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Unfortunately, Steep no longer appears to be happening on Switch. The official Twitter account responded to a fan asking about the game’s status on Nintendo’s console, stating that development has stopped “to focus on bringing new live content and challenges to Steep players instead.”

Here’s the tweet in question:

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Ubisoft hasn’t said much about the Switch version of Steep since it was announced for the console back in January. Even with the silence, we apparently shouldn’t be too concerned, as it’s said to still be happening.

Nerd Report interviewed Steep director Arnaud Ragot in preparation of a new expansion releasing on other platforms soon. The publication also managed to ask a question about the Switch edition. Ragot said that it’s “still planned, still something we have in our mind.” The current focus is that expansion, though.

IGN France reported in June that Ubisoft was having some trouble getting Steep to run properly on Switch. But development was apparently ongoing at the time, and Nintendo was even lending its assistance.

Steep was one of the first games confirmed for Switch. Way back in January, Ubisoft announced plans to bring it over to the console along with a slate of additional titles. But we really haven’t heard much since then, aside from speculation here and there regarding its status.

Despite the silence, Steep is apparently still happening on Switch. Ubisoft is said to be working on the game’s frame rate, and it’s in the optimization phase. We just have to hope that it won’t be terribly long until Steep is ready to appear on Switch.

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Steep was one of the first games Ubisoft announced for Switch. Yet oddly, we’ve barely heard a peep about it since the original announcement back in January. IGN France claims to have some insight into the situation.

IGN notes that Ubisoft has encountered difficulties having Steep run on Switch. Development continues however, and Nintendo is apparently lending its assistance, including the game’s online features. One of IGN’s sources does caution that it can’t promise a release on Switch.

For its part, Ubisoft says that Steep is still coming to Switch, but has no extra information to provide.


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