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Sonic Mania will cost $20

Posted on May 30, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

If you’re picking up the Sonic Mania: Collector’s Edition, it’ll cost you $70 (or perhaps a bit less if you have something such as Amazon Prime). But if you’re going for the standard version on the eShop, the game will be priced significantly less. We have confirmation from SEGA that Sonic Mania is planned to cost $19.99 ($25.99 CAD).

In other Sonic Mania news, new screenshots and art are in. Find the latest images below.

Source: SEGA PR

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  • TDude73

    The price is right! $19.99 for Sonic Mania is most definitely worth it. And I personally guarantee that Tantalus Media would create a perfect port for the Nintendo Switch.

  • Felipe M.

    Grat price but going to give this a pass. No physical release.

    • Brad


      It’s gonna suck for you when more and more releases go this routes.

      • Felipe M.

        Don’t care. Not going to spend money on something I can’t keep.

        • This is a good choice. Buying games physically is the best way to go (exception for PC games). There is the possibility of losing your password and e-mail, and, unlike physical copies, you can’t sell the games to someone who would like to play it when you eventually finish or get bored of the game.

          • NMe

            Yet you can lose or break physical games and swapping them out can be a hassle. And in the case of the Switch, loading times are marginally longer for physical media. Also, games that only come out digitally can be released at lower prices since there are no production and distribution costs.

            Each of the two options has its downsides and it’s up to everyone to decide for themselves which option is best for them.

        • Brad

          Guess you won’t be a gamer much longer.

        • Chris T

          Guess you won’t be gaming for much longer lol

        • 16Pains

          Dude I’m 100% love and always will buy my games physically if possible, especially since I know how to take care of the discs/cartridges, but I think you should buy this. This will truthfully be my first dfull game but digital only purchase. And truthfully if it’s that big a deal to you, I’d just buy the collectors edition man

    • Johnathan Campbell

      I could see this with $60 games but for $20? Meh… I’ll buy it

    • Cee Cee Lemon

      That price is because it’s digital only.

    • Wednesday’s Serial
    • Roto Prime

      Same here ;_____; I was hoping for Japan to get a hard copy…….I hope it happens soon!!!

    • dz8080

      I do not like digital releases, but in this case I see these $20 as a pass to several hours of classic redefined 2d sonic fun!

  • Hidden Flare

    Wow I did not see this coming. Its so cheap…

  • ««H3©TöR»»

    Very surprised by this. Was expecting 30 bucks. Not complaining about a lower price than I expected.

  • xMVince

    There’s no way the collector’s edition is worth $50 extra.. Time to cancel my preorder.

    • Funtime Happysnacks

      that means you can pay normal retail price and get all the extra junk, or just get the core game for cheap. considering the impressive statue and such, the option isn’t unreasonable.

  • Pachirisu

    I expected $40 or at the least $30
    but $20?
    There’s no reason not to buy the game now 🙂

  • Funtime Happysnacks

    Sega’s making some interesting choices lately… Hoping other companies take cues, if it pays off for them with this and Forces.

  • Andrew Arnette

    How much to get a physical copy of the game itself ??!

    • AlizarinRed

      There isn’t a Physical Copy of the game.

      • Wednesday’s Serial

        They list it in the article, but WHATEVER.

        • zid

          It’s not a physical copy. It’s a bunch of collectors stuff and a digital download code. You’re paying for the statue.

    • zid

      SEGA has said they’d love to do a physical copy but haven’t made up their mind yet. Odds are it will depend on how well the game does. Reception to Sonic titles has been iffy in the past so they’re obviously not going to commit to printing and shipping a ton of physical media.

  • Roto Prime

    I need this hard copy!

    • Hermione Granger

      well you are not getting it… so its digital or bust!

  • Paddy Alfan

    Digital only? Well, gotta keep those external storage occupied somehow.

    • Hermione Granger

      buy a 150 dollars new external storage, so you can be able to play a 20 dollar game. make sense… for ninty.

  • Hermione Granger

    no physical copy = NO BAY!

    • nemo37

      More lies from you. You have really got to step up your trolling.

      1. This game isn’t going to use 28 GBs of free space on the Switch. If past remakes on this engine by Christian Whitehead are any indicator the game will not be bigger than a few hundred megabytes.

      2. You can get a 128 GB SD card for under $60, which should be more than plenty for this and other digital only games. Not to mention you can purchase cheaper and smaller cards and split your game library between them.

      • Gregory Weagle

        Wait; she never once said that the game was going to use 28 GB of free space. Granted; I don’ buy that assertion for once second either if she did. Hermie; stop assuming that every game has the same space count as Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2; it makes you look like a fool.

        • nemo37

          No, but her assertion that you need an external storage device to play this game pretty much means that she thinks the game is going to be bigger than the Switch’s free storage space.

    • dz8080