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Space Dave!

Space Dave! is coming to Switch next week, Choice Provisions announced today. A release is planned for January 25 via the eShop.

You can find more information about the spiritual successor to Woah Dave!, which previously hit Wii U and 3DS, below. We’ve also included the most recent trailer.

New Space Dave! trailer

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Today, Choice Provision published a new trailer for the upcoming Switch game Space Dave!, which is due out “soon”. View the video below.

Space Dave! confirmed for Switch

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Space Dave!, a follow-up of sorts to Woah Dave!, was announced for Wii U and 3DS a couple of years ago. Today, publisher Choice Provisions confirmed that a Switch version is happening.

The company wrote on Twitter:

It’s unclear if the Wii U version is still happening at this point. On the bright side, it looks like Space Dave! isn’t too far off.


Choice Provisions has a new gameplay teaser video up for Space Dave!, which is planned for Wii U and 3DS. Take a look at it below.

Choice Provisions put out some screenshots from Space Dave! today. We’ve rounded them up below.

Space Dave! debut teaser

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The first teaser trailer has come in for Space Dave!, and we have official confirmation that it will be on both Wii U and 3DS. Find the video below.

Space Dave! will be available later this year.