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Super Mario 3D World sells through about 57% of its initial shipment in Japan

Posted on November 30, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Super Mario 3D World sold about 100,000 copies in Japan in its first week. According to Media Create, the game sold through 57.17 percent of its shipment. That means Nintendo must have shipped roughly 175,000 copies at launch – a somewhat low figure given the Mario brand, though perhaps understandable given the Wii U’s install base.


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  • Izaal Daar

    There are only 4 Mario 3d games selling more than 175k first week in japan… and three that have sold less than that, given the low number of WiiUs sold in Japan… I think is a normal number.

  • SecretX

    that’s pretty good.

  • Nice. Hopefully sales will keep growing and growing. Along with console sales as well.

  • PattonFiend

    I wonder why Japan hates the Wii U so much…

    • galetyler

      Its not the Wii U that it hates… Japan is a handheld nation at this point and I don’t see that changing its just more suited to their lifestyle and culture, It’s something unfortunate for Sony and Nintendo who both would like their home consoles to sell in Japan but the reality is the 3DS is the king in Japan and I don’t think anything will change that.

  • SparkRaid

    Not bad considering that the Wii U isn’t selling like hot cakes right now. For anyone on the fence about this game, please get it if you can, it really is that damn good. As a side note, I think this game will sell really well over time.

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