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Steep director again says the Switch version is still happening

Posted on October 12, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Ubisoft hasn’t said much about the Switch version of Steep since it was announced for the console back in January. Even with the silence, we apparently shouldn’t be too concerned, as it’s said to still be happening.

Nerd Report interviewed Steep director Arnaud Ragot in preparation of a new expansion releasing on other platforms soon. The publication also managed to ask a question about the Switch edition. Ragot said that it’s “still planned, still something we have in our mind.” The current focus is that expansion, though.

IGN France reported in June that Ubisoft was having some trouble getting Steep to run properly on Switch. But development was apparently ongoing at the time, and Nintendo was even lending its assistance.

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  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    at this point I just want a steep 2 or a steep deluxe with all problems of the original fixed

  • TruExtent

    When it’s good and ready, I’ll get it. Like I’ve said before, I want a new 1080 like experience. Really enjoyed Avalanche and I want to go back to that on my Switch. In the meantime, I have the game at the ready on Dolphin if I feel the itch to play some snowboarding.

  • Roto Prime

    Thank you Ubi!! This will be so epic with out the always online mode!!!

  • Game_God

    Make it work well (framerate is key in this kind of games), put all the DLC including the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics content & ride the Winter Olympics hype next year as well as benefiting from an increased install base!!!

  • Justin McQuillen

    Third party developers at EA and Ubisoft-tier AAA shovelware corporations: if you are reading this, take my advice. Just don’t even bother with Nintendo. You are dinosaurs and Nintendo is going to advance gaming without you. You were going to be part of our future of gaming but it’s too late, and you did this to yourselves. At this point you would be wasting your time trying to catch up.