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Super Mario Odyssey, Metroid: Samus Returns – English dev diaries

Posted on June 14, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Switch, Videos

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  • MoYeung

    Unofficial English subtitle?

  • Tlink7

    Hmm, I wonder if we can dress up Mario as other Nintendo characters using their respective amiibo? 😀

  • nemo37

    I am glad they took these developer diaries out of their main E3 presentation. It was the second worst part of E3 2015 (the other part being the filler Muppet segment, which I am also glad they removed).

  • carlos holguin holguin

    dude this is day one for me.. looks really awesome! and i hope everyone supports this game and we can continue to get more metroid games

    • After all the complaint they had with federation force they better put their money where their mouth is or else we might not get another chance. I’m going to buy both because I want to see them do well so we can get more Metroid in the future, the Fanbase has grown over the years and I think this is the perfect time to show the support.( but you know whats funny Tabata the head of the prime series had already hinted that he wanted to make another or continue the story of prime when was interviewed about federation force but before that they did FForce as filler content to expand on the lore a bit. So personally I was not to surprised when Metroid prime 4 was announced because of that interview I knew it would happen I just dint know when.) but I am glad M2 is getting a remake because that game needed it so now it has two remake lol a fan one and an official one.

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