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Sonic Boom trailer shows its Sonic Synergy origins

Posted on April 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Videos, Wii U

Sonic Boom wasn’t always imagined as a Wii U game. During early development, it started out as Sonic Synergy, and was different from the final product in quite a few ways.

Sonic Stadium managed to obtain an extended version of a Sonic Synergy trailer that surfaced this week. Different designs for Eggman, improved visuals, and more are present in the video. Have a look at it below.


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  • Bap

    Looks better, but I still don’t think it would of been an amazing game.

    • Fandangle

      Oh it definitely would have been. Sega really borked the dog on this one though.

  • DeltaPeng

    The world looks cool as well as the 2D concept art of it looked cool

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