Third versions are closely based on the first two games, with only a few extra additions. The main script between the first two and Psychic Specters are otherwise identical. It shouldn’t take this long to localize a third version.

          • Bảo Anh Hoàng

            it take at least several months to came out and localize an RPG take time, they always release Yokai Watch in holiday winter to get the best sales

          • Reggie

            Forget it, you’re completely missing my point.

          • Bảo Anh Hoàng

            Missing? Yokai Watch always come out in November, at least NA, if they release third version several months after the previous 2 ver, which month you will choose? Yokai Watch in the west only sold a little like hundred thousand – total contrast with 2 or 3 millions in japan. This ver is 4gb, the two before is only 2gb

          • Reggie

            I said forget it. You’re not getting my point.

  • Radish

    If Layton comes to Switch next summer (I hope), it will be the first Layton game I’ve played since Curious Village on DS. xD

  • Anti-Fan

    2019 localization?!?!?! They are joking…? we didn’t know if the console it last until the end of 2018…

    By the way, Level5 is one of the best makers of the 3ds games, and yet, they hardly locazite their games… or we have to wait years…

    Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy ??!?!?! Where is it? The last chapter is nowhere to be found…

    Little Battle Experience 2 & 3… it seems that the first chapter didn’t sell well..

    I hope Yokai sells well… so we will have YW3 next year..

    …and maybe the 2 Busters spin off… but I doubt for them….

    Layton was one of best and succesful saga on DS/3DS, in all the world… But they have stopped doing new chapters until now…

    Also Fantasy Life, selled well on 3DS, and they make a second chapter only for smartphone… :/

    I don’t understand at all the strategy and localizations at the Level5 HQ…