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Rumor: SEGA releasing new Sonic game on Wii U in 2015

Posted on February 1, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in Rumors, Wii U

Jazwares, a toy maker which produces Sonic the Hedgehog products, appeared at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair last week. The company brought along the sign that seemingly reveals the existence of a new, untitled Sonic game. Assuming the image above is believable, we’ll be seeing the Blue Blur in a new title on the Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2015.

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  • Mario Japec

    Iwata said they struck a deal with Sega for 3 exclusive Sonic games: Sonic Lost World, M&S winter olympics and a third untitled game

    • Rowdy

      Yeah, that is what I thought. Maybe the 2015 game (seeing that it is multiplat) is not the last of the three exclusive games? That is, I hope that the Wii U did not lose exclusivity for the last of the three exclusive Sonic games (hopefully)!

      • Brandon

        yeah I’m guessing they did lose exclusivity of the 3rd sonic game sadly.

        • Rowdy

          🙁 That would suck…

          • Brandon

            I’m still mad that the ouya can get sonic 4 episode 2 but not wii u! bad move sega!

          • Rowdy

            Yeah, bad move indeed!

        • Kid X

          Why do people assume if the next game that comes out is a multiplat, they lost exclusivity, just because it doesn’t immediately get announced doesn’t mean they lost it. It could mean it’s coming out at a later time. Also, there’s no Sonic game coming out this year as of yet, I have a feeling the 3rd exclusive is Sonic Riders 4

          • Brandon

            oh god no! not sonic riders! no more crappy sonic games! please god no! I’m still pissed at ouya getting sonic 4 episode 2 & not wii u. pathetic sega. it’s going to sell a whole 2 copies on ouya sega. WHY OH WHY!?

          • John Carley

            wtf? Sonic Riders was damn awesome I sometimes enjoy it more than Mario Kart. Free Riders sucks though.

      • WrappedInBlack

        Smash Bros 4… maybe?

  • SquareSide


  • Connor

    I still need sonic lost world. I tried the demo, and it’s awesome, but it’s way different on 3ds.