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Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom wasn’t always imagined as a Wii U game. During early development, it started out as Sonic Synergy, and was different from the final product in quite a few ways.

Sonic Stadium managed to obtain an extended version of a Sonic Synergy trailer that surfaced this week. Different designs for Eggman, improved visuals, and more are present in the video. Have a look at it below.


The Sonic Stadium has come across several unused Sonic Boom logos. Some have the text “Dudes vs. Evil” – might that have been part of the title at one point?

You can find the rest of the unused logos below. They all come from senior designer Henry Grey, who posted them on Cargo Collective.

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The website for Edward Moore, a UX/UI design consultant on Sonic Boom, reveals that the Wii U and 3DS games were known as “Sonic Synergy” at one point.

Moore’s site also houses images of UI diagrams and early concept artwork. Another image – shown below – also seems to depict a slightly different-looking Sonic.


As The Sonic Stadium points out, “Sonic’s arms are back to being tan in colour, spikes are also different, much more like the Sega Sonic version. Amy also has some differences too.”


Sonic Boom has sold 490,000 copies worldwide on Wii U and 3DS, SEGA has confirmed. The company’s report doesn’t actually clarify if that figure is shipped or sold-in to consumers. However, it’s disappointing in any case, and Sonic Boom is the worst-performing entry in the series ever.

Today’s information about Sonic Boom’s performance comes from SEGA’s latest financial report. Other interesting tidbits are as follows:

– SEGA spent $210 million on games development
– That is a 27 percent increase compared to the year prior
– Advertising expenses climbed 53 percent, up to $73 million
– SEGA is releasing 50 games by the end of the financial year in March, but combined sales of all those are expected to be about 5.4 million units
– SEGA initially expected to sell about 300,000 units of its four latest Wii U games
– That is now revised to 230,000, making it the weakest platform in terms of unit sales
– Full year expectations for 3DS 1,160,000
– SEGA’s revenue for the three-quarter period was $685 million
– After expenses, that lowers to a profit of $18 million
– SEGA is now organizing a sweeping business restructure, which will rebuild the corporation into three divisions, as part of a wider plan to “drastically improve profitability”
– At least 300 positions at the corporation are targeted for redundancy
– SEGA has set aside $125 million for the restructure costs
– SEGA expects to lose $110m for the full year

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Concept art for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric has emerged, showing some… interesting things. Craig Harris and Nicolas P Villarreal – two staffers who worked on the game – recently posted the art to their Facebook accounts.

Here are some of the noteworthy tidbits shown in the art:

– Eggman was a Hillbilly type character
– Lyric was to be an owl
– Sonic in trousers
– Sonic Boom was codenamed Project Apollo
– Chao were planned (called Chaos), looked like baby dragons

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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is not a very good game. There are tons of glitches, some of which are game-breaking. The gameplay itself isn’t engaging. You could probably point out a bunch of other issues as well.

What exactly happened with Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric? While no one can say for sure, perhaps at least some of the problems stemmed from the departure of employees.

Liam Robertson from research site Unseen64 stated on Twitter yesterday (based on LinkedIn findings) that a number of Big Red Button Entertainment left the studio in July. Additionally, the original producer for Rise of Lyric moved on from the company in September 2013. Other employees who left Big Red Button Entertainment include senior designers and artists, the project manager, production assists, and more.

TSSZ news points out that if the Big Red Button Entertainment staff departures took place in July, then that would be when Rise of Lyric was heading towards the end of development. On the other hand, some say that something happened between builds shown early in the year and the final game that shipped this week.


A huge glitch has been discovered in Sonic Boom. By exploiting it, a great deal of the game can be skipped.

The glitch in question lies in Knuckle’s double jump, which resets after you pause the game. This allows players to skip large portions of the game, including the final boss.

You can get a look at the glitch in action above (skip around to the 13:30 mark).


With Sonic Boom’s launch today, SEGA has released a new 3DS theme based on the game. You can get your hands on the theme at no extra cost. Since it’s free, you may as well pick it up I suppose!


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